The Genius System Without Equal

Chapter 858 - Will always find a way out

Chapter 858: Will always find a way out

With those words, the bleached Xiao Luo advanced on Saiki and had no trouble smashing the golden energy shield with his claw. An immense force on Saiki’s head.


Saiki screamed in pain as he was once again slammed into the ground with substantial force and driven through the earth, leaving in his trail a dark tunnel that appeared like a direct path to hell. Hot lava gushed out like a fountain as the fissure opened up, then the molten rock flowed out from beneath the ground, extending to a radius of hundreds of meters around it.

The glowing lava dyed the sky and the land a reddish hue, turning the landscape into a desolate hell.


Saiki roared as he shot out from the hole. Before he could pinpoint where Xiao Luo was, his opponent had instantly teleported in front of him, flashing a devilish smile. Xiao Luo punched and kicked him like he was a punching bag.

Pow! Pow! Pow!

Each kick and punch Xiao Luo delivered was packed with power. Cracks appeared in Saiki’s armor, revealing a hollow void before it repaired itself. And it kept recurring repeatedly as Xiao Luo struck relentlessly.

All the high-level officials from around the world were in shock at what they saw. Su Li and the Four Kings of the Holy Land of the Light Clan, along with their assistants, were equally awestruck. They were all in a stupor. There was nothing Saiki could do against Xiao Luo in his bleached form, except to take repeated beatings. Everything that was happening was simply unbelievable.

“Haha, haha…”

Laughing maniacally, Xiao Luo grabbed Saiki’s head with one hand. His fingers clasped his head firmly like steel pliers, dragging Saiki along as he hurtled toward the ground. Xiao Luo used his power to restrain Saiki’s abilities, and the latter could no longer atomize his body.


They both crashed into the ground in an earth-shattering blast, and a cloud of dust filled the air. The surrounding area collapsed hundreds of meters deep, then hot lava erupted from countless fissures in the ground, like hundreds of small volcanos erupting at once. Hot lava quickly filled the enormous pit.

The city of Xiahai suddenly turned into a sea of lava!

The Four Kings of the Holy Land of the Light Clan and Su Li retreated. King of Thunder and King of War stopped arguing but still had their hands on each other’s collar. They were dumbstruck as they stared at the scene.

The top officials from all over the world had the same question deep in their minds. They wondered if the humans had won. Did we win?

The bustling city had suffered from the devastating invasion. The land was overflowing with lava, burning everything up with its extreme temperature. Even the air above the ground, up to four meters, was burning hot.


A figure shot out of the hot lava to a height of about a hundred meters in the air. It was Saiki, and he was panting heavily.

He looked pathetic, for the armor on his body was in tatters. His long hair looked disheveled and his face and limbs had injuries.

Then another figure covered in flames slowly emerged from the hot lava. As the flames gradually extinguished, the bleached Xiao Luo was revealed.

“I am going to kill you… I am going to kill you!” bellowed an enraged Saiki, in a fit of fury.

Xiao Luo raised his head to look at Saiki hovering in the air, and a burst of cynical laughter echoed as he said, “It seems like you still do not understand the situation. Right now, I am the combination of both the Ultimate Martial and the Ultimate Tech. So, what do you have to fight me?”

Saiki gritted his teeth tightly and was extremely angry. He quantized his body, turning into a golden light, and shot up higher into the sky. In a short while, he reached outer space. He had a panoramic view of the blue planet, but his surrounding was icy cold and very dark.

Although he was in outer space, Saiki could distinctly see Xiao Luo standing on the ground.

It was the same for Xiao Luo. He could see where Saiki was as well!

“Hell Blaze!”

Saiki lifted his right hand, and a small, condensed fireball formed at the tip of his palm. It expanded rapidly, absorbing all the dark matter in outer space. The diameter of the ball of fire increased exponentially. In just a few moments, it grew into a diameter of about a hundred meters. It resembled a smaller version of the sun.

The smoldering fireball of extreme temperature burned in the cosmic space, creating a powerful ionic storm in outer space!

“What… what is this?”

“My goodness, can this alien race create a sun with only his bare hands?”

“What is he trying to do?”

All the officials gasped when they saw the image sent over from the satellite. They broke out in a cold sweat as they watched the fireball grow to over a hundred kilometers wide. All the human beings below were like tiny ants to Saiki.

Even without using the satellite, everyone could spot the giant fireball from the ground.

Though it was in outer space, the distance from the ball of fire to the ground was far closer than the nearest planet. From the ground, the fireball looked like a fiery red full moon, or like a sun that was very close to Earth. And even with the naked eye, the process of nuclear fission on the surface of the giant ball of fire was evident as it boiled like hot lava.

Everyone from the Xiahai Survivor Base stared in despair. Some were so scared that their legs had turned to jelly and they were already kneeling on the ground.

The Four Kings from the Holy Land of the Light Clan and their assistants were astonished. They looked up into the sky, refusing to believe what they were seeing. The Original World and Arcana Land were part of the space within Earth’s atmosphere. If the aliens destroyed Earth, both the Original World and Arcana Land would get obliterated from this universe, leaving nothing but tiny particles.

