The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 11

“After all, what just happened on that very day? It was unexpected that you guys actually released someone into the dungeon, just what has happened to the rules!“ In inquiring this kind of trivial matter, Shen Ling could not dare to trouble Shen Feng in opening his mouth and so, he started opening his mouth in questioning.

These 3 guards also knew that this matter was not as simple as it seem and could only be secretly cautious.

“On that very day, this subordinate really does not intend to release the seventh young lady into the dungeon. However, at the moment when the seventh young lady infiltrated the dungeon, all of the subordinates were not present at the dungeon’s entrance.” One of the guards solemnly and cautiously replied.

“Not present at the dungeon’s entrance? Then, where did you guys went to? Could it be that you guys do not know that any staff that was guarding cannot leave without any permission during the time frame when they are guarding the dungeon’s entrance?” Shen Ling asked with the voice filled with anger.

The dungeon with imprisoned magical beast was the Vermillion Bird clan’s forbidden area. As for those imperial guards that was guarding, not only did they need to prevent the people from the Vermillion Bird clan to enter without any permission but also they would even more need to guard against the people from the other clans with aspirations in infiltrating the dungeons to carry out destruction. For the guard to leave without any permissions, it was simply just one’s dereliction of duty!

Those guards were self aware that it was difficult to escape from their own mistake and could only hurriedly say, “It is this subordinates’ carelessness but on that very day, fifth young lady and sixth young master had said that they had a pressing matter that needed these subordinates’ help. Only then, did these subordinates…..”

After those words of theirs, it became exceptionally quiet within the main room and within a split second, everyone’s gaze were diverted to Shen Jiawei and Shen Jiayi’s bodies.

The two juvenile was already having a guilty conscience but at this moment, the fluster which was across their face was even more like “one being frightened easily”. [TL Note: The author uses an idiom with the literally meaning ‘a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow’ which is talking about someone having a guilty conscience and thus would be frightened even with that little bit of movement.]

“Is there such a matter?” Shen Feng who seldomly opens his mouth asked with that sharp gaze of his, falling onto the body of the two panicked siblings.

“Grandpa…..” Shen Jiayi who was flustered wanted to open her mouth to refute but she had nevertheless knew what the right words to say at that moment. .

As for Shen Jiawei, he was even more without any opinion and was lowering his head like an ostrich.

Just at this very moment, Shen Yue who had been keeping silent silent from the very beginning up till now had stood up and had respectfully said to Shen Feng, “Reporting to the clan head, this two children will reach their sixteen years old within the one months time. Therefore, during this period of time, the two of them have continuously and painstakingly seeked for information regarding the magic beast. On that very day, this two unfilial children of mine have originally planed to visit fifth brother to inquire on things about the magical beast but fifth brother was away from home by chance. And so, in trying to find anyone that can help in this crisis, they can only disturb the imperial bodyguards that are guarding the dungeons. However, they did not expect that as a result from that, it allowed other people to have chance in taking advantage of this opportunity which is trespassing the dungeon and they had made a serious mistake. So, clan head, please do punish severely!”

Those upright and plainspoken words of Shen Yue were to beg forgiveness for the two children of his and this had made Shen Feng’s complexion slightly alleviated.

Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei’s faces were without any blood red colour as things were contrary to what they had expected. They had originally still hoped that their own father would have exculpated for them but never had they expected that the moment when he opened his mouth, the first thing he did was that he had taken initiative to beg forgiveness for them!

For there was such a father that did not recognise his own family and was placing righteousness before his family!

Within the main room, each and every one of them was sighing endlessly for Shen Yue’s action of placing righteousness before his family and they somewhat believed the excuse that was thrown out by Shen Yue.

Within the Guangming continent, every single youngster that would be reaching sixteen years old would undergo one special coming of age ceremony and on that very day of their coming of age ceremony, they would have possessed the very first magical beast throughout their whole life! Therefore, regarding Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei’s matter in trying to find someone that could help them in this crisis could also be said to let it pass by. After all, regarding this matter, anyone of them would have also treated this as an exceedingly important matter.

Within this world, dou qi and magic could be classified as one own’s cultivation capacity while magical beast would normally represent as their own fighting companion that would accompany them for the rest of their life. If one was helpless in the cultivation of dou qi or magic, then they may have came across with any juncture from one’s search on the magical beast. If one was capable in possessing one magical beast that exceed one’s strength, it was very possible for one to make a comeback from the danger spot with the usage of one’s magical beast’s formidable strength in confronting a rival that had a higher level of cultivation.

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