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Chapter 545: Celestial City

Chapter 545: Celestial City

"My name is Elena, the matriarch of the Ancient Fairies and the guardian of the Eonic Ragarwood Tree. Aren't you going to at least tell me your name?" She introduced herself briefly with a captivating voice. Her golden wings gently flapped as she hovered closer to Jiu Shen. She didn't even put up any defensive skill as she neared him.

"Jiu Shen." He muttered calmly as he looked at her face. She was indeed beautiful. She could rival Theia in terms of beauty alone, but this didn't affect him in the slightest.

When Elena heard his name, she revealed a look of surprise. "Eh? It seems like we are truly bound by fate..." She giggled as she covered her mouth with her hand. Even her small gestures were full of allure and charm.

Jiu Shen frowned upon hearing that. "I'm sorry, but I'm in a hurry. Please make way." He said with a hint of impatience. He couldn't wait to teach that old dog a lesson that he will never forget!

A look of understanding flashed in her eyes when she saw the expression of the man in front of her. She smiled as she nodded her head gently. "Alright. I would be grateful if you manage to defeat him."

Jiu Shen wasn't surprised that she knew what he was about to do. His name alone was enough to tell him about his identity.

The most hated man by Celestial Emperor Lao Gou. A man who was sealed in the God Sealing Tower for millions of years.

Jiu Shen was going to the path that leads to the Central Region. With her wits, she knew that Jiu Shen was out for revenge.

"Please don't destroy the forest with your powers. You've been recklessly using the power of space since you came into this forest. That's why I came out to warn you." Elena grumbled.

Hearing this, Jiu Shen nodded his head apologetically. "I see. I will be careful." He then flew away. He didn't rashly use the power of space this time since it would damage the nearby trees.

When he was out of the forested area of the Southern Region, Jiu Shen's speed erupted by a dozen times. "Elena... I didn't think that there is actually a fourth Celestial hidden all this time. That means I'm the fifth person."

"The power that Elena possessed was a bit stronger than Wuka. She should be at the mid stage Celestial God Realm just like Asmodeus, but with the support of the Eonic Ragarwood Tree, she could rival a late stage Celestial."

"Even with her power, she was still defeated by Lao Gou. The small sapling of Eonic Ragarwood Tree I saw in his room back then must have come from Elena and also the Undying God Spring..."

Soon, Jiu Shen could finally see the majestic view of the Central Region. He saw many towering castles and huge fortresses. The buildings and establishments here were also more well-designed. Even the people living here were a lot stronger than in the other regions.

9th-rank Saints were as numerous as the sand and even Nascent God Realm experts could only become servants to the true powerhouses!

In the Celestial City of the Central Region. This was the city established by Celestial Emperor Lao Gou many eons ago.

Millions of people swarmed the streets, but the city still seemed spacious despite the large number of tourists and pedestrians.

Jiu Shen didn't stop to admire this beautiful scenery. He went straight into the heart of the city where he saw an enormous golden tower that pierced the skies.

Trained guards dressed in flashy golden armor patrolled the clouds. They looked at the people living in the city with contempt.

Suddenly, the guards noticed a lone figure flying steadily towards the golden tower. Upon seeing this strange man, the guards immediately surrounded the man and glared at him coldly. "No one is allowed to fly in the territory of the Celestial Paragon Tower! Anyone who breaks this rule will be detained for a hundred years in the Cold Ice Prison!"

Cold Ice Prison.

A notorious place where heinous criminals from all over the world were kept. No one wanted to be imprisoned in such a place.

Jiu Shen didn't even bother to glance at the guards. He kept his gaze straight towards the peak of the golden tower. His golden eyes seemed as if they could penetrate the void.

The guards felt a chill when they saw his golden eyes.

"Intruder, go down this instant and I will allow you to leave this place unharmed." A middle-aged man who seemed to have a higher prestige among the guards said with a cautious tone. He could sense that this silver-haired young man was capable of killing them in just a second. This was what his instincts were telling him!

Jiu Shen flicked his finger, sending the middle-aged guard flying like a broken ragdoll. His fate was unknown...

The guards became silent when they witness this absurd scene. That guard was a Supreme God Realm expert, but this man sent him flying with just a flick of his finger!

Their expressions turned cold as they cautiously backed away. They also took their communication crystals and asked for more backup.

"We need reinforcements here! It seems like this intruder is a Heavenly God Realm expert!"

Jiu Shen walked in midair as he looked at the golden tower. The dozens of guards around him didn't even dare to get close to him.

A huge black sword with golden archaic carvings suddenly appeared behind his back. It was a stark contrast to his white robes.

"Intruder, you've ignored the warnings of the golden guards! Your imprisonment in the Cold Ice Prison will be extended by a thousand years! Capture him!" An old golden guard roared as he pointed the tip of his sword at Jiu Shen. Behind him were hundreds of golden guards holding their weapons with hostile gazes.

"Lao Gou, I will commemorate our reunion with the heads of these ants..." Jiu Shen muttered callously.

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