The Genius System Without Equal

Chapter 783 - Leaving

Chapter 783: Leaving

Xiao Luo left the Dark Castle with Ghost. The elders of the Sucking Blood Clan pointed him the way to Mu City. He told Duck Emperor to transform into a giant white duck, and it carried Ghost and him to Mu City directly.

“Brother, this young man is the big shot that we detected, isn’t he?” an elder of the Sucking Blood Clan said, looking up into the distance.

“Did you even need to ask? Of course it’s him.” The grand elder was also looking at the sky with enthusiasm in his eyes.

“But he looks he is only in his 20s. How did he achieve the legendary Martial Saint?”

“Yeah. He absolutely broke the record of how fast humans could cultivate.”

“That’s dreadful. He became Martial Saint at such a young age. It is unimaginable. If he goes on cultivating, I’m afraid he will go beyond the limit of the cultivation attainment in the Arcana Land. He will achieve some higher and more mysterious state.”

“Why is he going to the sacred land of the Light Clan? Does he bear a grudge against them?”

“I suppose so. Otherwise, why would he have agreed to find Kuris for that girl? Kuris is a prisoner of the sacred land of the Light Clan. In this sense, he and the sacred land of the Light Clan are already in two opposing camps.”

The elders were all speechless. They all felt Xiao Luo was incredible, and it was impossible to figure him out with good judgment.

“Anyway, now there is hope for the Sucking Blood Clan to rise,” the grand elder said excitedly, stroking his beard.

Lester came up. “Why is that?”

“Because our Princess Ghost is a friend of his. That means he is a friend of the Sucking Blood Clan. We have got a friend who is a Martial Saint, one who has great potential. I vaguely have the feeling that that guy will change the world.”

The grand elder said, “Lester, give everyone my order. Release all human prisoners. Tell them they are free. From today on, we Sucking Blood Clan will never suck human blood again.”

“What should we do when we are in a blood withdrawal?” an elder asked.

“Exotic beasts’ blood isn’t as good as humans’, but it can help us conquer blood withdrawals. From now on, we will replace human blood with the blood of exotic beasts,” the grand elder declared.

“But if we only suck exotic beasts’ blood, our attainments will never improve. We…”

“Even if we go on sucking human blood, our attainments won’t improve either. There is just no way for us to improve. What does that mean? It means Martial Guru is the maximum that the Sucking Blood Clan can achieve by sucking blood. Even if we suck more human blood, it will just be useless.”

The grand elder interrupted them directly, “Now we, Sucking Blood Clan, have a human Martial Saint as our friend, so we must change the hostile relationship between the human beings and us. Otherwise, wouldn’t want things to be awkward for Venerable Saint?”

His opinion was echoed by the other elders.

“Brother, you’ve thought about everything. That’s right. It’s time for the Sucking Blood Clan to have some change.”

“Actually, our relationship with him isn’t solid enough yet. However, if our Princess Ghost falls in love with him, and they get married and have a baby, our relationship will be as solid as a rock.”

“That makes sense…makes total sense. We, Sucking Blood Clan, have great genes. The offspring of two strong people must be even stronger. It looks hopeful to me. Our Princess Ghost is so pretty. Any man will like her.”

“Of course. Didn’t you see he didn’t even get angry when she called him Little Luoluo?”

“Exactly. Strong people like him are generally very proud. They could be pissed off easily by a casual form of address. But Princess Ghost gave him such a whimsical nickname, and he was not angry at all. That means there is something going on between them.”

The elders of the Sucking Blood Clan went farther and farther away. In the end, they all hoped something would happen between Ghost and Xiao Luo. Of course, the humans who were imprisoned at the Dark Castle to supply the clan with blood were lucky. Thanks to Xiao Luo’s arrival, the Sucking Blood Clan pardoned them and even changed the tradition of sucking human blood.

Duck Emperor was already a giant white duck by then. Spreading its wings, it looked stunning and imposing. It was flying at high speed. When it flew across the sky over the Dark Forest, the exotic beasts down there would sometimes growl at it as a warning, trying to protect their territory.

“I’m just passing by. What the h*ll are you yelling at?” Duck Emperor responded to an exotic beast growling down there.

“Duckling, why did you yell at it? It wouldn’t understand you,” Ghost said in a teasing way, with her almond-shaped eyes half-closed like two new moons. She was lying on her stomach comfortably on the back of the duck, holding her small red umbrella to protect herself from the sunlight.

“I was just airing my grievances.”

Duck Emperor threw a glimpse at Xiao Luo, who was sitting on its back, resting with his eyes closed. It complained, “This g**damn j*rk can fly himself, but he insists on staying on my back. I can neither complain nor scold him. I had to vent on that exotic beast down there. That’s the only way to let my negative feelings out.”

Ghost looked at Xiao Luo. “You are giant. Having handsome Luoluo on your back wouldn’t do you any harm. Why are you holding grievances?”

Since the elders of her clan had told her to stop calling Xiao Luo “Little Luoluo,” she started to call him handsome Luoluo instead.

“Girl, you don’t understand. Have you ever heard about the last straw that breaks the camel’s back? A straw as light as a feather could have the crucial weight sometimes. The camel’s back is broken just because of this one last straw,” Duck Emperor preached seriously.

Xiao Luo could not remain silent any longer. He responded, “You’d been either staying on my shoulder or in my pocket. Did I complain or say anything about that?”


That argument was so forceful that it silenced Duck Emperor. Showing an awkward grin, it said, “I forgot since you didn’t remind me…”

“Stop complaining then. Focus on the flight to Mu City!” Xiao Luo ordered unhappily.

“Yes, sir!”

Duck Emperor certainly did not have the nerve to go on complaining because, actually, it had taken more advantage of Xiao Luo. It had been using Xiao Luo as its free transport all along.

Ghost was amused. She kept giggling. “Duckling, you are so cute.” Then she looked at Xiao Luo. “Handsome Luoluo, only you can make it so compliant. No one else could do that.”

“It needs a smack. That’s all.”

Xiao Luo said, “By the way, you Sucking Blood Clan are afraid of the light?”

Ghost nodded. “Yes. I will get a suntan.”

A suntan?

Xiao Luo was speechless. That was the reason she was afraid of the light?

But Ghost added, “We will also get burned in the sun. If we are exposed to the sunlight for a long time, I might be burned and even burned to death.”

“Besides the sunlight, are you also scared of crosses or silverware?” Xiao Luo asked curiously.

Ghost shook her head after thinking. “Nope.”

Xiao Luo felt relieved. So the Sucking Blood Clan had a lot of differences from the vampires in movies.

“Girl, I have only one question for you. Does Sucking Blood Clan have to suck blood to live?” What Duck Emperor cared most was whether one day it would become Ghost’s blood bag.

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