The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 47

Chapter 47-Path of a Warlock Part 2

All magical attacks needed a certain amount of chanting time. The more formidable the magic was, the longer the chanting time was. Without an absolutely safe surrounding, they simply had no way to concentrate their spirit on chanting their magic. Therefore, a magician was definitely an extreme profession.

A king in long distance, but a feeble one in close quarters.

This direction was the first that one that Shen Yanxiao gave up on.

When facing danger, any type of enemy wouldn’t give a magician the time to chant at all. Without a formidable team as a protection, it was very likely that an unaccompanied magician would be mistreated and killed by a low level close quarter profession. Certainly, a top-notch magician would have an extreme chanting time, but would also be experienced, and could absolutely have those enemies that fought in close quarters oppressed to death.

However, this wasn’t the result that Shen Yanxiao wanted. She didn’t have anyone to depend on, and under these circumstances, she’d have to suffer losses from close quarters during the early stages. Therefore, she had very little interest regarding becoming a magician.

Moreover, it was a habit of hers to make moves in between the winks. Chanting, this kind of thing that was time-consuming and required a great deal of effort, didn’t suit her.

The second one, was the priest. A priest had weak attack properties, low enough to almost be said as none. However, they had an extremely strong capability towards connecting with nature. By drawing support from the power of the nature, they could cure any injuries. Moreover, they could also use the power of the nature that they were good at to strengthen the body and power of themselves, and the people who were beside them. Certainly, all of these things were short term duration effects.

In fact, a priest was an existence that was even more dependant on companions compared to a magician. Without a formidable companion to depend on, a priest alone couldn’t even deal with an inferior demonic beast.

The priests of this world had a little bit of resemblance to the doctors of the modern era. It was just that a priest was much more mysterious and omnipotent, when compared to a doctor.

Before Shen Yanxiao had finished listening, she immediately vetoed this kind of a path that was filled with the hint of the Holy Mother.

She didn’t want to be standing behind someone’s back and be the parasite that enjoyed the protection of others!

Finally, there was only the Warlock left.

Compared to when Xiu had mentioned the magician and the priest, his narration about the Warlock was very subtle, and even more detailed.

Warlocks were a previous existence of the Guangming Continent that were very intriguing. Their properties of long range attacks weren’t as valiant compared to magicians, and they didn’t have any capabilities in curing wounds, but it was indeed a nightmare to an awfully large amount of people.

Warlocks possessed weird cursing techniques. They couldn’t cause people to scatter into ashes and disperse into smoke in only the time it took to blink,however, under a secret influence, it could have the dead’s skeleton not exist. It was just like a kind of unseeable poison that was clearly unable to be understood. Under the situation that no one was aware of, it’d corrode the enemy’s life away. The cursing techniques didn’t need incantations. They just needed the knot of the finger marked. In the time it took to blink, warlocks could give out cursing techniques that could cause the enemy to become poor in health. So much so that, it could cause a formidable magician to become incapable of utilizing any magic power and turn into trash that was waiting to be slaughtered within a short period of time.

It could be said to be the first choice of a vile person!

Just as Xiu had finished speaking, Shen Yanxiao began to generate an enormous amount of interest right away towards this profession that had other people feeling their blood running cold.

As a godly thief, it wasn’t her inherent qualities to have her own body revealed before people, and then charging and breaking through enemy lines. Concealing herself within the dark corners and waiting for an opportunity before making a move was exactly what she took pleasure in!

A warlock was practically precisely tailored for her!

“It shall be this then!” At once, Shen Yanxiao had decided that she wanted to walk on the path of a warlock, that was so much broader and open.

However, Xiu nevertheless reminded her that within the entirety of the Guangming Continent, the people who’d studied as warlocks were simply not many. This was because, in the eyes of the majority of people, a warlock was an extremely dark existence. Moreover, the way it did things was despicable. Any large clans wouldn’t allow one’s own clan member to study this profession that disgraced their dignity, for a genuinely strong person must welcome their enemies directly!

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