The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 37 - It’s Incredulous How Someone Can Be So Despicable

Chapter 37: It’s Incredulous How Someone Can Be So Despicable

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Su Lingsheng did not speak, but it seemed as if she had agreed silently. Her frowning brows had already revealed her hidden selfishness.

She did not say that she was going back on her words. She was merely following everyone’s ‘wishes’.

Ji Fengyan shook her head as she laughed softly, and when she lifted her eyes to look at Su Lingsheng again, that look of indifference had suddenly become especially sharp, as if she wanted to peel off each layer of disguise that Su Lingsheng had put on.

She slowly tidied her collar and said, “I usually do not like troublesome things, but if someone purposely wanted to create trouble for me, I would also not be polite. With me around, there is no such thing as escaping after creating trouble.”

“Then what do you want? A young girl like you has been too merciless, how can there be such a vicious person like you?” the store owner at the side could not help but speak in support of Su Lingsheng.

Ji Fengyan suddenly shot the noisy store owner a look. Just a gaze, but it had already caused the store owner who had intended to say more to lose his voice. As if there was someone choking him, he could not utter a single word.

“Did I agree to you speaking?”

The store owner opened his mouth, with his face flushing red, but he could not say anything.

“You guys are really quite boring,” Ji Fengyan redirected her gaze at Su Lingsheng.

Su Lingsheng gritted her teeth as she stared irately at Ji Fengyan.

“Lingsheng?” Just when everyone was at a loss because of the situation presented in front of them, a voice suddenly entered everyone’s ears.

A tall and slender figure entered from among the crowd, as he took large strides before reaching in front of Su Lingsheng, who had an unpleasant look.

Su Lingsheng was stunned and when she looked up to see the familiar figure, the hatred and unwillingness to admit defeat instantly changed to a grieving and distressed look. Her eyelids were slightly drooping as she used a voice that made everyone’s hearts melt to say, “Min.”

Lei Min looked at Su Lingsheng who had a wronged look, and he was very anxious. He had suddenly heard about the news from the store’s workers just now, asking him to hurry over. Consequently, when he arrived, he saw the woman whom he had cared and protected, unexpectedly with a distraught look and standing in a crowd.

“Lingsheng, what has happened to you?” Lei Min only had eyes for Su Lingsheng and he did not see anything around him.

Su Lingsheng pursed her lips and slowly shook her head, as if she were unwilling to say what had happened.

The arrival of Lei Min made the store owner heave a sigh of relief. Without saying anything, he walked to the side of Lei Min and said, “City Lord’s young master, you are finally here. You see, this customer insisted on stone betting with Miss Su and kept making unreasonable demands. She won Miss Su out of her luck and actually wanted Miss Su to kneel in front of her and hand over her keepsake, really…”

The store owner completely pushed all the blame to Ji Fengyan. While talking, he even lifted his hands to point at Ji Fengyan, showing his extreme hatred for her.

Lei Min then finally realised Ji Fengyan’s presence. Su Lingsheng, with her eyes drooping, stood beside him as if ‘unjustly treated’, her beautiful face filled with grief. Instead, the skinny looking Ji Fengyan was pompously sitting on the chair, with an ‘overbearing’ look.

Immediately, Lei Min had already guessed it, and his gaze at Ji Fengyan became less kind.

“Have you not stirred up enough trouble?” the first sentence that Lei Min said to Ji Fengyan in a low voice was filled with rage and questioning!

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