The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 23 - Because You Told Me To

Chapter 23 - Because You Told Me To

Liu Mengdi sighed in relief after hearing his words. ’What could a store like this sell?’

Jiu Shen pointed at the blackboard with a calm expression and said. "You might want to take a look at the prices."

Liu Mengdi shook his head, but he still took a look at the blackboard. When he saw the absurd prices, he knew that he was being conned. ’A fucking wine sold for 120 True Crystals and a dish for 100 True Crystals? This guy is definitely robbing us in broad daylight! Damn!’ But he knew that they won’t be able to come out of the store if they don’t agree with his terms, so he didn’t have a choice.

Jiu Shen can already guess what he was thinking but he did not care about their opinions. He was confident that they would be satisfied with his goods after giving it a taste.

With a forced smile on his face, Liu Mengdi said with a bleeding heart. "Si-Sire, I...I agree with your con-conditions, but can you please release us already?"

Jiu Shen nodded his head and recalled the spiritual force he released.

Liu Mengdi and his subordinates felt that the heavy feeling was finally removed. They sprawled on the floor while panting for breath. They did not even dare glance at Jiu Shen afraid that they might inadvertently incur his wrath.

"Theia, don’t let them leave while I get their wines." Jiu Shen said as he went towards the wine storage area.

’That young patriarch kid is still at the 4th-rank Knight Crusader and his subordinates are also around the same level as him. So they can only drink one cup of the Deep Sea Spring Dew, so that means I can only give them five bottles. And if they eat the dish, then their bodies would surely explode from over-accumulation of true essence. Damn! Why are the mortals in this world so weak?’ Jiu Shen thought to himself regretfully.

He grabbed five Deep Sea Spring Dew with a sour expression before he went out of the wine storage area. He then placed the five bottles of wine on a table before glancing at Liu Mengdi and his soldiers who were still lying on the floor.

After sensing his unkind gaze, Liu Mengdi and his soldiers immediately stood up. Their tired looks were instantly removed as they glanced fearfully at Jiu Shen.

Jiu Shen was still in a sour mood because he can only sell five wines to them. He then said in a cold tone."You guys can only drink one cup of wine. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you."

Like chickens pecking on rice, Liu Mengdi and his soldiers nodded their heads before surrounding the table where Jiu Shen placed the wine.

"This wine is called Deep Sea Spring Dew, enjoy." Jiu Shen said before he sat down on a chair.

Liu Mengdi sighed in relief after only seeing five wines on the table. ’At least this guy is sensible.’ He then told one of his subordinates to open a bottle for him.

The moment the soldier opened the wine bottle, the wine’s aroma pervaded in the air around them. Their faces became fascinating to look at after smelling the wine’s fragrant aroma. "This wine..."

"This smell... This is the Deep Sea Dew of the Heavenly Wind Sea! How is this possible?! The place where it can be extracted is below the surface of the ocean where high-level aquatic savage beasts reside." Liu Mengdi was familiar with the smell of the Deep Sea Dew since it was one of the closely guarded treasures of his father. It was very expensive for a food ingredient and was sold for more than a dozen True Crystals per gram. It has the effect of stimulating the true essence and calming one’s nerves. It was a very rare ingredient that was sought by many.

After hearing his words, the soldier who was holding the wine bottle was stunned. His hands were shaking as he carefully held the wine bottle as if it was a fragile jade.

Liu Mengdi grabbed the bottle of wine from the soldier’s hands and filled his cup with its glittering golden liquid. Liu Mengdi glanced at a soldier beside him and said. "A wine that shines like gold... Is there really such a thing? Or am I dreaming right now? Hey you, punch me."

The soldier was stunned but after seeing the young patriarch’s serious expression, he was in a dilemma. "Young patriarch, I don’t dare injure you..."

Liu Mengdi ignored him and just glanced at the shining golden liquid in his cup. The fragrance it emitted dispelled his exhaustion and fear. He then gulped the contents of his cup with his eyes closed.

When the golden liquid touched his tongue, he felt like he was placed in a freezingly cold Frozen End Glacier and when the liquid reached his throat, he felt a scorching feeling as if his body was enveloped by flames. The sweet aftertaste of the Deep Sea Dew blended together with the two distinct tastes making him produce a moan of delight. "Ahhh.."

After seeing his expression, the soldiers can no longer hold themselves back. They opened the other four wine bottles and poured wine in their cups.

The soldiers drank one cup each with faces filled with pleasure.

"This wine is much better than the ones sold in the Crouching Dragon Pavilion."

"Their wines taste like water if compared to this wine. There is such a big difference in taste."

"Hahaha! I broke through! I broke through!" A soldier laughed loudly causing everyone to glance at him in surprise.

"Hahah I also broke through!"

"Me too!"

"Me three!"

After drinking one cup of the wine, some of the soldiers broke through a minor realm. Even Liu Mengdi was surprised at the scene. If it was a cultivation pill then he wouldn’t be that surprised, but they just drank a cup of wine so his shock was understandable.

Liu Mengdi grabbed a soldier and pointed a finger at his face before he said. "This... What the hell? I must be dreaming... This must be an illusion... Hey you, punch me."

The soldier who was feeling drunk smiled foolishly and punched Liu Mengdi’s face.


The soldier’s fist hit Liu Mengdi’s nose causing the latter to grimace in pain. "Ouch! Why did you punch me?"

"Because you told me to." The drunk soldier innocently replied while shrugging his shoulders.

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