The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 22 - Deja Vu

Chapter 22 - Deja Vu

Jiu Shen’s eyes sparkled after looking at the army right outside his store. "Hey, the Liu Family is rich, right?" Jiu Shen grabbed Liu Xiufeng’s clothes and asked with shining eyes.

Liu Xiufeng was confused but he still replied with a serious expression. "Wine Master Jiu, the Liu Family’s power is second only to the Silveria Imperial Family. As for their wealth, they had accumulated countless resources through the years and they can be considered as one of the wealthiest families inside the empire."

Jiu Shen remained expressionless, but his eyes were glittering as if he had seen a mountain of True Crystals.

"Liu Xiufeng, will you come out or do you want us to go there?" A soldier snorted angrily.

Inside the store, Boss Scar was tightly holding Liu Xiufeng’s shoulder, not allowing him to take a single step outside.

"It looks like Brother Xiufeng wants us to go inside. Since that’s the case..." The young patriarch, Liu Mengdi spoke gently and walked towards Jiu Shen’s store with a smiling expression. More than thirty soldiers followed behind him neatly while eyeing everyone inside the store with a cold look.

"We’re finished. We’re dead." Liu Xiufeng muttered with a forced chuckle.

Liu Mengdi and his soldiers stepped inside the store. They were somewhat surprised that the space inside was actually much bigger than what can be seen outside. Despite his surprise, Liu Mengdi focused his gaze on the boorish-looking Liu Xiufeng with a cold smile. "We meet again, Brother Xiufeng. And it looks like your cultivation did not advance that much after you left the Liu Family. What a pity..."

The soldiers behind Liu Mengdi were also looking at Liu Xiufeng with cold smiles.

"Don’t block the entrance of my store. And I don’t allow anyone to loiter around without buying anything." A calm voice traveled everyone’s ears and destroyed the tense atmosphere. They turned their heads sideways and glance at the handsome young man with long silver hair tied in a ponytail. It was none other than Jiu Shen who still had an indifferent look.

Liu Mengdi’s lips twitch as he looked at Jiu Shen. He felt no fluctuation of true essence from the silver-haired young man which made him think that he was merely a dreg. "Brother Xiufeng, I didn’t know that you hired a clown to welcome my arrival." Liu Mengdi said after chuckling softly.

Boss Scar and the other’s faces turned somewhat peculiar after hearing his words.

"Say that again if you dare..." An icy voice suddenly echoed inside the store.

Liu Mengdi searched for the source of the voice and saw a blonde beauty who was looking at him icily standing beside the door. He was stunned after seeing her delicate face and his eyes involuntarily lit up. "Oh, so we also have a little beauty here? Brother Xiufeng, you really to continue to surprise me." Liu Mengdi said while looking at Theia from head to foot. ’This woman is even more beautiful than those aristocratic young ladies. My time here isn’t wasted at all. Hehe!’

Boss Scar opened his mouth but when he was about to speak, he felt a familiar cold stare that made him fearful. He sighed and chose to stay silent.

"Theia, they are customers, so don’t kill them." Jiu Shen calmly spoke. Theia bowed her head gently before she walked towards Jiu Shen and stood behind his back.

Liu Mengdi glanced at the ’clown’ with a wide smile. He then looked at Liu Xiufeng and spoke in a mocking voice. "Brother Xiufeng, stop buying time. I’m still waiting for you to greet me. Will you do it or not?"

Before Liu Xiufeng can even speak, Boss Scar stepped forward and said in a firm tone. "Young master Mengdi, Liu Xiufeng is no longer part of the Liu Family. He is not obliged to greet you."

A soldier pointed his finger at Boss Scar and shouted angrily. "You commoner! Don’t involve yourself in the affairs of the Liu Family!"

"Are you guys ignoring me? Or do I have to make a move?" Jiu Shen calmly stated, but Boss Scar and the others who were a bit familiar with his personality knew that Wine Master Jiu was definitely angry.

Boss Scar sensibly shut his mouth and dragged Liu Xiufeng and his subordinates on a nearby table. They sat down on their chairs like obedient little kids scolded by their father.

After seeing them sit down, Jiu Shen nodded his head calmly. He then stared at the refined-looking Liu Mengdi with a frown. "Are you deaf? Or do you want me to tell you once more?"

A soldier walked towards Jiu Shen with heavy strides. He gave Jiu Shen a cold look as he said. "The young patriarch might be magnanimous but-" Before he can continue his words, the soldier was thrown outside the store.



Liu Mengdi and his subordinates turned serious after seeing the scene. They did not even see how the other party moved when the soldier was thrown away. "Who are you, sire?" Liu Mengdi asked with a solemn expression.

"I don’t allow violence here inside my store. As for you, are you guys going to order or not?" Jiu Shen asked with a poker face.

Liu Mengdi’s face turned dark, but he did not want to rashly move. He then gave a look at one of his soldiers. The soldier instantly realized the young patriarch’s thoughts, so he mobilized his true essence and dashed towards Jiu Shen. But before he can even step forward, he was already thrown out of the store.



The soldier fainted right away after being thrown out.

Jiu Shen shook his head and sighed softly. He stared at Liu Mengdi and did a snapping motion with his finger.

Following his actions, Liu Mengdi and his subordinates dropped on the ground in a kneeling position.

"Bang!" More than thirty men were forced to kneel in less than a second. They did not even have the strength to fight back.


Liu Mengdi’s handsome face was full of sweat and fear while glancing at Jiu Shen. He finally realized that the silver-haired man was a top expert that was at least on par with their grand elder in terms of strength.

Their faces were full of agony as if they were lifting a heavy boulder. Liu Mengdi gritted his teeth and spoke with difficulty. "Si-Sire, I...I didn’t reco-recognize your esteemed self right away. For-Forgive us for being disrespectful..."

Jiu Shen did not recall his spiritual power, but he put on a thoughtful look. "Okay, but you have to buy one order of each of all the things sold in my store for all of your soldiers."

Boss Scar and the others who heard his words felt a sense of deja vu.

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