The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 8 - Spirit World

Chapter 8 - Spirit World

Gulping sounds resounded inside Jiu Shen’s wine store. Several tough-looking mercenaries were busy drinking their cups filled with tasty wine. All of them had one thing in common, their faces were filled with boundless pleasure.

"Winemaster Jiu, your... hic... wine is truly impressive. I will surely visit your store...hic... regularly to drink this Ables Blanc. Even the empire’s best restaurant does not provide such a wine. Hic..." Boss Scar’s speech was a bit slurred, but Jiu Shen was able to understand a part of it, so he just nodded his head calmly.

"Right, I the only dish you sold here will taste like? I wanted...hic... to try some, but it is too expensive for me to try." A mercenary spoke. His eyes were already on the verge of shutting tight.

Jiu Shen opened his eyes slowly. An unfathomable light flashed in those silver eyes for an instant before it vanished. He glanced at the mercenary who had just spoken. He was at the peak of 3rd-rank Crusader, but still quite a few steps away from breaking through to the 4th-rank Knight Crusader. Jiu Shen thought for a moment before he spoke in a confident tone of voice.

"I guarantee you that after eating that dish, you will breakthrough towards the next realm without a problem."

The mercenary’s sleepy eyes suddenly sprang open after he heard Jiu Shen’s words. A food that was capable of helping someone achieve a breakthrough? Isn’t it a bit too good to be true?

"Wine Master Jiu, are you serious about this?" The mercenary felt tempted. He already planned to buy several 4th-rank pill from the Alchemy Tower to speed up his cultivation, but it was still not guaranteed that he can breakthrough towards the next realm. So when he heard that a dish is able to help him achieve a breakthrough, he felt that it was a bit incredulous.

But then again, he drank the wine from the store and it was indeed capable of stimulating his true essence. So he felt that Jiu Shen’s words had some truth in it.

Jiu Shen closed his eyes, but he still replied with a poker face.

"Yes, and if you don’t achieve a breakthrough, I will let you have the dish for free."

After hearing Wine Master Jiu speak those confident words, the mercenary hesitated no more. He checked his coin purse and there were still a little more than a hundred True Crystals in it. He gritted his teeth and said resolutely.

"Fine, I will try your dish Winemaster Jiu. Give me one serving of Deep-Fried Shrimp Tempura Dipped in Viper Magma Chili."

The other mercenaries were also eager to see Jiu Shen’s dish. And if it was really able to help someone achieve a breakthrough, then it will be an amazing piece of news.

Jiu Shen nodded his head and stood up from his seat. He went inside the store’s new kitchen. It magically appeared after he received the rewards. Even someone like him who had lived for eons was surprised about its mysterious appearance.

"System, where do I get the Overlord Shrimp?" Jiu Shen asked the system curiously.

- Ding!

- Host will have to go inside the system’s Spirit World.

"Oh, so I just have to go inside a Spirit World. Okay... wait what?! Did you just say Spirit World?" Jiu Shen almost jumped from surprise. A Spirit World is very rare even in the Primordial God Realm and almost all of them were very unstable that they will instantly collapse after a few days from being discovered.

No one knows how the Spirit Worlds were created. Even the almighty Celestial Emperor did not know the secrets of these worlds. But they do know that each of these worlds contains the purest and the densest true essence. Some even had peerless treasures within.

As for him, Jiu Shen. He was only able to go inside two Spirit Worlds in all of his billions of years in existence. It sounded absurd and magical, but that was the truth. This alone can explain how rare this spirit world was.

So at the mention of it, who could blame him for almost having a heart attack?

- Ding!

- Do you wish to go inside the Spirit World?

Jiu Shen gulped nervously while nodding his head. The two Spirit World that he had visited collapsed after around one week of traveling inside. He could not forget everything about it since he had almost died during that expedition.

"Yes, I will go inside."

After speaking those words, a two-meter tall door appeared in front of Jiu Shen. The door was made from a material that he was very familiar with, the Eonic Ragarwood Tree. It was a tree that needs a billion years of nurturing to germinate, another billion years to sprout, and then another billion years to grow. It will fully mature after five billion years.

He heard that Celestial Emperor Lao Gou was growing this kind of tree inside his room. Heck! That stupid old fart even watered it daily with a drop of Untainted God Spring.

He thought that it was merely a mystical bonsai after seeing it for the first time, but when he saw the secret notes of the old fart celestial emperor, he almost had the thought of stealing it.

This type of tree can only grow up to two feet in height, so he was speechless at the amount of Eonic Ragarwood Tree used to create the door in front of him.

"System, can you not be flashier? Or you will really kill me from a heart attack..."

- Ding!

- Host, please go inside the Spirit World.

Jiu Shen gritted his teeth for having been ignored, but he still opened the door. A refreshing scent splashed on his face and a beautiful world can be seen behind the door. He then stepped inside the Spirit World, his face dumbstruck.

"What the hell?!"

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