The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 15 - Deep Sea Spring Dew

Chapter 15 - Deep Sea Spring Dew

Jiu Shen glared at the entrance of his store. The door slowly opened, and a graceful and lithe silhouette stepped inside the store. She was wearing light body armor that covered her upper body. A short battle skirt covered a small portion of her lower body. Her long and seductive legs were also in full display.

Jiu Shen was confused since he did not feel any hostility from the woman. Instead, she was looking at him with a face full of reverence.

Her medium-length blonde hair that reached her shoulders cascaded down elegantly as she bowed her head respectfully towards Jiu Shen. "Greetings, master."

"What the hell? System, don’t play with me. You did this on purpose, didn’t you?" Jiu Shen spoke inside his head in an exasperated tone.

- Ding!

- Host, as the future Unrivaled Wine God, you need a sharp blade to continue making the best wines in the multiverse peacefully.

"You mean my sharp blade is this little beauty who only has the strength of a 9th-rank Saint expert?" Jiu Shen rolled his eyes inwardly, but he did not say it out loud or it may hurt the feelings of the woman.

The system remained silent as if it was disinclined to explain things to Jiu Shen.

Jiu Shen beckoned the beauty with his hand and gestured her to come close. "What’s your name?"

The blonde beauty bowed her head lightly and said. "Master, your servant’s name is Theia."

’Two, galaxy-toppling beauties appeared in a single night in my little store. Now, where can I sleep without affecting my Heart Realm?’ Jiu Shen sighed sorrowfully.

The Heart Realm that he mentioned was the special realm of a cultivator’s martial heart. It’s not something literal, but something intangible. The greater your attainments in the Heart Realm, the faster your cultivation speed will be.

There are four Heart Realms: the first realm; Heart Like Mirror, the second realm; Heart as Gentle as Water, the third realm; Heart Unmoved Like Mountain, the fourth realm; Heartless Void.

Even in his past life when he was still a top expert in the Primordial God Realm, he only trained his Heart Realm until the third realm, Heart Unmoved Like Mountain.

Since the creation of the universe, only three people managed to reach the fourth Heart Realm, Heartless Void. Those three experts were now the three Celestial Emperors of the vast multiverse. They governed the laws of the multiverse and maintain its peace and order for countless eons. Of course, one of them was the one who killed Jiu Shen...

Back to the story...

Theia was still standing respectfully in front of Jiu Shen. She was looking at him as if he was God.

"Come with me. You will sleep in my room with Hestia." Jiu Shen forced out a stiff smile on his face.

Jiu Shen didn’t know that the system already built two more rooms for Hestia and Theia, so he thought that there was only one room in the second floor.

"As you say, master." Theia bowed her head reverently.

Jiu Shen brought Theia towards his room on the second floor of his store. And just as he was about to go inside his room, he saw two more additional rooms. ’At least the system is considerate enough to make new rooms for these two beauties...’

He sighed in relief and randomly pointed a room for Theia. "You will be staying in that room. Starting tomorrow, you will maintain the order and safety of our store. And... you should rest for now."

"Yes, master." Theia bowed her head gently. She only went inside her room after Jiu Shen left.

The latter went inside his room and sighed in relief after not seeing Hestia. "She might be in the other room."

* * *

The next day, Jiu Shen went down after taking a shower and wearing clothes. He was surprised to see that both the two beauties were already there waiting for him with smiles on their faces.

Jiu Shen nodded his head at them calmly. He then went inside the wine storage area with an expectant look on his face. "I wonder how the Deep Sea Spring Dew would taste like."

He grabbed one bottle of the new wine before he went out of the wine storage area. The moment he came out, two beautiful pairs of eyes glanced at him curiously.

Jiu Shen smiled and sat on a chair after placing the wine on the table. "Come here you two. You will also be my wine tasters from now on." He gestured the two ladies to sit beside him.

They revealed happy smiles and the both of them eagerly went towards Jiu Shen. They sat on each of his side and looked at him with round eyes.

Jiu Shen opened the wine bottle, causing a dense and fragrant aroma to invade their nostrils. They closed their eyes in satisfaction while inhaling the sweet scent of the wine.

"This wine smells so good. Master, did you make this wine?" Hestia blinked her eyes curiously while looking at Jiu Shen.

The latter nodded his head and said. "Yes, I was the one who made this wine. Now, let’s all give it a taste."

He then tilted the wine bottle and a golden liquid flowed gently down towards the three small cups. The golden liquid emitted a brilliant luster, surprising the three of them.

’A wine that shines like gold? Even that whatever Phoenix blabla wine of the emperor should not be this exaggerated, right?’ Jiu Shen thought silently to himself. He was quite pleased with himself since he was the one who made the wine with the system’s help.

He then distributed the two cups of wine to the beauties. They were already drooling at the sight of it.

They held the cups gently as if it was a cup filled with natural treasures. They then gave their cups a light sip, and their eyes shone with a dazzling glow after the golden liquid touched their lips.

Jiu Shen smiled after seeing the looks in their faces. He glanced at the golden liquid in his cup and drank a small mouthful of it.

His mouth felt like it exploded after the wine touched his tongue. He closed his eyes and savored the sweet aftertaste of the Deep Sea Dew. The biting spiciness of the 6th-rank beast’s blood can also be felt subtly.

"Ho! It’s actually able to slightly stimulate the true essence of a 9th-rank Saint like me? Those old experts would surely come after knowing the effects of this wine. Hehe!"

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