The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 10

“Shen Ling.” Shen Feng yelled.

“Your son is here.” An approximately little more than 40 years old middle aged man who was sitting beneath stood respectfully on ceremony.

“You are in charge of the matter in guarding the dungeon. You shall come and speak as for what has just happened on that very day.” Shen Feng solemn gaze sweep past Shen Ling. Within that wise and farsighted eyes, the tenderness between a father and a son was unseen but there was only the imposingness of a leader.

Shen Ling inwardly forced a smile as among the four sons of Shen Feng, he was ranked the youngest after excluding Shen Yu within the second generation. However if he was to be compared to Shen Yu who was a fine scholar and soldier, he would only seem to be much more mediocre. Within ordinary days, he was not of any value to Shen Feng. However this time, the mishap was met in the dungeon and it precisely happened within the scope of his obligation.

“Reporting back to clan head, on that very day, I was out in dealing with some matters and was not within the mansion, it was the subordinates of mine, the 3 imperial bodyguards who were in charge of guarding the dungeon. By the time I returned to the mansion, I have already received their notification that said there was someone who had intruded the dungeon.” Shen Ling secretly wiped out the cold sweat. This was because although trespassing the dungeon was not a small error, what was frightening was that magical beast that was imprisoned in the dungeon. On that very day, the Vermillion Bird clan had indeed spent up to hundreds of elites life to only capture this treasured species!

In fact apart from Shen Feng, Shen Ling was the only one in the Vermillion Bird clan who knew about what had happened on that very day. The reason why Shen Feng was making a big fuss over a minor issue by inquiring Shen Yanxiao in front of everyone was simply not because some trivial matter like trespassing the dungeon.

The matter that had genuinely startled Shen Feng was  not something anyone from the Vermillion Bird clan could have absolutely thought of.

“Was the one who was guarding the dungeon on that day present?” Shen Feng opened his mouth as he asked.

The moment when Shen Feng was asking, it had nevertheless made everyone who was within the main room stunned.

This matter was precisely a finalized conclusion because on that day, Shen Yanxiao was discovered to have passed out in the dungeon. Speaking reasonably, Shen Feng only needed to send a punishment order to Shen Yanxiao and it was done. However, today, Shen Feng had unexpectedly adopted an approach in wanting to have the whole story of this matter investigated till the truth came to light. This matter was certainly fishy! Everyone indistinctly thought that the mistake that Shen Yanxiao had made was very likely not as simple as just only trespassing the dungeon.

And at this very moment, both Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei’s complexion became deathly pale for they didn’t expect that Shen Feng would investigate and go to the bottom of this matter. It had to be know that on that very day when they were deceiving Shen Yanxiao in entering into the dungeon, they had already looked for a pretext in having the 3 guards who were guarding the dungeon moved away. Only then, did they have the opportunity to have that idiot entering the dungeon.

At this moment, Shen Feng had unexpectedly wanted to question these 3 guards. If by any chance those 3 of them disclosed the two of them, it was very likely that with their grandfather’s intelligence, he could guess that it was them who were the ones that were making troubles behind his back.

At this moment, Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei really wanted to cry for they would have never dreamt or imagined that this one small matter of trespassing the dungeon would have unexpectedly angered the aloof and remote Shen Feng who placed such a value on it. They had originally planned that after threatening Shen Yanxiao in keeping her mouth shut, they could be free of worries. Who would have thought that Shen Feng still made such a move.

As of now, every air of arrogance and complacentness had disappeared on their face and leaving only panick-stricken looks in their eyes.

The middle aged man,Shen Yue who was sitting in front of Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei who was also the father of these two siblings had vaguely perceived the uneasiness in both the children of his. He slightly wrinkled his knitted eyebrows but had not said any much words.

The 3 imperial bodyguards that were in charge of guarding the dungeon were very quickly brought forward into the main room. They respectfully kneeled in front of Shen Feng in awaiting for the clan head to inquire them.

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