The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 24 - Frozen Origin Wine-Making Method

Chapter 24 - Frozen Origin Wine-Making Method

Liu Mengdi clutched his face with a contorted expression. He gritted his teeth in pain but he was inwardly shocked. ’So this is real? A wine that has the same effects as top elixirs? Amazing! Just who is this wine master? Aside from his unquestionable strength, he is also capable of making such wondrous wines! The Liu Family must not provoke such a man or it might bring us unnecessary troubles.’ Liu Mengdi thought to himself.

He then grabbed a healing pill and swallowed it without hesitation. The pain in his nose was truly terrible, but he can’t blame his subordinate since it was he who ordered to do it.

Liu Mengdi then glanced at Liu Xiufeng with a solemn expression. "Brother Xiufeng, have you seen Mu Sheng? I was informed by the Mercenary Guild that he was last seen together with your group just this morning. He was supposed to return to the main base, but up until now, there is no news of him. Can you tell me if you know anything about this?"

Liu Xiufeng and his friends glanced at each other with peculiar gazes before looking at Liu Mengdi. As Liu Xiufeng was about to speak, a cold voice cut him off.

"I was the one who killed him." Liu Mengdi frowned and stared at Theia’s delicate face. He realized that he can’t even sense the beauty’s true essence. There are only two possibilities for why he can’t sense the other party’s true essence. First, she may have a rare treasure that can conceal her aura and true essence. The second possibility, her strength was several times greater than his strength.

Liu Mengdi’s frown became deeper as he thought of what might have been the truth. He wanted to believe that she has a rare treasure in her person, but after the events earlier, the possibility of her being a top expert was definitely high.

He was also looking at the reaction of Liu Xiufeng and his buddies, but there was only a peculiar look on their faces.

Liu Mengdi was not a dumb person, he was even gifted with high comprehension ability and high intelligence. He was only putting up an arrogant facade to fool his uncles who were also eyeing the patriarch position of the Liu Family. He did that in order to make them think that he was just a waste that they can control. Little did they know that he was putting up a show since he was a little kid.

’As for that Mu Sheng... He might have been blinded by that woman’s beauty. Considering his personality, he should have tried to do something to her, but he was killed by her because of his actions. So what she said earlier might have been true.’ Liu Mengdi analyzed the possible situation with the miniscule detail he had gathered. He was already able to picture out the scene in his mind after a moment of deep thinking. Such high analytical ability and wisdom were truly astounding!

Liu Mengdi glanced one last time at Theia and the mysterious owner of the store before he left with his subordinates. As for Liu Xiufeng, he did not really care about his existence. He was only a runaway with mediocre talent, nothing worth his attention. ’This store... I should come here more often...’

After seeing them leave, Boss Scar and the others sighed in relief. They then glanced at Jiu Shen and Theia with grateful looks. Although they didn’t really do anything to help them, their actions indirectly allowed them to escape death.

They bid farewell and left the store with urgent expressions. They have to be careful with the Liu Family from now on. It was unknown if they would continue to press the matter, but it was better safe than sorry.

Jiu Shen glanced at his empty store and decided to close it now. He still has to check the new wine-making method that was rewarded to him together with the store expansion package.

After closing the store, Jiu Shen told the system to assimilate the new wine-making method in his mind.

"System, do it."

- Ding!

- Assimilating Frozen Origin wine-making method! Host, please wait for a moment.

Jiu Shen felt a prickling feeling in his head for a brief second. A new set of memories flooded his brain after the pain subsided.

Frozen Origin uses the yeast of a rare plant called Violent Rosefinch which is a 4th-rank Knight Crusader spiritual plant.

The high-quality yeast from the plant is then fermented for a little more than a month before it fully converts glucose into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Then, it is thawed after the yeast becomes silver in color.

Fifteen kilograms of said yeast, twelve liters of Origin Spring Water, and a block of Frozen Cloud Glacier are mixed together.

Then distilled four times a day for one whole week. Lastly, the wine liquid will be aged for two and a half years.

"System, how much is a bottle of this wine?" Jiu Shen asked.

- Ding!

- Calculating the price of Frozen Origin!

- 55 True Crystals!

Jiu Shen nodded his head after hearing the system’s reply. The price given by the system was almost the same as what he has in mind. The ingredients used in making Frozen Origin were a grade lower than his current best wine, the Deep Sea Spring Dew, so the price was understandable.

"System, are you still providing the ingredients for this? Or is it in the Spirit World?"

- Ding!

- Host, the ingredients used for this wine are easy to find. The system recommends to search for the ingredients yourself. As the future Unrivaled Wine God, the host must learn to find the ingredients himself. Work hard!

Hearing the system’s solemn but earnest voice, Jiu Shen sighed. ’It looks like my cultivation time will again be reduced, but this is also good. Who knows... I might even find a rare treasure in this wasteland. But then again, the possibility of that happening is close to impossible.’

"System, can you give me the coordinates of where I can find these ingredients?"

- Ding!

- Scanning Nuar! Host, please wait for a moment.

- Violent Rosefinch can be found in the periphery of the Endless Forest.

- Origin Spring Water can be found in the heart of Green Mountain Lake.

- Frozen Cloud Glacier can be found in Ice Cloud Sword Sect.

Jiu Shen frowned after seeing the last location. "If it inside a sect’s territory, then it should be one of their closely guarded treasures. Looks like it might be quite troublesome to get the last item." Jiu Shen muttered to himself.

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