The Genius System Without Equal

Chapter 856 - Transformation

Chapter 856: Transformation

But the still silence in the sky did not last long. A loud cackle suddenly echoed across the air.

“I have said long ago that there is nothing on this planet that can harm me. No matter how you try to attack me, you cannot hurt me. To you all, I am like air—I am like a void with no physical properties. I belong to a different dimension and you cannot hurt me. But I can harm you all.”

Saiki’s sinister laughter echoed throughout the sky. It sounded like it came from every direction, making it difficult for anyone to pinpoint his location.

“Where is that *sshole?”

The King of Thunder scanned the skies in frustration, desperately trying to locate Saiki’s whereabouts but to no avail.

The others followed suit and searched every corner of the sky, but none of them could locate Saiki’s position.

Su Li suddenly shouted out, “Xiao Luo, be careful! He is right behind you!”

Alarmed, Xiao Luo instantly turned to face his enemy but was not quick enough. As he turned, his peripheral vision caught the golden atoms forming into the shape of Saiki. Even before he could face his opponent, Saiki’s palm was already aimed right at him and discharged an air energy pulse.


A mushroom cloud formed over the blast and immense energy waves spread out from the point of impact. Yet again, as had occurred countless times, powerful vibrations blasted across the sky and Xiao Luo hurtled to the ground like a meteorite with smoke trailing behind him.


The ground shook violently as an enormous crater formed from the force of the crash. A massive cloud of dust blew across the area like a sandstorm.

“Humph, such a weak piece of trash. You cannot even withstand a Level 10 air energy pulse! You are nothing but a piece of junk. You do not deserve my attention!” Saiki hovered steadily in the sky as he derided Xiao Luo with contempt.


In the very next second, a furious roar issued from the ground as Xiao Luo emerged from the crater. He was drenched in blood and wore a maniacal look on his face as blood streamed from his mouth. Xiao Luo soared toward Saiki like a roaring tsunami and delivered another punishing blow at the energy barrier. His fury made his desperate attempt appear more devastating than it was, and it proved futile.

The energy barrier was as sturdy as ever and barely shook despite taking such an immense hit.

Xiao Luo’s strike did startle Saiki briefly and a look of surprise showed on his face. But Xiao Luo’s tenacity had provoked Saiki, who furrowed his brows and yelled, “Trash, you cannot hurt me even if I were to stand here idle. Get out of here!”


Another air energy pulse shot out at Xiao Luo, and the ear-splitting sound deafened everyone. The tremendous energy waves even affected satellite reception around the world and disrupted transmission—for a moment, the live feed of the battle was disrupted.

Xiao Luo spiraled down from the sky and crashed like an exploding bomb. He was buried under a ton of earth as a raging storm blew overhead.

Saiki howled as he continued blasting the area where Xiao Luo had fallen. Nothing within a hundred meters of Xiao Luo’s impact point was spared. Saiki was intent on killing Xiao Luo once and for all.


Compressed air pulses were fired repeatedly and exploded on the ground, causing further damage to the already devastated land. Tons of earth swirled in the air as the land gradually crumbled.

The devastation wreaked by Saiki even caused enormous cracks to appear on the surface, and molten magma spewed from the fissures, incinerating the ground surface as it flowed unabated.

What a horrifying sight!

Su Li, the King of Swords, and the rest of the kings swiftly retreated to a mountain a thousand meters away.

“This jerk! Is he going to destroy the world?” the King of Thunder swore as he broke out in cold sweat.

“It seems like nobody can stop him,” muttered the King of Blades. He shook his head and sighed. Then he grabbed the gourd on his waist and started drinking. He was going to drown his sorrow with alcohol.

Su Li stared at the land, now turned into a massive lake of lava. Her heart raced at the thought of losing Xiao Luo, and she finally made a desperate call to him. It was piercing and heart-wrenching, and it echoed throughout the entire land.

“Xiao Luo-oooooo!”

When he heard her call, Xiao Luo stirred. He broke free from under the ground covered in magma. He now hovered in the sky with his entire body full of blisters from the burning lava. Blood drenched his tortured body, now uncovered after his clothes had been singed away. He hardly looked human anymore–he resembled a demon who lived in the world of smoldering magma under the crust of our planet. A demonic beast that had crawled out of hell and bent on vengeance.

“You are still alive?”

Saiki clenched his teeth, for Xiao Luo’s tenacity had infuriated him. Despite his fury, he quickly calmed down and said, “Although you are alive, the data from my scanner shows that your life force is only at ten percent. I am sure that you cannot even move a finger now.”

Xiao Luo was unresponsive and silent. He stood in an upright position but looking lifeless, like a corpse.

“Fine… Let me chop off that stubborn head of yours.”

Saiki’s eyes turned red in a flash. As he sped toward Xiao Luo, a long quantum blade materialized in his right hand.

“The Berserk Warriors from the Xiao Clan of the Ultimate Martial is about to be officially erased from the universe.”

He moved with extreme speed, leaving a golden trail of light in the sky. “Die, my locator beacon!” he roared.

Saiki swung the long blade at Xiao Luo’s neck in a fell swoop. Saiki’s bulging eyes glinted with excitement, and it made him look horrifying and desperate.

Then, time seemed to slow down and all the sounds in the world became muted.

Su Li was trying to catch up to him, but she was too far away and could do nothing to help. Her pretty face was full of despair and desperation, for she was no longer hiding any of her emotions.

Xiao Luo captured everything in his mind. Suddenly, he felt a surge of immense power, and a barrier formed around his body.

Saiki’s long quantum blade struck the invisible barrier and a loud metallic clang resounded across the sky. Something powerful was stopping his blade—what was it? Saiki was shocked and only stared in disbelief as Xiao Luo grabbed his long sword with his bare hand!

How could it be possible?

It was a quantum long sword, and it can cut through anything in the world. How could Xiao Luo block it with his bare hands?

Fear and shock ran through every fiber of his being.

The Four Kings and their subordinates opened their eyes wide. None of them could understand the logic behind what they saw.

Su Li. was equally shocked and fell into a stupor.

“Haha, haha, haha…”

Xiao Luo’s shoulders shook violently as he erupted a sinister peal of laughter. Out of nowhere, white shards appeared in the sky and gravitated around his body, attaching themselves like armor, and turning Xiao Luo into a white monster. Everyone could only gasp as they stared in awe.

His nails had turned pitch-black and a blood-colored pattern formed around his neck, resembling an ancient, evil talisman. His hair grew in length and turned white, but his body remained lean, with clearly defined eight-pack abs. His crimson eyes glowered with a demonic vibe, and it appeared as if his existence had a vile effect on his surroundings.

“What… What is this? This transformation is so different from his previous one!” exclaimed the King of Thunder, in complete shock.

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