The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 18 - Random Bonsai

Chapter 18 - Random Bonsai

"Several medium-level experts died just like that? Even Mu Sheng who was a peak 5th-rank Spirit expert died without being able to fight back..." Boss Scar muttered with a blank look on his face. As for Liu Xiufeng and the other mercenaries, they were staring fearfully at the heroic-looking Theia.

"Mister, here is your order of two Ables Blanc. Enjoy!" Hestia gently smiled as she carefully placed the two wine bottles in front of Liu Xiufeng. She then glanced at the absent-minded Scar and the others and asked with a sweet smile. "Hello, misters. What would you like to order?"

Boss Scar and the others’ fear subsided a little after seeing Hestia’s radiant smile. But they did not dare have any indecent thoughts at her. Who knew if she was also a top expert in disguise? If that is so, then they might really die without a burial ground.

"One order of Deep-fried Shrimp Tempura Dipped in Viper Magma Chilli and also two orders of Ables Blanc." Boss Scar stiffly said with an unnatural smile on his face. The scenes earlier were still fresh in his mind, and it might take long before he forgets those scenes.

The rest of the mercenaries also ordered their dishes with a wooden look. They did not even dare gaze at the most sensitive parts of Hestia, lest they will be the next ones to be burned to death. Recalling the dreadful deaths of Mu Sheng and his subordinates, they all shuddered inwardly.

Mu Sheng and his subordinates might be licentious and perverted, but those people were still one of the most elite mercenary groups. To see them die just like that was just too surreal.

"Is there anything else, misters?" Hestia asked with a bright smile.

Boss Scar and the others shook their heads.

After getting their answers, Hestia went to get their orders.

"Hestia, you go cook the dish. I will go get their wines." Jiu Shen stood up from his seat and calmly spoke.

"Yes, master." Hestia bowed her head and went towards the kitchen to prepare the dish while Jiu Shen went inside the wine storage area.

A few moments later, Jiu Shen came out of the wine storage area with more than a dozen wines floating around him. He then skillfully directed the wines on Boss Scar’s table. "Here are your orders."

After seeing their wines, their eyes immediately brightened. They had even forgotten the events earlier as if it was merely an unimportant memory.

All sorts of wine aromas spread inside the store as the mercenaries opened their wine bottles impatiently.

"Wine Master Jiu’s wine is still the best!"

"Yeah! This Ables Blanc helped me broke through a minor realm yesterday. It was truly a great feeling!"

"If a wine that costs five True Crystals already had that kind of effect, how much more the wine that costs one hundred and twenty True Crystals?"

"You mean the new wine? What was it called again?"

"I remember it’s called Deep Sea Spring Dew."

The mercenaries discussed animatedly while gulping down their wines in a practiced manner.

Jiu Shen’s lips curved a bit after hearing their discussion. He then closed his eyes and meditated. His strength had regressed a lot after he reincarnated. During his heyday, he was a top Heavenly God expert with a strength that was only below the three Celestial Emperors. But now, he was only a mere mortal at the initial-stage 9th-rank Saint. He still had a long way to go before recovers his past strength. As for how long... It might be a hundred years, or ten thousand years, or even a million years. No one knows...

- Ding!

- Host, as the future Unrivaled Wine God, you must not be distracted by your past grievances. Only by having a calm martial heart would your cultivation be able to advance by leaps and bounds.

Jiu Shen attentively listened to the system’s solemn voice. Although it had forced him to brew wine during the past few weeks, it had also given him a precious Divine Weapon. So although he held a bit of displeasure towards the system, he was still infinitely grateful towards it.

An hour later, the fourth prince and Defender Duanmu came inside the store with stunned faces. They were surprised about the store’s massive changes overnight.

"This... How come the space here is five times larger than outside? Could it be that Wine Master Jiu is also capable of controlling the mysterious space arts?" Defender Duanmu muttered with an incredulous look on his aged face.

The fourth prince was similarly stunned, but he hurriedly calmed himself down. He told himself to never again make a fool inside this store.

They then felt a sharp gaze after they entered the store. The two men frowned and glanced at the side only to see a blonde beauty with a cold disposition staring at them icily.

"Hello, young miss. My name is Dante, how should I address you?" The fourth prince’s name was Dante Silveria. He did not want to tell her his surname or she might think that he was using the name of the imperial family to force her into submission.

Theia coldly glanced at the fourth prince, but she did not see any hint of malice from his gaze. Her gaze softened a bit and she indifferently replied. "Theia."

"Oh, so it’s Young Miss Theia. It’s a pleasure meeting you today." The fourth prince smiled and cupped his fists while Theia merely nodded her head in response.

After realizing that she was not interested in talking to him, he flashed an abashed smile before he was dragged by Defender Duanmu.

"Your highness, that woman is not simple. I can’t read her cultivation level at all, but she produces a kind of overpowering air. Her strength should be on par with his majesty or even stronger." Defender Duanmu whispered silently.

Defender Duanmu frowned after seeing that the fourth prince was still absent-minded. He glanced at the prince and saw that he was looking in a certain direction. He followed his gaze and his old face also froze. The two men, young and old, looked like wooden statues with wide eyes and gaping mouths.

"That plant... It is similar to the ones I’ve read from an ancient book. This..." The fourth prince muttered with a slightly shaking voice.

"That is... That is indeed a 9th-rank Earth Origin Dragon Tree. How could such a precious plant be here in this store? There are even four of them here... To think that such a rare heavenly treasure was only treated as a random bonsai by Wine Master Jiu. I don’t know what to say anymore..." Defender Duanmu didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

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