The Genius System Without Equal

Chapter 857 - Bleached Xiao Luo

Chapter 857: Bleached Xiao Luo

The state officials all over the world saw Xiao Luo transform to his bleached form via the satellite broadcast. Everyone had chills running down their backs when his eerie, dark aura flashed across their screens. Xiao Luo’s ghostly appearance shocked everyone!

At the Jiangcheng secret survivor base, the Hua Nation executives were alarmed by what they saw on their screen. Gu Zhanguo, Dongfang Shuoyu, Ji Siying, and Lady Poison from the NSA watched with their eyes wide open. They could not believe that this evil Ashura, emerging from the crater, was Xiao Luo.

“Why would he turn into such a state? Could it be his new battle form?” cried a Hua Nation executive in surprise and horror.

Nobody could answer him as they had no clue what was happening. But the executive did not expect anyone to answer him, and his body involuntarily trembled as he glued his eyes on the giant screen before him.




The bleached Xiao Luo screeched as his left claw snatched Saiki’s quantum sword, shattering it into pieces instantly. Then, in a flash, his other nether claw-like hand smashed forcefully into Saiki’s chest.

Saiki suddenly snapped out of his shock and yelled, “Level 20 barrier shield!”


A golden energy barrier immediately encircled him and blocked Xiao Luo’s vicious claw strike.


Xiao Luo’s claw struck against the golden barrier, and a loud metallic ring reverberated. The golden shield vibrated violently and sent waves of powerful force across the surrounding space. Countless patches of the dark void appeared in the sky around the impact zone.

Saiki laughed mirthlessly and said, “A piece of trash like you cannot do a thing to me even when the chance is offered!”

“Hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe…”

But the only response Saiki heard was a sinister cackle that sounded like the evil laugh of Satan emerging from Hell.

Then, the bleached Xiao Luo increased his strength with a thundering roar.


The Level 20 energy shield crumbled under Xiao Luo’s pressure. Lines started spreading out like a spider web, followed by the familiar sound of cracking glass.

The smile on Saiki’s face froze immediately, and his eyes opened wide in disbelief.


With the last crack, the golden energy barrier broke apart and there was nothing in the way of Xiao Luo’s hand anymore. It landed directly on Saiki’s chest with unrestrained force.

A sudden gush of energy surged into him from the point of contact and engulfed his entire body. Saiki felt his internal organs churning violently, and he vomited out of blood before he was knocked back and sailed through the air like a kite flying off a broken string.

How could it be possible?

He had atomized his entire body, so how could Xiao Luo harm him?

Still in a state of shock and disbelief, he felt confused, and could he accept that Xiao Luo had inflicted such damage on him. But the pain he felt in his chest and the taste of blood in his mouth was real. Without a doubt, Xiao Luo had hurt him. If his armor had not protected him, the palm strike would have turned him into a bloody pulp.


The piercing sound of a swift, howling wind disrupted his thoughts.

Both of Saiki’s eyes popped out as Xiao Luo had now teleported above him, with his body curled up into a ball. Suddenly, he crashed down at Saiki in the most brutal manner.

“Level 50 energy barrier!”

Saiki shouted out in panic and quickly activated his energy barrier to its maximum level. A sphere of golden energy barrier took shape and covered him completely.


The golden energy barrier that materialized resembled a bright full moon, but it wasn’t dazzling. It shattered instantly when Xiao Luo smashed his body into it.

How could it be possible? How could this happen?

Saiki’s pupils instantly dilated and in his mind, he heard was himself screaming in panic. He could no longer process what was happening to him at that point.


A deafening sound rang out as the bleached Xiao Luo smacked him down from the sky.

Saiki fell like a meteorite and crashed to the ground in a loud blast. The impact created an enormous crater, and a cloud of soil and debris rose and billowed out from the site.

Everyone watching the incident—whether it was Su Li of the Holy Land of the Light Clan, the Four Kings, or those at a distance—could not believe what had just happened. And every state executive across the world had the same reaction as well.

The King of Thunder muttered an expletive-laden remark. “F*ck! He has shattered the energy barrier at its maximum level with brute force. He even harmed the alien severely. Am I f*cking hallucinating?”


The King of War gave him a tight slap on his face and asked mockingly, “Is it painful?”

The King of Thunder looked puzzled and nodded without thinking. “Yeah…”

“So, we are not dreaming,” said the King of War. All he felt at that moment was a mounting fear in his heart.

The King of Thunder finally reacted to the surprise slap and retorted, “F*ck you. Why did you not slap yourself? Why did you slap me?”

“Slap me?”

The King of War smiled mockingly and bellowed, “Do you think I’m so silly? I do not want to feel pain.”

“So, it is okay to slap me but not okay to slap yourself?”

F*ck! @%$@! #%@$!

The King of Thunder fumed in indignation, and his face turned red with rage. He clenched his teeth and yelled, “I will kick your ass!”

He could not tolerate it anymore and pounced on the King of War. Getting slapped in the face was too humiliating, and he felt the need to regain his lost dignity.

The two of them got into a scuffle, though neither could use their True Inner Force on account of their severe injuries. So they fought like wrestlers in the ring, trying to throw each other to the ground.

Both the King of Swords and the King of Blades did not bother with the commotion and continued to observe Saiki, now sprawled on the ground.

After the dust storm had settled, Saiki, his armor shattered and his entire body a mess, rose slowly in the air. There was still blood at the corner of his mouth. He stared at the bleached Xiao Luo cautiously, hovering in the sky like the ultimate boss ready to conquer the world.

Saiki was panting anxiously and asked, “Who… who are you?”

“Who am I? It is a redundant question. Who CAN I be? Of course, I am Xiao Luo. Hehe, hehe…” The bleached Xiao Luo laughed sharply, and his voice was as cold as ice. It made everyone who listened to him shiver uncontrollably.

“You are not him!”

Saiki roared in fury, losing his composure as he yelled, “A piece of trash from the Berserk Xiao clan cannot possibly possess such power, and neither can he generate a quantum coat.”

When he crashed onto the ground, he realized that the layer of white armor that clad Xiao Luo was derived from the same quantum technology as his golden armor. It explained why Xiao Luo could hurt him. Only another quantum weapon could defeat the structure of his armor effectively.

When he finished speaking, something suddenly flashed into his mind, and his eyes open wide in shock. Saiki now understood what was happening and knew the identity of the bleached Xiao Luo. “You… you are the System that lives inside him! You have developed and attained your unique self-consciousness!

The bleached Xiao Luo stared at Saiki with a wry smile, and said, “You know too much. I have fused with him as one—I am him, and he is me. If he dies, I will disappear too. So, his enemy is my enemy! All my enemies must die!”

“The Ultimate Tech made you. I am your lord of creation. How dare you betray me!” Saiki growled as he confronted the System, questioning its loyalty.


The bleached Xiao Luo started laughing out loud, as if he had heard the funniest joke in the universe. “Sorry, but allow me to explain—it is called survival in my book!”

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