The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 17 - Incinerate!

Chapter 17 - Incinerate!

Inside the imperial palace of the Silver Wing Empire, the fourth prince and Defender Duanmu were kneeling respectfully in front of a middle-aged man who was sitting on the throne. Although he looked middle-aged in appearance, he can already be considered as one of the oldest experts. He had a heroic aura and the regal air of an emperor.

The man seated on the throne was Silver Wing Empire’s current Emperor, Elyk Silveria II. He was a man of great strength and charisma. He was also the strongest expert of the empire, a mid-stage 8th-rank Divine cultivator.

"What is your purpose in requesting an audience with this emperor? Make sure that this is something of utmost importance or both of you will receive punishment no matter what your relationship with me is!" The emperor’s voice was calm and unhurried as if he had experienced countless vicissitudes in life. He glanced at the two people kneeling in front of him with a bright glow.

The fourth prince was someone he treasures heavily because of his talent. It was even on par with him during his youth. If not for his young age, he would have crowned him as the first in line for the throne. As for Defender Duanmu, he was one of the top experts of the empire and was also his friend. Aside from that, he was infinitely close in breaking through towards the 8th-rank Divine.

The emperor was looking forward to the growth of both men. That was also why he was strict on them. He did not want them to be complacent just because of their connection with him.

"Your majesty, I was with the fourth prince yesterday as per usual. We went inside a small store in one of the less populated areas of the capital city..." Defender Duanmu narrated their experience in Jiu Shen’s store. He also told the emperor about Jiu Shen’s unfathomable power and cultivation.

"Most importantly, the wines and dishes sold in this store are capable of stimulating the true essence of someone like me..." Defender Duanmu had a look of excitement when he said that.

The emperor’s eyes flashed for a brief moment when he heard Defender Duanmu’s last sentence. His lips curved up and formed a faint smile. He tapped his fingers on the armrest of the throne and he looked to be in a state of deep pondering.

"You mentioned that this Jiu Shen person does not want to conquer our empire, how truthful do you think his words were?" The emperor asked in a grave tone. After learning that there was an expert who might be stronger than him staying in their empire, he was a bit worried. The minds of the top experts were hard to fathom. He did not know the goal of the other person, and he did not believe that he was only there to sell wines and dishes.

Defender Duanmu frowned and shook his head lightly. "I cannot understand the heart of this person at all, your majesty. He appears to be unrivaled in cultivation, but then he only wants to sell wine. But of course, I’m not yet certain about everything. The best course of action is to keep an eye on this store and avoid clashing with them."

The emperor nodded his head calmly. "Your suggestion is indeed our best option. As of the moment, maintain a friendly relationship with the store. Most importantly, make sure to not allow anyone from the imperial palace to provoke that wine master. We cannot afford to provoke such an expert especially during this time."

Defender Duanmu and the fourth prince’s faces looked grave after hearing the emperor’s words. They knew that he was talking about the suspicious movements of the nearby empires.

"Yes, your majesty." Defender Duanmu replied solemnly.

"The both of you may leave. And when the right time comes, I will personally visit that store." The emperor waved his hands and gestured for the both of them to go.

* * *

Inside Jiu Shen’s store, Mu Sheng and his cronies were still surrounding Theia. They smiled lecherously while looking at her shapely body.

But they failed to notice the rising killing intent of Theia. Low-level cultivators like them could not sense the killing intent of a top expert like Theia.

"Little lady, you might not know this, but brother Mu Sheng is closely connected to the Liu Family. If you follow him, you will only gain countless benefits." A mercenary persuaded with a nasty smile.

Mu Sheng nodded his head with a pleased smile. "That’s right. If you follow this lord, no one in the empire will dare to provoke you carelessly." After saying that, Mu Sheng stepped forward and went closer to Theia.

"Theia, you don’t need to kill these small fries. You can do anything to them, but don’t kill them." Jiu Shen with his eyes still closed said in a calm voice.

Everyone inside the store paused their movements after hearing him.

Boss Scar and his friends were not that surprised, but Mu Sheng and his subordinates laughed loudly in contempt.

Mu Sheng, in particular, glanced at Jiu Shen as if he was looking at a stupid person. "Are you that whatever Wine Master, the owner of this store? I heard some rumors that you are a top expert. Haha! A kid like you claims to be a top expert, do you think your grandpa Mu Sheng is stupid? Haha!" Mu Sheng and his subordinates laughed loudly in succession.

Boss Scar and his friends facepalmed themselves after hearing their jeers. They were looking at Mu Sheng and his subordinates as if they were dead people.

"You were given an opportunity to live, but you chose to court death instead. I feel ashamed of having the same level of cultivation as him." Boss Scar shook his head with a soft sigh while Liu Xiufeng and the others nodded their heads in agreement.

"Theia, I change my mind. Do anything you want with them. But make sure to not dirty the store with their filthy blood." Jiu Shen spoke in the same calm and placid voice.

"Yes, master," Theia answered softly, but her eyes were as cold as ice.

Mu Sheng and his subordinates did not have the time to laugh before their bodies were thrown out of the store by an invisible power.

"Incinerate." Theia calmly stated while raising her dainty right hand.

Following her voice, a huge column of flame enveloped Mu Sheng and his subordinates. Screams of anguish and pain can be heard for three seconds before it died out. When the flame receded in ten seconds, the bodies of Mu Sheng and his subordinates can no longer be seen. Only a charred ground was left behind with a few handfuls of ashes scattering along with the wind.

Boss Scar’s heart almost leaped out of his chest after seeing the scene. The same thing can be said for Liu Xiufeng and the others.

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