The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 9

Within the main room, there was a piece of quietness. Directly facing the entrance, the 60 year old Shen Feng’s eyes were like torches as he sat on his chair with a dignified air. The graying hair on his temples revealed an unaging face that also gave off a strange amount of invisible pressure.

Sitting upright and straight at both sides of the main room were the second generations of the Vermillion Bird clan. For most of them, they had all past 40 years old and anyone of them when put forward was a rare and outstanding person. However, in facing Shen Feng, they did not dare to have any hint of hurriedness.

Standing behind their back were people that were considered to be the emerging powers from the third generation of the Vermilion Bird clan where each one of them had the vigorous looks on their face and also possessed the air of arrogance of a junior. After all, those people who were capable in standing within the clan head’s room were all well-known figures in the Vermillion Bird clan. As for those people with low and petty strength, Shen Feng had long kicked them out of the clan and their lives and deaths were up to their own. At this moment, Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei who were just standing behind the back of a middle aged man were raising their eyes in gazing at Shen Yanxiao who had entered into the room.

Within such a big main room, everyone’s gaze were all falling onto the young girl who was standing in front of Shen Feng. No matter how it was looked, these kind of mediocre and frail people did not resemble of a child of the Vermillion Bird clan. That frail body that could not even endured one clench and that ugly facial expression far surpassed the looks of the third generation of the Vermillion Bird clan and on the particularly ugly look, was an ignorance hanging onto that confused face.

Not long after Shen Yanxiao was summoned, the people of the second generation of the Vermillion Bird clan were filled with despise and jealousy towards her parents for the appearance of their daughter had completely went against the aesthetics of the Vermillion Bird clan.

Shen Yanxiao’s father Shen Yu was the “youngest” young master of the Vermillion Bird clan. The people had described him where his handsome appearance was like a jade and between every moment of his, there would be an emission of a graceful and elegant air that would have numerous women greatly admiring him. Moreover, the attainments of his magic was rather high. At that year, it was considered to be that there was a great number of competent talents in the Vermillion Bird clan, he was also the outstanding one and had received the utmost value from Shen Feng. Shen Yu’s wife was the number 1 refined beauty of Long Xuan Empire at that year and that devastating beauty of hers already did not have enough words to describe that beauty of hers. During those times when she was at her peak and was unmarried, a bunch of aristocrats  came like ducks rushing in wanting to be her counterparts. Even more was that, in order to win that one smile of the beautiful woman, the people would not spare in totally dispersing their family’s wealth.

Being the daughter of such a golden couple, even if she did not have a world-shaking beauty, she should absolutely not have been that ‘Ugly Duckling’ before their eyes where she would not be found if she was to be thrown to a human pile.

With regards to Shen Yanxiao’s life experience, the Vermillion Bird clan had privately discussed about this for quite a lot as it was to no avail and they could only secretly mutter a few words as Shen Feng had never issue out any sort of approach regarding this issue.

After all, Shen Feng was the genuine person who was in power within the entire Vermillion Bird clan.

At this very moment, the aloof and remote Shen Feng was focusing his sharp gaze onto the body of his granddaughter which was standing before his eyes without lacking the slightest bit of billows of imposingness on his face.

That picky gaze of his was like a cutting edge. After looking up and down on this granddaughter of his that he has long not seen, Shen Feng’s eyebrows slightly puckered up.

In seeing that Shen Feng was frowning, the people of the Vermillion Bird clan were snickering in their heart.

It was very clear that, although Shen Feng had acknowledged Shen Yanxiao’s identity, he was rather not happy regarding this stain.

The entire main room was quiet as everyone was quietly waiting for Shen Feng to start talking.

As Shen Feng’s gaze had moved away from Shen Yanxiao’s body, he uttered, “Shen Yanxiao, a few days ago, you have trespassed the forbidden area and rushed yourself into a great calamity. Do you know of your own crime.”

From the gloomy and heavy voice of Shen Feng, it was clear that he was inquiring but rather making an assertion.

Within the main room, Shen Yanxiao blinked that big eyes of hers as she looked at ‘her own’ grandfather without the slightest bit of moodiness.

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