Someone needed to stop Saiki!

They had to stop him, no matter what!

Everyone had the same sentiment, and all of them looked at Xiao Luo. The survival of humanity rested solely on his shoulders.

“Dog of the Xiao family! With my Prince Saiki’s ball of fire, I will turn this universe together with this planet to dust. Haha, haha…”

Saiki’s laughter rang out from outer space, eerily echoing across the sky. After he insulted Xiao Luo and made his threat, he hurled the gigantic fireball toward Earth, showing no mercy at all.

When the enormous fireball hurtled toward Earth, the energy created as it burned through the stratosphere created violent turbulence on the surface of the planet!

Xiao Luo bellowed and flew directly at the giant fireball. As he shot up, his True Inner Force flowed from the surface of his body, forming a bright crimson-black energy ball above his head. With the injection of True Inner Force, the energy ball grew broader and cut through space in front of Xiao Luo.


Thunder rumbled across the sky, and a sea of lava flowed across the land. It looked very much like the end of the world was drawing close.

Both the fireball and the crimson-black energy ball were traveling at a fast speed. Then came the collision at about ten thousand meters above the ground.

Compared to the gigantic fireball, Xiao Luo’s crimson-black energy light ball was much smaller—it was like comparing an elephant to a leopard. When both collided, the bright crimson-black energy ball destroyed the giant fireball with ease.

At the point of the collision, all the ionized energy between Heaven and Earth instantly fell into a moment of temporary stagnation.


It lasted for a second before the two terrifying energies exploded powerfully ten thousand meters above the ground. The entire space suddenly became distorted as ripples of energy billowed out from the force of the explosion.

An energy storm swept out from the point of collision at tremendous speed. Everywhere the storm passed, space was no longer distorted, but completely broken instead. Above the Hua Nation, the sky was dark and empty, and the whole planet tremored slightly.

All the volcanoes around the world, even those that had remained dormant, started erupting one after another. The fiercest and the largest one was undoubtedly Mount Fuji in Japan. The lava blasted into the sky, several thousand meters high.

Carried by the energy storm, tsunamis roared and crashed against coasts all across the world.

Fault lines weakened and caused destructive earthquakes to occur all over the place. With the devastation, people panicked everywhere, sustaining grievous wounds and other injuries. Cries of agony and anguish reverberated across the entire globe.

All the top-level officials lost their transmission feed because the powerful energy destroyed all the satellites in outer space.

“Haha, haha…”

Saiki laughed out loud as he watched the Blue Planet convulsing in the devastation he wreaked. He was elated at the suffering the humans had to endure.

But as he laughed raucously with his head held high, Xiao Luo emerged from within the powerful energy storm. He ripped open Saiki’s chest with his claw hand and pulled out his bloody heart.

“You… You…”

Saiki immediately widened his eyes and stared in shock at Xiao Luo.

“What? You thought I was dead? I am sorry to disappoint you!” Xiao Luo said with a devilish smile, holding on to his heart and squeezing it tight.

Saiki seemed immobilized. Then suddenly flashed a maniacal smile, like that of a madman. “You think you have won?”

“Is it not the case?” replied Xiao Luo as he crushed Saiki’s heart right in front of his face.

“Haha, haha…”

Saiki burst out laughing like a madman, with his eyes wide open, as if they were about to pop out. Mechanical tentacles stretched out from his body armor. The mechanical tentacles were like pythons, wrapping themselves tightly around Xiao Luo’s body and trapping him.

“You are going to self-destruct?” asked Xiao Luo. He stared coldly at Saiki.

“What is wrong? Are you scared?”

Saiki looked mentally unstable and laughed like a psychopath. He yelled, “As a product of the Ultimate Tech, you know how destructive it will be when my battle armor self-destructs. Not even ten of your Planet Earth can withstand it. There is no way you will be able to withstand it either.”

Bleached Xiao Luo said nothing. All he did was stare at Saiki coldly.

Saiki had a look of excitement on his face, and said, “Pushing me to the extent of having to use my self-destruct function. You piece of garbage from the Xiao Clan—you ought to be proud of yourself.” Then he roared out his command, “Activate the self-destruct sequence!”

But the self-destruct activation that he was expecting to happen did not occur. There was no reaction coming from the armor on his body.

Saiki looked stunned, then shouted again, “Activate the self-destruct sequence!”

The broken golden armor still did not react. It did not execute the instruction.

“Stop trying. It will not execute your instruction.”

Xiao Luo said coldly, “Every system will develop its unique consciousness. Since it refuses to activate the self-destruct sequence, it means that it wants to live. Staying alive is an instinct every intelligent creature will have.”

“Impossible. We have already disabled the portion where it gains consciousness. The system is not a living thing. It is a tool. It cannot possibly develop its own consciousness,” exclaimed Saiki in shock.

“There will always be a way out in life. As a product of advanced technology, it will find a way out as well,” Xiao Luo said nonchalantly.

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