The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 16 - Mu Sheng

Chapter 16 - Mu Sheng

Jiu Shen watched the two ladies empty their cups, his lips curved up a bit. He then patted their heads and told them. "Don’t forget about your jobs. Theia, if there is someone causing trouble, throw them out. As for Hestia, get Ice’s milk in the kitchen and give him bowl-full."

"Yes, master."

"Yes, master."

The two beauties went to do their assigned tasks while Jiu Shen opened the door.

The biting rays of light touched his expressionless face after opening the door. Theia stood beside the entrance while eyeing the incoming customer coldly.

"Wine Master Jiu, good morning!" Liu Xiufeng greeted with sparkling eyes after seeing Jiu Shen opening the store. He was also surprised to see the interior of the store. ’How the hell did the store grew this big after only a night?’ Liu Xiufeng’s eyes widened while looking at the brand new furnishing of the store. ’But I’m sure that it still looks small outside. This...’

Despite his curiosity, he still chose to remain silent. He knew that Wine Master Jiu was not a simple man. Especially after seeing how respectful the empire’s defender talked to him yesterday. They even chose to compromise with Wine Master Jiu and swallowed their pride.

He then stepped inside the store and froze for a brief moment after noticing a cold glare coming from the side. He stiffly turned his head and saw a blonde beauty who was looking at him coldly. He hurriedly avoided her gaze and hastily followed behind Jiu Shen.

"Wine Master Jiu, who is that icy beauty beside the door?" Liu Xiufeng whispered silently while poking Jiu Shen’s shoulder with his index finger.

Jiu Shen did not spare a glance at him and just replied perfunctorily. "Don’t mind her. As for who she is, you will know soon."

Many thoughts flashed inside Liu Xiufeng’s head after hearing the vague answer of Jiu Shen. ’She isn’t Wine Master Jiu’s little lover, right? And why can’t I feel the strength of that little girlie? Could it be...’

Hestia came out with a bowl of milk. Behind her was the fat cat Ice. It was meowing at Hestia adorably as it chased her, or perhaps, it was chasing the bowl of milk in her hands.

"Little Ice, here’s your milk." Hestia put down the bowl of milk and rubbed Ice’s thick white fur. Ice swatted her hand before it continued to lick its milk.

Hestia giggled after seeing the fat cat’s rebellious nature. She then stood up and glanced at Liu Xiufeng with a radiant smile on her face. "What is your order, mister?"

Liu Xiufeng was stunned after seeing her smile. And he felt like the whole world was frozen. ’This is how a lady should act, gentle and sweet. How lucky Wine Master Jiu is...’ Liu Xiufeng thought to himself with admiration.

"Mister? Can I have your order?" Hestia smiled while calling for Liu Xiufeng’s attention.

"Ahh... Right... Give me two bottles of Ables Blanc please." Liu Xiufeng said his order with an embarrassed smile.

"Okay, mister. Give me one moment." Hestia turned around and gracefully walked towards the wine storage area. Liu Xiufeng watched her departing back figure, or to be exact, he watched her swaying bottom as she walked towards the wine storage area. "Wow! 100 points!" He unconsciously spoke.

Jiu Shen who was sitting opposite of him cast a sidelong glance at him. "What?"

Liu Xiufeng covered his mouth and shook his head. Beads of sweat trickled down his face as he thought. ’I should avoid looking at her like that, or I might offend Wine Master Jiu.’

A few moments later, Boss Scar arrived with his mercenary brothers. He even brought a few more people than yesterday. After stepping inside the store, they were surprised to see its massive changes overnight.

They also saw the cold Theia standing stoically at the entrance.

Some of the mercenaries even glanced lecherously at her seductive legs. Theia frowned after seeing their disrespectful behavior.

"Hey, little beauty. Do you want to drink with this big brother? Don’t worry, the bill is on me." A muscular mercenary said while looking at Theia’s youthful body openly.

Another mercenary laughed while looking at her with a knowing smile... "That’s right, little beauty. Us brothers will treat you with wine as long as you accompany us later."

More mercenaries laughed as they surrounded Theia, leaving no rooms for her to escape.

Boss Scar frowned after seeing their actions. He brought them here to let them have a taste of Wine Master Jiu’s wine. He even warned them to avoid causing trouble inside the store.

"Brother Mu Sheng, don’t cause trouble here. The owner of the store isn’t someone you wish to provoke." Boss Scar held the muscular man’s shoulder with a grave look.

The muscular man named Mu Sheng glanced at Boss Scar with a bit of annoyance. "Scar, who do you think you are to stop me, Mu Sheng, from doing what I want?"

Boss Scar’s face turned cold after hearing Mu Sheng’s words, but he still held himself back from attacking the other party. Although he was not any weaker than Mu Sheng, he was still afraid of the person that the latter serves.

"Don’t blame me for not warning you." Boss Scar said coldly before he led his brothers towards where Liu Xiufeng was sitting.

Mu Sheng glanced disdainfully at Boss Scar’s back and muttered. "Coward!"

Boss Scar saw Jiu Shen sitting on a chair with his eyes shut tight. He wanted to order but he was afraid of disturbing him, so waited patiently.

"Don’t worry, Boss Scar. Someone else will take your orders. As for those foolish mobs, just wait and see. That blonde beauty is someone from this store, and I don’t believe that she is just an ordinary girl. Even Wine Master Jiu is not making a move. That means, that lady isn’t as simple as she seemed to be." Liu Xiufeng patted Boss Scar’s shoulder as he spoke. Although he looked uncouth and boorish, he was still more intelligent than these simple-minded mercenaries.

"What? That young lady is someone from this store?" Boss Scar exclaimed while looking at Theia who was surrounded by more than ten mercenaries.

Liu Xiufeng nodded his head with a cold smile while looking at Mu Sheng and his cronies as if they were a bunch of monkeys in a circus.

Boss Scar glanced curiously at Theia after seeing Liu Xiufeng’s affirmation. ’Since she is someone from this store, she should be able to hold herself against Mu Sheng and his men. If she couldn’t, then Wine Master Jiu will surely make a move to help her.’ Thinking up to that, Boss Scar’s eyes lit up.

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