The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 50

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In fact, from the start, the retinue hadn’t attached any importance to Shen Yanxiao, for he was the Vermillion Bird Clan’s elite that had been meticulously nurtured. To be able to be added into the troop this time was sufficient to testify his strength. However, he hadn’t expected that he’d unexpectedly be sent to attend to a piece of trash like this, and was very unwilling in his heart. Therefore, when Shen Jiayi showed up and deliberately made things difficult for Shen Yanxiao, he simply didn’t hesitate the slightest bit. He directly moved towards Shen Jiayi, and had Shen Yanxiao thrown into the carriage alone for 3 days.

Shen Yanxiao knew the inner thoughts of some people, and was disinclined to give them extra attention. She walked to the cave mouth.

People such as Shen Jiayi had arrived at the cave mouth long ago. There was a constant heat wave within the pitch-black cave that constantly rushed forth and surging in and out, which had people not willing or daring to take half a step nearer.

“This is precisely the place that the Vermillion Bird is laying dormant. You all should go and do some preparations, for we’ll be going in there in a little while.” The pure and holy smile was still hanging on the sage’s face, and there wasn’t even a little bit of nervousness towards confronting the cave before his eyes.

Shen Yifeng’s heartbeat became more and more rapid, for after the Vermillion Bird’s rousing this time, he’d most likely be the candidate that’d inherit the Vermillion Bird. He was already almost certain that the mythological animal that was lying dormant here was nearly under his usage. In order to conceal his current state of mind, which was more and more excited, he turned and looked at Shen Yanxiao, who’d already arrived at his side.

He was very clear that Shen Jiayi had deliberately made things hard for Shen Yanxiao during these past few days, but he nevertheless didn’t prevent it. However, at this moment, he nevertheless hung a cordial smile on his face, and said to the ignorant Shen Yanxiao, “Seventh younger sister, it’s been exhausting for you for these few days. However, you needn’t worry, for your older brother is here, and your older brother will take good care of you.”

Hearing this gentle sound, Shen Yifeng, at this moment, had changed into an older brother that was taking care of his younger sister.

Shen Yanxiao, nevertheless, held disdain towards people’s sudden arrival of kindness. If Shen Yifeng was truly doing things for her good, he absolutely wouldn’t have allowed Shen Jiayi to deliberately make things difficult for Shen Yanxiao. During these past 3 days, he hadn’t ever shown his face, and today’s act was nothing more than the reason of him wanting to present a genuine good side of his before the sage. Shen Yanxiao had already long discovered that, when she was at the Vermillion Bird Clan, Shen Yifeng would dote on Shen Yanxiao by every means possible, as if she was like his own biological younger sister, every single time Shen Siyu was there. However, so long as Shen Siyu wasn’t there, Shen Yifeng would treat her as if she were invisible. There wasn’t a need to speak about sweet talking for even a glance wasn’t even spared for her.

With just that point of his carefulness in thought, Shen Yanxiao had already grasped everything clearly. Towards this kind of a blockhead who couldn’t even be hypocritical all-around, she was disinclined to even take the trouble to share her thoughts with him.

Shen Yifeng didn’t hope for this idiot to respond to his goodwill either. What he’d said just now was nothing more than him showing off his benevolence before the sage. One of the other main reasons why people from the God’s Domain were revered by the commoners was because the people from the God’s Domain were always so benevolent when they showed up before others. They loathed sinisterness and darkness, but advocated open heartedness and benevolence.

Shen Yifeng naturally knew that he had to express himself at an appropriate time, and this was the best method he could express his benevolence with, which was precisely to treat this idiot well. In any case, this trash wouldn’t threaten him and plunder the Vermillion Bird. Therefore, making an effort on the surface was very simple.

Shen Yanxiao’s appearance within this troop hadn’t only become an unfortunate person in substituting Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei as a base cushion, but had also became a stage prop for Shen Yifeng to reveal his own positive energy.

It couldn’t be helped but said that everyone had all accomplished their best uses in regards to the appearance of this idiot.

Seeing Shen Yifeng ‘show his concern’ for Shen Yanxiao, the sage’s smiling expression deepened by a little at the corner of his lips, but inside his eyes, a beam of expression that people couldn’t grasp flashed.

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