The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 29 - Sword Four And Sword Five

Chapter 29 - Sword Four And Sword Five

A few moments later, a group of three middle-aged men came inside the store with curious looks. They have heard countless exaggerated tales about the store. And driven by their curiosity, the three brothers decided to visit the said store that sells wines with effects that are similar to precious elixirs.

Jiu Shen sensed their familiar aura so he opened his eyes to take a look at them. After seeing their faces, he was a bit surprised. ’Aren’t these the I mean people that I randomly saved within the periphery of the Endless Forest? Why are they here?’

He remembered that they were the cultivators that he had randomly saved during his ’stroll’ in the Endless Forest. He was moved by their camaraderie so he decided to save them. Who knew that the three of them would come and visit his store? Sometimes fate was truly good at playing games.

He opened his spiritual power to eavesdrop at their conversation. After listening for a brief moment, he got the gist of their story.

According to them, they have heard of countless rumors about a magical store that sells precious wines capable of stimulating the true essence inside a cultivator’s body. Of course, they did not believe the rumor especially after learning that it was from an unknown store. But due to their curiosity, they decided to visit his store and try his wines themselves.

Jiu Shen became disinterested all of sudden. He drank the remaining contents of his wine bottle and closed his eyes to meditate.

* * *

Later that night, outside of Jiu Shen’s store. Two silhouettes draped in tight black fitting clothes slowly crept towards the store. "Is this the store that Elder Ming told us to destroy?" One of them spoke in a silent and husky voice.

"According to Fatty Xue, this is the place that Elder Ming wants to be destroyed. I wonder what did the people from this store did to anger Elder Ming like that." The other person replied in a slightly curious voice.

"Don’t bother too much about that. Fatty Xue told us that there are two peerless beauties here. Hehe! The fatty wants us to kidnap them and bring them two him unharmed..."

"Hehe! I know what you’re thinking, fourth brother. How could we give those beauties to that fatty without giving them a taste?"

"Right! Let’s do it fast. The other aristocratic families must not know that this was done by us."

The two deftly climbed up to the second floor of the store. Their actions were neat and skillful as if they had done similar things before. In fact, they were assassins trained by Elder Ming to become the Xue Family’s swords in the dark. They had killed countless people that had provoked the Xue Family. Even some of their enemies in business were not spared.

Among the five of them, they were the weakest in terms of strength. But despite that, they had the ability to assassinate a 7th-rank Emperor if careless.

"Fifth brother, you go and open the window slowly." One them whispered softly.

The other person nodded his head and placed his hands on the window before giving it a light pull. He frowned after seeing that the window remained unmoved. He applied more strength on his gripped only to realize that the window did not even move an inch. ’What the hell is this window made of?! It should have already disintegrated after I applied that much strength.’

Sword Four furrowed his eyebrows in surprise after seeing that his fifth brother was unable to open the window. They were almost on par in terms of strength, so he was rather surprised by the scene. "Fifth brother, let me do it."

Sword Five nodded his head helplessly and took a step back. ’Just what is wrong with this window? This isn’t made from a heavenly metal, right?’ Sword Five thought to himself in disgruntlement.

Actually, after Jiu Shen used the store expansion package, the whole part of the store was remodeled by the system. After the remodeling, everything from the roof to floor was now made from Sacred Sanctum Safarwood. That was also the reason why Jiu Shen felt quite reluctant to step on the floor. Aside from that, the lights were also made from an Undying Luminous Pearl. Just from its name alone, it is a pearl that emits light for all eternity. The light won’t die out unless someone destroys the pearl.

Sword Four’s face contorted as he tried to pull open the window. ’What the fuck?! What the hell is this crap made of?!’

Jiu Shen who was seated inside his room had long since noticed the two ants who were trying to pull open the window of Theia’s room. It’s just that he was too lazy to bother with their charade.

He opened a bottle of Deep Sea Spring Dew and calmly watched the entire show with his spiritual force. "I wonder why these ants are digging their own graves..." He muttered to himself with a bemused expression on his face.

After greedily inhaling the wine’s aroma, he drank a few mouthfuls in one go. "Hehe! Theia is growing impatient. Looks like those ants will die..."

Sword Four grew impatient after not being able to open the window. He seemed to have forgotten Fatty Xue’s warning of going discreet as he gathered the true essence in his body towards his right fist and punched the window with all his strength.


Like an egg trying to break a stone, Sword Four’s fist was torn into pieces. He grimaced in pain as he felt his body go numb from the pain.

"Fourth Brother, are you okay?" Sword Five asked in a worried tone after seeing Sword Five’s plight. His fourth brother was a bit stronger than him, but he was not even able to destroy the store’s window.

This was the first time they had experienced such a setback. They weren’t even able to catch a glimpse of their target and they were already helpless.

"Fifth brother, this place is not as simple as it seems. We have to leave now!" Sword Four gritted his teeth in pain and said with anxiousness.

"Do you think that I would allow the both of you to leave after causing such a ruckus here?" An icy voice echoed behind them causing them to almost jump in fright.

When the two of them turned around, they saw a peerlessly beautiful young lady. She was wearing a translucent white nightgown that barely covered her erogenous regions. Her medium-length blonde hair fluttered along with the wind as she glared at the two men coldly.

"She’s flying! She’s at least an 8th-rank Divine! Goddamn it!" Both men exclaimed in unison.

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