The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 36 - No One Can Beat This Level of Thick-Skinned!

Chapter 36: No One Can Beat This Level of Thick-Skinned!

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Su Lingsheng shot Ji Fengyan an unwavering stare, her cold eyes filled with disbelief.

She had never imagined that Ji Fengyan would be so lucky to get a moonlight stone that had never appeared in Ji City before!

What’s more ridiculous was that this piece of moonlight stone had all along been used by the store owner as a stepping stone!

Even a fool would also know the value of that piece of moonlight stone.

The appearance of any piece of moonlight is enough to alarm all the pharmacists around. If all the ores previously are said to be significant to a sorcerer, then the moonlight stone that is able to increase the grade of a medicine is a treasure that the pharmacists long for day and night.

In the entire kingdom, the total quantity of moonlight stone was not over 10 pieces. Every piece had such a miserably small size, but each of their value could not even be measured by gold coins!

Those few pieces of moonlight stone had currently been distributed to several pharmacists, even Su Lingsheng, as the female official serving the eldest princess, was able to see one of them only due to a coincidence.

The appearance of the moonlight stone had decided Su Lingsheng’s crushing defeat.

And there was absolutely no chance of turning tables!

Su Lingsheng’s face was very pale, and the arrogance and confidence on her face also crumbled in an instant.

The store owner standing at the side trembled like a sifting sieve. This time, there was simply no chance for him to turn the tide.

It was pin drop silent in the store. Everyone was very clear that, in this bet, Ji Fengyan had won. The victory was not at all ambiguous—it was a complete victory!

Ji Fengyan slowly admired the ghastly expression on Su Lingsheng and the store owner. Under the eyes of everyone else, she slowly took a stool from the side and sat in front of Su Lingsheng while continuing to smile.

“Then now, Su Lingsheng, it’s time for you to fulfill your promise.”

A wide smile emerged on Ji Fengyan’s face, but in the eyes of Su Lingsheng, it looked like the demon’s curse!

Su Lingsheng clenched her fists tight and her entire body seethed in anger. Even in her dreams, she had never thought that she would really lose to this country bumpkin! And it was stone betting that she was most confident in!

There was a queer silence in the surroundings, no one spoke, and the depressing atmosphere was very suffocating.

The store owner’s face paled. He looked at Su Lingsheng who had an abhorrent look and his heart thumped loudly. When he finally calmed his vigorous heartbeat with much difficulty, he gulped and took a step forward, pretending to be calm as he pulled his face into a hypocritical smile that businessmen have.

“This customer, why do you have to be so serious? Everyone was just joking around. Stone betting is purely based on luck. Why would there be anyone really making a bet on this?”

After the store owner said this, the dazed crowd at the side immediately started to nod continuously and express their agreement.

“Exactly, this young girl may have taken things too seriously. It was just a casual joke, but she really took it too seriously.”

“She’s really narrow-minded. She thinks she can coerce someone just based on her luck?”

A wave of disagreement started as everyone tried to reverse the situation.

Ji Fengyan quietly looked at everyone there. Suddenly, she laughed out loud.

A crisp laughter masked the voices of discord everywhere and everyone immediately kept quiet to shoot a puzzling look at the young girl who suddenly started laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” Su Lingsheng frowned as Ji Fengyan’s laughter made her feel ridiculed.

Ji Fengyan laughed for a while before stopping. She slightly leaned back and tilted her head to lift her chin and replied, “Nothing, I just feel that you all are interesting. Do you intend to ignore this bet?”

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