The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 7 - Subdued Boss Scar

Chapter 7 - Subdued Boss Scar

The group of boorish mercenaries was subdued by the taste of his wines. Their faces were filled with ecstasy as they drank cups after cups of wine. Their cheeks were already red from drinking their wines greedily, but they did not stop from filling their cups.

Every time they sip their cups filled with wine, their faces would instantly light up with pleasure. This was the tastiest wine that they had ever drunk! Although, they didn’t know what was the taste of the emperor’s wine, but Jiu Shen’s wines definitely deserved their prices.

Boss Scar twirled his cup of Ables Blanc and inhaled the refreshing scent of the wine.

’Such a fragrant aroma... This was clearly the result of adding multiple precious herbs and fruits. The true energy on the ingredients was even preserved well. So that was the reason why Liu Xiufeng had achieved his breakthrough.’

"Winemaster Jiu Shen... This wine, can I order a few of this for takeout ?" Boss Scar asked Jiu Shen after downing another cup of Ables Blanc.

- Ding!

- Reminding host that takeouts are not allowed for any item sold inside the store.

Jiu Shen cast a sidelong glance at him before he shook his head.

"No takeouts are allowed."

"Winemaster Jiu Shen, money is not a problem. I am willing to pay twice as much." Scar was not offended at all. Such a precious wine should not be that much in number. So when Jiu Shen declined, he knew that his guess was right.

"Even if you pay ten times the price of the wine, I will still give you the same answer. This is the rule of my store and I will not change this rule no matter how much you pay. This conversation will end here." Jiu Shen tactfully declined.

Boss Scar shook his head regretfully, but he was not angered. Instead, he was happy for being able to taste such a wonderful. He even got to talk with a 7th-rank Emperor, although he was a bit arrogant, he did not mind. Someone with that kind of strength should not even be bothered to reply to someone who was significantly weaker than him.

He just silently enjoyed the remaining amount of Ables Blanc. "If takeout is not allowed, ordering a second wine should not be a problem, right?"

- Ding!

- This is allowed by the system.

Jiu Shen nodded his head calmly after hearing the system’s approval.

"Indeed, this is allowed."

Scar’s facial features brightened after hearing that Jiu Shen allowed a second order. He then smiled widely before he spoke in an intoxicated voice.

"Then give me a second order of Ables Blanc, Wine Master Jiu."

"Boss, how about us?"

"That’s right. Don’t forget your brothers, boss Scar."

The mercenaries laughed shamelessly while looking at their boss. They were usually not like this in front of Scar, but after drinking an entire jar of Mystic Jade, their states of mind were befuddled.

Boss Scar glared at them before he replied.

"Fools, use your money. I’m not your father and even if I was, I will still not give you, you bunch of morons."

They then realized that they were talking with their scary boss. They laughed awkwardly before ordering another batch of Mystic Jade. They were captivated by the wine’s taste.

Jiu Shen nodded his head before glancing at Liu Xiufeng who had his head lying on the table. He had clearly fallen asleep after drinking the entire jar of Ables Blanc. His drinking tolerance was not any stronger than Scar and the ingredients used on the wine were also not ordinary. Jiu Shen’s lips curved upwards at the sigh of Liu Xiufeng. Jiu Shen then walked inside the wine storage.

He pulled out a few jars of wine using his true energy. He then walked out of the wine storage room. After stepping out of the storage room, Jiu Shen saw the greedy gazes of the mercenaries. It was like they were looking at a naked woman. Although Jiu Shen knew that their gazes were directed at the wines, it was still uncomfortable to see those kinds of eyes.

"This is your second order, enjoy." He spoke emotionlessly while placing the jars of wine on their tables. He then pulled a chair and sat lazily on it.

The mercenaries ignored Jiu Shen and opened their wines. Even if it was not the first time smelling the aroma of the wine, they still could not help but inhale the scent greedily.

The mouth-watering smell of the wine was truly so hard to resist. They forgot about the wines’ prices and just indulged themselves in the pleasure of having their cravings satiated.

’So this is the reason why the wines are so expensive! Aside from their heavenly taste, it is also capable of increasing the true energy inside our bodies! It is like a panacea concocted by the old farts from the Alchemy Tower!’ The mercenaries thought to themselves.

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