The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 28 - Elder Ming

Chapter 28 - Elder Ming

The next day, inside Xue Family’s mansion.

"What did he say?" An aged voice echoed within the room.

"Elder Ming, that Jiu fellow did not even glance at me when I mentioned our Xue Family’s name! He is clearly looking down on our Xue Family! What a bastard!" Fatty Xue said with an indignant look.

Elder Ming looked calm on the surface, but he was fuming mad inwardly. Although he knew Fatty Xue’s cunning nature, he wouldn’t joke around with matters concerning the reputation of their Xue Family. He glanced calmly at Fatty Xue which sent chills down the latter’s spine.

"To think that there is someone who does not place the Xue Family in his eyes. It seems like our Xue Family has been too quiet for the past few decades. Xue Que, I will arrange Sword Four and Sword Five to be dispatched. The Xue Family’s reputation cannot be sullied by a random expert." Elder Ming stated in a chilling voice.

Fatty Xue was surprised at first, but then he was elated. He knew who Sword Four and Sword Five were. They were Elder Ming’s personal servants with both their cultivation levels being at the peak of 6th-rank King. They even had the strength to fight against an early stage 7th-rank Emperor if they attack together.

Fatty Xue concealed the excitement in his heart as he bowed at Elder Ming. He then said in a confident voice. "Don’t worry Elder Ming, with Sword Four and Sword Five around, that little store would surely be turned upside down."

Elder Ming nodded his head in agreement. He also believed what Fatty Xue said. "You tell them what to do, but remember to do everything discreetly. The other aristocratic families must not know of this, and even more so the Silveria Imperial Family."

Fatty Xue patted his chest causing all the fats in his body to jiggle. "Rest assured Elder Ming, I will get this done today."

Elder Ming waved his aged arms and gestured for Fatty Xue to leave. "Go. Don’t disappoint this old man."

Fatty Xue bowed his head respectfully before he left the room.

After stepping out of Elder Ming’s room, Fatty Xue clenched his chubby fists tightly. ’You damn Jiu person! Your shitty store will be burnt to ashes tonight and I will fuck your women right in front of you!’ Fatty Xue’s beady eyes flashed with a malicious glint as he walked away. Every step he took caused all the fats in his body to tremble.

* * *

Inside Jiu Shen’s store, it was business as usual, but the owner himself was sitting on his chair lazily with a wine bottle in his right hand.

With one leg on top of the other, Jiu Shen took a big gulp from his wine bottle and let out a satisfied sound. "Ahh..."

The fat white cat, Ice curled up in his lap while producing a big snot bubble every time it exhales.

The customers’ lips twitched when they saw the two’s lazy appearance.

’Wine Master Jiu and his pet cat are truly alike... At least we have the graceful and kind-hearted Young Miss Hestia providing us with a warm smile everyday. Other than that, if Young Miss Theia takes a glance at us even once, then we can already go home satisfied.’ They thought it in their hearts before focusing on the wines in their tables.

Just then, a group of armored individuals came inside the store. Leading them was a handsome young man with an arrogant outer facade. He glanced at Theia and greeted her with a charming smile. "It’s nice to meet you once again, Young Miss Theia."

The latter did not even glance him and just snorted in disdain.

After seeing her reaction, the young man chuckled before walking away from her sight. He was already used to her cold and icy temperament, so he was not bothered by it.

He found himself a chair to sit on and when he saw Hestia walking towards them, his eyes involuntarily lit up. "Hello, Young Miss Hestia. How are you today?"

Hestia smiled sweetly and responded in a cheerful voice. "I’m happy today since the master is already back."

Liu Mengdi’s smile froze after hearing her reply. He forced out a dry chuckle and said. "Oh, so Wine Master Jiu is already back? That’s good!"

Hestia smiled from ear to ear. She looked like a little girl who had finally reunited with her boyfriend after being away with him for many days.

With a bright smile, she asked. "What would you like to order today, Young Master Liu?"

"Just the same as usual, five Deep Sea Spring Dew for me and my subordinates." Liu Mengdi replied with a gentle smile.

"Okay, just give me a moment, Young Master Liu." Hestia smiled sweetly before she walked away. Her womanly scent lingered in the air causing Liu Mengdi to sigh in regret. ’Young Miss Hestia is such a kind-hearted lady. Perhaps, only an expert like Wine Master Jiu is qualified to keep her heart.’

During the past few days, Liu Mengdi visited the store daily just to see Hestia’s smile and also to see Theia’s cold face. Of course, the main reason was still the ever so amazing Deep Sea Spring Dew. After he had tasted the wine a few days ago, he had grown infatuated with it.

A few moments later, Hestia went out of the wine storage area with five wine bottles circling around her.

"Here is your order of five Deep Sea Spring Dew. Enjoy!" Hestia smiled before she gracefully left their sights.

Liu Mengdi smiled and opened the wine bottle in a practiced manner. He then filled his cup with the golden liquid. He was still fascinated at the golden brilliance it emitted despite it not being his first time seeing it. "This is truly such a wondrous wine! I wonder how Wine Master Jiu brewed this wine?"

With a satisfied expression, Liu Mengdi slowly savored his cup of wine. He only took sips in little amounts in order to fully enjoy his wine. With his present strength, Young Miss Hestia told him that he was only allowed to drink a cup of wine. Recalling her stern look when she described what will happen if he exceeds a cup, he shuddered in fear.

With a motivated look, he muttered to himself. "I have to cultivate fast in order to reach the 5th-rank Spirit realm. By then, I will be able to drink two cups of Deep Sea Spring Dew."

If his father, the current patriarch of the Liu Family heard his words, he would be unsure if he would laugh or cry.

Who would motivate themselves like that? Wouldn’t the favored sons of heavens usually say that they would cultivate hard in order to dominate the entire Profound Dragon Continent? Who would cultivate just to get another cup of wine? Perhaps only Liu Mengdi was such a person...

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