The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 48

Chapter 48-Path of a Warlock Part 3

In addition to that, the God’s Domain that was the revered by the commoners extremely loathed the existence of the warlock profession. A warlock was a path that was closest to the dark amongst the six possible directions of dou qi and magic, and the God’s Domain of the Guangming Continent boycotted every sinister power that approached the darkness.

Due to the commoner’s prejudice and the God’s Domain’s pressure, one practically couldn’t find anybody that studied as a warlock within the entire Guangming Continent.

Even if there was someone, that person would go through his days as the target of scorn—yelled at and beaten by everyone.

Shen Yanxiao couldn’t understand why an incisive profession like this had become a detestable existence after reaching the mouths of these hypocrites.

Despicable? In this world, there were many dignified people in this word, who on the surface appeared bright and clean, but in private were no strangers to doing dirty things.

The commoners were able to accept those dignified hypocrites, and yet they were unwilling to accept a certain profession of magic?

This ridiculousness truly had Shen Yanxiao at the point of not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“What’s the use of boycotting it anyways? So what if you don’t like it? There’s no need for the people to point out the path that I’ve picked for myself.” Shen Yanxiao sneered, for she’d never been one that’d cared about the secular way of looking at things.

She’d only pick what she herself decided to be correct, and wouldn’t blindly comply with the secular point of view.

Shen Yanxiao was very clear that in this world, one had to rely on one’s self, for there wasn’t anyone that could be relied on.

‘Remember what you’ve said today, for only you yourself can hold fast to your own selection.’ Regarding Shen Yanxiao’s perseverance, Xiu didn’t speak any more in dissuading her. So much that, Shen Yanxiao faintly felt that Xiu was very pleased with her selection.

Although the future direction of her magic had already been made certain, it was practically impossible to want to learn things about warlocks at this kind of simple and crude place. Even if Xiu were to be even more enigmatic, hundreds of year ago, he too couldn’t have foreseen that the person that he’d stay in would take the path of a warlock, and naturally wouldn’t install the studying material pertaining to a warlock into his mind.

Moreover, the second layer of the Seven Stars Locking Moon seal had yet to be undone. After Shen Yanxiao had entered rank 6, the growth of her magic had right away plateaued. No matter how calm her mind was in cultivating, it hadn’t grown even a tiny bit.

Just as Xiu had said, the time where it was still sealed was tightly and intimately related with the effects that’d be brought about from undoing the seal.

Shen Yanxiao could only dispel her thoughts and continue cultivating on the path of a warlock at the moment, and could only begin majoring in Dou Qi.

Unfortunately, breaking through to rank 6 in such a short time was already an extremely rarely seen circumstances. Wanting to have the same breakthrough again for her Dou Qi within an extremely brief period… would indeed be the ravings of a lunatic!

Xiu too was no longer like before, where he’d urged Shen Yanxiao to cultivate.

As the carriages of the Vermillion Bird Clan advanced towards the depths of the lava valley, the temperature all around them had become hotter and hotter. If a water drop fell onto the surface, it’d be evaporated into gas in a single moment. Even low-level demonic beasts wouldn’t dare to enter this kind of blazing region.

As for the people within the carriage, they too knew that, along with the ascending temperature, they’d also be getting nearer and nearer to the den that the Vermillion Bird was dwelling within.

… …

Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei sat in the same carriage. Within that carriage, there was only one middle-aged retinue left behind to serve the both of them as they rest. As for the other two retinues, both of them had remained in the carriage that Shen Jiawei originally should’ve ridden in.

“Just how much longer till we get there? Sitting inside this carriage all day long, I’m exhausted from head to foot! I’m sick of eating beef jerky! If I continue to eat it, I won’t be able to help wanting to throw up!” Shen Jiayi wrinkled her brows as she sit inside the carriage. All along, she’d gotten accustomed to living like a princess in the Vermillion Bird Clan. These few days of hastening along on their journey had her feeling unwell all over. If it wasn’t that it was related to the Vermillion Bird, and also because she had the opportunity to win a favourable impression before the sage, she simply wouldn’t have been willing to endure this kind of hardship.

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