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Chapter 547: Scary Jiu Shen

Chapter 547: Scary Jiu Shen

"Dogs of Lao Gou! I, Jiu Shen, am back!"

A powerful voice filled with profound hatred reverberated throughout the entirety of Celestial City.

Many of the weaker people collapsed and the others groaned in pain.

"W-What was that?"

"W-Who is that guy?"

"Jiu Shen? How come this name is familiar?"

The stronger experts quickly adjusted themselves after they heard Jiu Shen's roar.

They couldn't believe that someone actually had the guts to provoke the Celestial Paragon Tower. They wondered who this person who called himself Jiu Shen was.

Meanwhile, outside the golden tower.

The Elders, elite disciples, and golden guards of the Celestial Paragon Tower stared at Jiu Shen with stunned faces.

The new members were confused by the sudden turn of events, while the older members revealed looks of surprise and agitation.

"Jiu Shen!" An aged voice echoed.

Everyone stared at the Grand Elder. (He was the same Elder who came to report to the Celestial Emperor earlier about the intruder.)

An old figure with long ash gray hair that reached his waist. He had a pair of eyes that was still clear despite his old age. This was the Grand Elder of the Celestial Paragon Tower, Geralt. A figure whose status was only beneath the Sect Master and the Vice Sect Master.

Dressed in a set of golden robes with exquisite embroidery, the Grand Elder hovered in front of Jiu Shen like an old specter. His figure was covered in golden true essence as if he was wary of the man in front of him.

Grand Elder Geralt's face turned dark as he faced the silver-haired human. He failed to recognize Jiu Shen's identity earlier since the man's appearance was way different in the past, but now that he took a clearer look at his golden eyes, the old Grand Elder finally noticed the similarities.

"It is indeed you, Jiu Shen! To think that you're still alive even after being trapped in the God Sealing Tower! Your life is as tenacious as a cockroach!" The old man tried to sound domineering, but unconsciously lowered his gaze when he met Jiu Shen's golden eyes.


The old man felt nervous in his heart, but he couldn't show his fear in front of their members.

"Geralt, it seems like you have regrown your limbs and even your eyes have fully recovered. However, do you really think that you can stop me just because you've recovered?" It was a voice that was filled with mockery and derision.

The eyes of the Grand Elder trembled when he heard Jiu Shen's words.

That's right. When they were tasked to capture Jiu Shen back then, many of their elites were killed. At that time, Jiu Shen was like an invincible war god who killed everyone with his sword. The Grand Elder had his limbs cut off and his eyes were also plucked by Jiu Shen. If not for the arrival of the Celestial Emperor, he would have died right there.

Grand Elder Geralt concealed the fear in his heart and raised his head to look at Jiu Shen's face.

The man's face was indifferent just like it was before. He hasn't changed.

"Jiu Shen, no matter how strong you are, you can't defeat the entire Celestial Paragon Tower by yourself! And even if you defeat us, the Celestial Emperor will avenge us and seal you once again in the God Sealing Tower!" The Grand Elder shouted back.

The shoulders of Jiu Shen were visibly trembling.

Grand Elder Geralt thought that Jiu Shen was scared when he mentioned the Celestial Emperor, but when he squinted his eyes, he saw Jiu Shen smiling weirdly. 'Did he become crazy?'

"Are you afrai-" Before the Grand Elder could even finish, his head was suddenly detached from his body!

The figure of Jiu Shen was now behind the headless corpse of the Grand Elder. In his hand was the bloodied decapitated head of the old man.


Only the light rustling of winds could be heard in the surroundings.

Jiu Shen stared at the head in his hand and placed it inside a chest. His expression couldn't be seen since he was looking down at the head.

Everyone absentmindedly watched as he quietly placed the head of their Grand Elder inside an old wooden chest.

They were horrified when they saw countless bloody heads inside the chest.

'This man is scary.' They thought.


A few minutes earlier.

Lao Gou was in his room, busy thinking about how he should desecrate the body of Theia. A perverted smile can be seen on his face.

"Oh, Theia! My love beautiful wife! Your husband will welcome your return with a big surprise!" He muttered with his eyes closed.

Suddenly, a clear knocking sound from the door was heard.

The Celestial Emperor frowned and suppressed his perverted desires. "Come inside."

The one who came was Geralt, the Grand Elder of the Celestial Paragon Tower.

He reported about an intruder who had trespassed the territory of the golden tower.

Geralt mentioned that the intruder has killed many of their golden guards.

Lao Gou was angered that his time was wasted on this nonsensical report. He didn't care about the death of those golden guards at all. It was their fault that they had died at the hands of someone.

After scolding the Grand Elder, Lao Gou dismissed him with an exasperated look.

"Yes, Celestial Emperor!" Grand Elder Geralt left and the room regained its silence.

"Useless bastard! They even had to report such a minor matter to me! A bunch of trash!" Lao Gou slammed the armrest of his throne. Rage was slowly building up on his face.

He slowly leaned on his throne and massaged his temples, but a loud resonating voice made him jump up in shock.

"Dogs of Lao Gou! I, Jiu Shen, am back!"

His soul was in turmoil when he heard the familiar voice.

The face of Lao Gou changed and it became terrifyingly cold.

Lao Gou gritted his teeth and balled his hands into fists.


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