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Chapter 546: Jiu Shen is Back!

Chapter 546: Jiu Shen is Back!

The old golden guard together with hundreds of his subordinates surrounded Jiu Shen carefully.

The silver-haired human still looked unperturbed despite being surrounded by them. This unnerved the golden guards and they couldn't help but tightly hold their weapons.

"Attack!" The old golden guard roared as he pounced. A terrifying force was gathering at the tip of his sword.

The golden guards followed their commander and leaped towards Jiu Shen. Their faces were grim as if they were facing a prehistoric savage beast.

All forms of attacks were targeting him, but Jiu Shen remained floating in midair with an expressionless face.

He calmly swipe his hand at a speed that was indiscernible even to the top experts.

A rain of blood followed his casual movement as the decapitated heads of the golden guards flew off from their bodies.

A layer of formless energy covered his figure that prevented the rain of blood from staining his white robes.

Jiu Shen took a huge chest and placed all the decapitated heads inside. The bloody heads inside the chest looked horrifying.

"That's him! He killed our comrades! Kill him!"


Jiu Shen raised his head and saw thousands of golden guards. All of them were strong and there were even a few Heavenly God Realm golden guard generals among them.

"It looks like I would need more chests..." He smirked.

The golden guards were incensed when they saw Jiu Shen smiling at them weirdly. They thought that he was mocking them.

"Kill him! Avenge our comrades!"

The golden guard generals were also enraged by Jiu Shen's behavior. They were the golden guards tasked to protect the Celestial Paragon Tower. It was an honorable position coveted by many people, but it seems like this man didn't think highly of them.

This time, Jiu Shen used a spell. He snapped his thumb and middle finger as he muttered. "Descent of a thousand swords..."

The golden guards felt a disturbance above them and they noticed the emergence of more than a few thousand swords. The shocking sight made them abandon their plans of attacking Jiu Shen.

"What is that?!"

"Defensive formation! Quick!"

The golden guards were well-trained and they immediately set up a defensive formation. However, Jiu Shen merely chuckled when he saw this futile attempt. "Release..." He whispered.

The thousands of swords produced keening sounds as they shot toward the golden guards at breakneck speed.

This time it was a rain of swords coming from the sky.

The golden guards revealed looks of despair when they sensed the fearsome power behind each sword.





"Eh? I destroyed some of their heads. What a pity..." Jiu Shen muttered in regret when he saw that some of the golden guards had their heads penetrated by the swords.

Thousands of golden guards fell under the onslaught of the swords. They couldn't even scream as they died abruptly.

A smiling Jiu Shen took their heads and stuffed them inside the chests that he had prepared.

"That old bastard is still unaware of my arrival. It seems like he is still underestimating me..." He chuckled as he looked at the peak of the golden tower that was hidden behind the clouds.

He could sense the arrival of more powerful experts. The Elders and elite disciples of the Celestial Paragon Tower have finally made their moves!

A look of delight can be seen on Jiu Shen's face when he sensed their presence.

More than a dozen old men wearing golden robes slowly descended from the sky. Tens of thousands of elite disciples followed them and more than a million golden guards also came into view.

"What a warm welcome..."


"Celestial Emperor, an intruder has killed thousands of our golden guards outside the tower. He seems to be strong and he has already killed a few of our Heavenly God Realm experts." An Elder reported to Lao Gou with a grim expression.

Lao Gou frowned as he glanced at the Elder with a displeased look. "You bunch of fools can't even handle a random intruder!"

The Elder could only lower his head when he saw the Celestial Emperor's raging look. "I've already dispatched the Elders and the elite disciples to take care of him. A million golden guards are also on standby in case something happens."

This time, Lao Gou finally took this matter seriously. A man who could force the Celestial Paragon Tower to summon a dozen Elders and a million golden guards was unheard of. Wait. There was one such person before...

Lao Gou's expression darkened considerably as he recalled the face of that man. He waved his hand and dismissed the Elder to hide his agitation. "Leave and kill that man immediately!"

The Elder noticed the coldness in his voice. He bowed his head and said. "Yes, Celestial Emperor!"


Familiar faces surrounded Jiu Shen.

These were the same people that hunted him back then.

"How nostalgic..." A calm voice drifted from the man with long silver hair. He seemed unaffected despite being surrounded by the top experts of the Celestial Paragon Tower.

He had a light smile on his face as he swept his gaze toward the Elders.

"Have you forgotten me, my old friends?" A deep raspy voice drifted into their ears.

For some reason, everyone felt a chill when they heard his words.

The Elder who came to report to the Celestial Emperor earlier slowly hovered opposite the silver-haired man. "Who are you? Why are you attacking the golden tower?!" He asked in confusion.

The man became silent when the Elder asked him that, but he suddenly laughed in a crazy manner.

When his laughter stopped, he raised his head, showing a handsome face that was warped with fury and madness. "Dogs of Lao Gou, listen carefully! I, Jiu Shen, am back!"

The faces of everyone took a drastic change when they heard his words.

Jiu Shen.

It was a name that they would never forget. Because of him, the Celestial Paragon Tower entered a weakened state for a million years.

"Jiu Shen!"

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