The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 27 - Fatty Xue

Chapter 27 - Fatty Xue

As Jiu Shen was about to fly out of the Endless Forest, he turned around to glance at a certain direction. He felt a strong fluctuation of true essence in the central part of the Endless Forest. He furrowed his eyebrows and muttered in surprise. "It’s actually trying to break through to the 10th-rank God realm. With the strength of this dragon aura, it should have a high chance of breaking through. Heh! I’m looking forward to your growth little lizard. Although your dragon bloodline is faint, you are still a dragon descendant. When I have free time, I will visit your lair in the future..."

After that, he turned into a streak of light and flew back to his store. He didn’t even have the chance to use his Baleful Dragon Sacred Sword. Although he felt a bit of regret, he did not think too much about it. The beings he encountered were just too weak and were not qualified to die under his sword.

It was already on the morning of the third day when he arrived in his store. He saw that it was densely packed with people and there were even some who were standing outside.

Jiu Shen frowned after looking at the scene. "What the hell is going on?"

He discreetly descended on the ground and grabbed a man who was standing outside the store. "Hey, what’s happening here?" Jiu Shen asked with a curious look.

The man he pulled was taken aback. He was a 5th-rank Spirit realm cultivator but he was easily pulled by the man in front of him. ’This guy is an expert!’ The man thought to himself as he glanced at Jiu Shen.

"Sire, haven’t you heard? There are two peerless beauties working in this store. It was said that their beauty is on par with the Silver Wing Empire’s four beauties. Aside from that, this store also sells wines with effects similar to a precious elixir." The man replied with a respectful tone.

Jiu Shen’s lips twitched after hearing the man’s reply. ’Who the hell had a lot of free time to spread this news?’ Suddenly, he remembered a familiar handsome face with an arrogant look. ’Could it be that little patriarch kid? Dammit! How can I have a rest now with all these ants making loud noises here? How can I peacefully drink my Deep Sea Spring Dew?!’ Jiu Shen sighed.

Seeing Jiu Shen’s silence, the man did not bother with him anymore. He joined the crowd in search for the two beauties inside the store.


Jiu Shen vanished from his spot and teleported inside the store.

There was no one causing trouble inside the store. In fact, everyone was well-behaved and quiet as they drank their wines and ate their dishes. Occasionally, they would either glance at Theia or Hestia, but they did not dare look at them lecherously. Some of them had seen how Theia beat up someone for looking at her with indecent eyes.

Such a strong female expert was almost without equal in the Silver Wing Empire. Perhaps only those elders would be able to contend with her. Of course, that was what they thought...

After seeing that Jiu Shen was already back, Theia and Hestia excitedly came forward and bowed their heads in veneration. "Welcome back, master."

The surrounding people were surprised to see the respectful attitudes of the two peerless beauties.

"Hey, is he the owner of this store?"

"He should be. It’s the first time I saw Young Miss Hestia and Young Miss Theia act like this to someone else."

"I heard that the owner is a top expert, but after seeing his face, I doubt if the rumors were true."

Jiu Shen ignored the crowd’s whispers. He just stared at the two ladies with an indifferent look. "Good job. It looks like you two did well during my absence." He said calmly.

The two ladies’ eyes brightened after hearing his praise. They smiled sweetly as they stared at Jiu Shen’s handsome face with admiration and respect.

Seeing the two ladies’ flawless smiles, Jiu Shen remained unperturbed. He had seen countless peerless beauties in his past life and it was difficult to find someone that could move his heart. He may have been surprised at their sudden appearance a few days ago, but that was it and nothing more.

"Hello sire, are you the owner here?" A fat man with a round belly and beady eyes came forward and spoke with a warm smile. His face was full of oily sweat which made Jiu Shen a bit repulsed.

Nonetheless, he nodded his head at the fatty.

The fatty was not angered by his disinterested attitude. Instead, his smile became wider which made his beady eyes almost invisible. "I heard a lot about you, Wine Master Jiu. And after seeing you today, it seems like the rumors were not without basis."

Jiu Shen ignored the fatty and found himself a chair to sit on. He then glanced at Hestia and said. "Hestia, get me a bottle of Deep Sea Spring Dew."

Hestia bowed her head and replied. "Yes, master." She then turned around and walked towards the wine storage area with her swaying hips.

The fatty glanced at her seductive back figure but he suddenly felt all the hairs on his body stood on end. He hurriedly averted his gaze with a crestfallen look.

Behind Jiu Shen, Theia was glaring at the fatty with a cold look making the latter feel as if he had fallen into the abyss.

"Ahem! I apologize, Wine Master Jiu. My name is Xue Que, but everyone calls me Fatty Xue. I would like to propose something to Wine Master Jiu. Would you like to hear it?" Fatty Xue’s beady eyes flashed with a cunning light as he stared at Jiu Shen with a bright smile.

Jiu Shen did not even glance at him, lest he might see his disgusting appearance once again. If that is so, then he might not be able to control himself and accidentally kill the fatty.

With an indifferent face, Jiu Shen replied. "Not interested."

His rejection was within his expectations, so Fatty Xue was not disheartened. He chuckled and said. "Wine Master Jiu, to be honest, I am from the Xue Family and my elders sent me here to talk about business with you."

Jiu Shen did not reply and focused himself on meditating. Although he was good at controlling his true essence, flying for three days continuously still made him a bit tired.

A trace of anger flashed in Fatty Xue’s beady eyes, but he hurriedly concealed it. He smiled brightly and bowed his head. "Since Wine Master Jiu is not interested in talking business, I shall take my leave. Farewell."

Fatty Xue turned around and walked out of the store. ’You brat! I’ll ask someone to smash this store of yours! As for your women? I’ll hire someone to kidnap them for me and I will play with them on your behalf! To actually dare ignore someone from the Xue Family, you’ve got the guts of steel! Dammit!’ Fatty Xue was still displaying a brilliant smile, but he was cursing Jiu Shen’s ancestors millions of times in his mind.

Jiu Shen opened his eyes and glanced at the round and ball-like back figure of the departing fatty. He smirked and closed his eyes again. How could he not sense Fatty Xue’s anger?

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