The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 35 - Moonlight Stone

Chapter 35: Moonlight Stone

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“You are really full of confidence,” Su Lingsheng scorned.

Ji Fengyan shrugged her shoulders and did not bother to waste her breath on Su Lingsheng. She looked at the store owner and said, “Alright, hurry up and open up the stone.”

The store owner simply pursed his lips. Even if he was dead, he would also not believe that Ji Fengyan could still turn the tables in this unfavourable situation. Su Lingsheng had already broken the record for stone betting in Ji City, so this brat could only dream about winning!

Carrying a belittling look, the store owner casually threw the piece of stepping stone over to the grinders to open. The workers also casually held the stone in their hands—completely different from their cautiousness when handling Su Lingsheng’s stone—and immediately started their work.

“It’s already up to this stage, yet she refuses to admit defeat. She is indeed fearless because of her ignorance.”

“This brat may really believe that her luck is that good, and now she may anticipate a miracle to happen.”

The whispers grew louder in the store. The harsh words of ridicule entered Ji Fengyan’s ears, but it had no effect on her.

Her eyes were on that piece of stepping stone for the whole time.

The stepping stone of the size of a quail’s egg was originally already so miserably small. After continuous grinding, the layers of stone were gone, and its size became even smaller, but there was still no sign of the glow of a rare ore.

Everyone was sure that Ji Fengyan’s confidence would result in her defeat this time. How could an ore be obtained from a piece of stone that was used as a stepping stone?

The stone was gradually left with only the size of a pinky. Just when everyone thought they would witness the sight of Ji Fengyan kneeling and leaving, the man in charge of grinding suddenly stopped and his fingers trembled.

“What happened?” the store owner frowned.

“This portion cannot be opened further,” the worker’s expression was frozen. The stone in his hands was too small, and the powder covering it caused the stone to not be seen clearly.

“There is no such thing as not being to open further, add more water!” the store owner spoke indifferently.

The worker carrying the bucket at the side immediately poured water on the stone.

The clear water washed away the powder on the stone and there was a slight pearly white glow slowly appearing in the glisten of water.

A piece of pinky-sized milky white ore appeared in the eyes of everyone after a few rounds of washing with water. That piece of ore was extremely miniscule, but there was a layer of pearly white glow surrounding it.

In an instant, the entire store became pin drop silent.

“How is that possible…” the store owner stared at that piece of glowing ore, frozen, his eyeballs almost falling out of their eye sockets!

Su Lingsheng, who had originally been smug about her success after seeing that piece of ore, instantly lost all colour on her face. Her beautiful face immediately was covered by a sheet of white in disbelief!

Moonlight stone!

Who was kidding!

How could there be moonlight stone in Ji City!!!

Su Lingsheng stood rooted to the ground and almost instantly turned to look at the store owner. The store owner felt Su Lingsheng’s sharp gaze and instinctively moved his neck.

Before the store owner could act, a fair, delicate, and small hand held the piece of gorgeous ore up from the store owner’s palm in the next minute!

“It is really gorgeous, isn’t it?” Ji Fengyan, while holding that small ore, smiled as she looked at Su Lingsheng and the store owner. Her smile, in the eyes of the two of them, was like a demon causing their hair to stand on end.

“I think you should be very clear who won this round, isn’t it? Miss Su Lingsheng,” Ji Fengyan smiling eyes at Su Lingsheng turned to a piercing cold stare at this moment!

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