The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 6 - Ables Blanc

Chapter 6 - Ables Blanc

After having been reinforced by the system, the store’s items were basically invulnerable to any attacks. Jiu Shen did not even need to move anymore.

Jiu Shen’s smile looked frightening at that point, but they didn’t know that Jiu Shen merely smirked since the fatty looked really funny after he fell face-first on the floor.

Jiu Shen adjusted his sitting position which made the veteran mercenaries take a step back in alarm. Who could blame them after seeing the fate of the fat mercenary?

"Listen, I don’t have enough time to wait here for you guys. So if you don’t want to order anything...then scram out my sight!"

Their lips twitched at his arrogant words, but they did nor dare show their anger lest this hot-blooded store owner might really kill them on the spot.

After seeing the fate of their fat friend, they thought that the man in front of them was many times stronger than their boss, Scar. His strength should at least be a 7th-rank Emperor!

That kind of strength would bring awe to anyone, and to think that such a figure actually decided to establish a nameless store in a less populated spot of the capital city.

Jiu Shen was not really angry, he was just annoyed that his cultivation time was wasted by these mercenaries. They did not even order anything yet, so he became even more annoyed.

Boss Scar forced a smile and glanced towards the blackboard. His lips trembled after seeing the absurd prices of the wines. He could not help but glare at Liu Xiufeng who brought them here. The latter shrugged his shoulders and walked towards the scary store owner.

"Wine Master Jiu Shen, pardon my comrades’ actions. They are merely unaware of your wines’ greatness. Can I have a jar of Ables Blanc? I have already tried the Mystic Jade wine two days ago, so I want to try something new this time." Liu Xiufeng smiled as recalled the taste of Jiu Shen’s Mystic Jade.

Boss Scar was confused at Liu Xiufeng. The guy was known for being a thrifty person, but his current act was a complete opposite of what was known about him. Except... Except if the wine was truly as effective as he said it was.

"Wine Master Jiu Shen, I would like to order a jar of Ables Blanc as well. And can I also have twelve jars of Mystic Jade for my brothers here?" Scar spoke mildly. Even if the wine was not as effective as Liu Xiufeng’s words, he still wanted to stay in good terms with this mysterious wine master.

The mercenaries behind Scar looked at him thankfully, although, they did not mind taking out a few True Crystals.

Boss Scar smiled at them. He felt that it was only right to treat them since he was the one who brought them here.

Jiu Shen nodded his head calmly and stood up from his seat. He then went inside the storage area where his wines were kept.

Inside the Wine Storage, a lot of wines were piled neatly on several large shelves. Currently, there were only two types of wines inside his storage area, but by tomorrow, the batch of Deep Sea Spring Dew would be ready. It was currently kept inside the system’s Time and Space Chamber where time was accelerated by several times.

He used his true energy to carry fourteen jars of wines before going out of the wine storage. Twelve jars of Mystic Jade and two jars of Ables Blanc. He then walked with an unperturbed expression towards where the mercenaries were seated.

Liu Xiufeng licked his lips after seeing the wines floating around Jiu Shen. The mercenaries disregarded his high profile display of controlling his true energy and just focused their gazes on the wines. Even Scar was excited after smelling the fragrant aroma of the wines.

Jiu Shen placed the wines on the mercenaries’ tables. He also gave them one silver cup each.

"Here are your orders, enjoy." He spoke nonchalantly while finding a random chair to sit on.

The mercenaries’ noses twitched after inhaling a strong fruity fragrance. Liu Xiufeng was familiar with this smell. This was the smell of the wine that he had tasted two days ago, the Mystic Jade. He also smelled a fresh aroma that made him relax his body.

’This smell should be the Ables Blanc. I wonder how it would taste like. Since it was made by Wine Master Jiu Shen, it should not be that bad, considering how tasty the Mystic Jade was. And he even priced it much higher than his other wine.’ Liu Xiufeng thought to himself as he opened the wine jar slowly.

After opening the jar, a wave of sea breeze assailed his nostrils. He felt like he was swimming in the deepest parts of the Heavenly Wind Sea.

"This is..."

Scar hurriedly opened his wine jar after seeing the exaggerated expression of Liu Xiufeng. The same kind of expression can be seen on his face after inhaling the aroma of the Ables Blanc.

"This smell... This is the honey produced by an Ables Oyster. What the hell?! Such a rare ingredient was actually used to brew this wine?!" Scar gasped in surprise.

Ables Oyster was a 5th-rank Spirit sea beast, but it was difficult to hunt this rare beast because they can only be found in the deepest parts of the Heavenly Wind Sea.

He then glanced at Jiu Shen who was sitting on his chair with his eyes closed. Jiu Shen opened his eyes after feeling someone’s gaze on him. He glanced expressionlessly at Scar which shocked the mercenary.

’What a strong sense this guy has!’

"That wine was made using the honey produced by the Ables Oyster as its main ingredient. Several other rare herbs and fruits were also added to accentuate the wine’s smell and flavor. As for how it was made, that I cannot tell you." Jiu Shen spoke plainly. He knew that they were going to inquire about the ingredients of his wines, but he did not want to tell anyone how he made them.

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