The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 49

Chapter 49-The Vermillion Bird’s Nest Part 1

“Who could’ve known this would happen? I too find it difficult to bear. After being shut inside the carriage all day yesterday, and not being to do anything at all, it nearly stifled me to death. Luckily, there’s you, sister, to accompany me. If not, I absolutely would’ve gone insane.” Shen Jiawei had always followed Shen Jiayi, and because he hadn’t been able to bear being shut in the carriage, in order to endure the dry and dull, he took advantage of the resting time to make his way into Shen Jiayi’s carriage.

It naturally wasn’t as dry and dull like before after the two brats had gathered together.

However, it was still unbearable.

“Peh! I truly want to know how that idiot is now, being shut inside her carriage by herself… Hehe. She wouldn’t have made her carriage into a hideous mess, right? That carriage is indeed very expansive.” Shen Jiayi cast a glance towards the outside of the window as she snorted. [TLN: The ‘peh’ at the beginning is the sound of expelling breath]

“It can be precisely said that she’s an idiot, when she already has an issue wearing her clothes and eating her meals by herself. Contrarily, I precisely won’t dare go and have a look at the insides of her carriage, for who knows what appearance it’ll have. Sister, you nevertheless are awesome, to have her retinue brought over to you a long time ago.” Shen Jiawei chuckled as he said.

“As for her, does she deserve our clan’s elite’s services? Don’t joke around, as the 4 people that grandfather dispatched this time are all elites of the clan. To have them go and serve an idiot like that is recklessly wasting natural resources. As a matter of fact, I want to see how comfortable she is without anyone attending to her and yet being shut inside her carriage.” Shen Jiayi was very clear that she couldn’t be too obvious at making things hard on Shen Yanxiao before the sage. However, she could naturally make some small movements behind the sage’s back. Although it couldn’t loosen the hatred in her mind, it could still make Shen Yanxiao suffer some pain.

The two sibling working hand in hand with each other. As for the retinue, who was to the side keeping watch and serving them, the retinue had turned a blind eye to the matter of the two bullying Shen Yanxiao. The retinue only carefully observed the circumstances that were outside the window.

Suddenly, a vague human reflection flashed past outside of the carriage’s window. Astonished, the retinue extended the head outside, and nevertheless discovered that there wasn’t even a shadow on the scorched soil outside.

“What’s going on?” Shen Jiayi asked, as she’d taken note of the fact that the retinue was acting strangely.

The retinue looked and looked, but truly didn’t discover any anomalies afterwards. Only then did the retinue sit back at their original seat and say, “This subordinate had a vague and unclear vision just now, for a moment, and it was as if there was someone outside.”

Shen Jiayi laughed heartily and said, “Could it be that you’re getting blurry vision due to the jolting of the carriage? How could it be possible that there was someone outside? According to what my father’s said, inside the region that we’re in now, if one doesn’t wear the Ice Silk Armour and is to walk at the outside, one will immediately become human jerky. In this kind of place, how could there be people?”

The retinue nodded, for he too felt that his eyesight had dimmed, and thus didn’t take it to heart.

On the eve of the third day, the eight carriages had stopped in front of an enormous cave.

After rushing along the journey for a long time, they’d finally reached their destination. Everyone who’d been jolted inside the carriage for a long time impatiently got out of their carriages.

Shen Jiayi still knew the potential severity of her actions, and sent back the retinue that was originally in charge of taking care of Shen Yanxiao.

After being lead down off the carriage by the retinue, Shen Yanxiao extended her posture for a moment, before lifting her head and looking at the colossus that was before her eyes.

The pitch-black cave had a sufficient dimension that was half the size of a small mountain. Just by standing in the cave mouth, she was able to immediately sense the unending stream of high temperature that was coming from the cave itself. Fortunately, the Ice Silk Armour on her body helped to resist the invasion of the blazing heat. Although she could still sense the temperature that would’ve normally roasted people, it wasn’t really too intolerable.

“This way, please.” Said the retinue that stood at Shen Yanxiao’s side. Although the retinue knew that this seventh young lady would be unable to make sense of his words, he couldn’t help but to be a little respectful towards Shen Yanxiao before the sage.

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