The Genius System Without Equal

Chapter 782 - Are You Done Talking?

Chapter 782: Are You Done Talking?

Buzz. Buzz.

The air was full of buzzes of electricity. Those noises froze people’s blood and made their hair stand on end. The intimidating energy was so vast that it was shaking the mountains and the forest.

It was undoubtedly a paramount punch!

Xiao Luo looked emotionless. He also threw his fist over.


When the two fists had collided, a deafening blare came. An energy fluctuation burst out like a flash flood. The ground was collapsing little by little. Lester lost control of himself. Like a kite on a broken string, he was sent flying at high speed into the castle, bumping through the outer wall of the building.

A wild wind whooshed. Xiao Luo’s hair flapped. However, his body was fixed there like an iron pillar. He looked so majestic and imposing that no one felt it was possible to approach him. A vast True Inner Force was running in his body, and he was like a sovereign that descended to the world. The whole world was impressed.

Which one of them was stronger was obvious!

Ghost was stupefied. Xiao Luo’s fighting power totally outshone her two brothers. Had that guy really achieved the legendary Martial Saint?

At this moment, the grand elder shouted at Xiao Luo in the paramount demonic voice after flying into the air, “Human jerk, dare you to fight or not?”

People felt their ears were aching because of the shock caused by the rolling soundwaves.

“Why not?” Xiao Luo responded plainly. He also flew into the air. Since those vampires were going to stop him from taking Ghost away, he would punch them until they begged for his mercy.

Black clouds were gathering in the sky. The fight started very soon. The energy fluctuation caused by both of their attacks felt so real for the people on the ground. It made their blood freeze. The pressure was vast and suppressing, as if the sky would collapse soon.

“Mother ducker, they are moving too fast! I can’t even see them clearly!”

Duck Emperor rubbed its eyes hard. However, it could not see the fight in the air clearly at all, but that destructive energy was getting stronger. The Dark Castle was going to collapse, as if it was a poorly-constructed building. The mountains and forest around them were being destroyed, too, as if it were doomsday.

At first, only the grand elder was fighting. Nevertheless, the other elders turned pale very soon and they also joined the fight, because, obviously, the grand elder was at disadvantage.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Thunderous blares burst out in the air. Space was split into blocks and then they recombined into a whole.

“Thousands of Bats Gnawing Bones!”

The elders of the Sucking Blood Clan shouted together. Thousands of vampire bats materialized, covering the sky like layers of dark waves. They flew towards Xiao Luo fiercely. It looked as if thousands of black waves were rolling.

The view was striking. The bats’ hisses made people’s blood freeze.

“The elders of the Sucking Blood Clan are really dreadful.” Duck Emperor’s face was livid with shock at the sight of the thousands of black bats in the air.

Ghost said to herself in a daze, “They are the strongest in the Sucking Blood Clan.”

The other clansmen of the Sucking Blood Clan all looked up with fear, including Lester, who had just got to his feet from the heap of bricks. His eyes were twitching violently. He knew very well how destructive the Thousands of Bats Gnawing Bones could be. As the thousands of bats flew over, the land would go barren and even the void could be devoured.

Xiao Luo was standing in the air motionlessly. Seeing the numerous bats approaching, he felt the Dragon Saber in his hand was becoming hot. In the end, blazing flames started to burn on it. This was the theurgy he had just comprehended. He threw the saber over immediately.


The 900-feet-long energy swept over in the shape of a flame. Wherever it passed, space would be cut broken. The blazing flames were wreaking havoc on the area.

Those thousands of black bats hissed in a sharp voice and then disappeared like ashes as soon as they made contact with the flame-shaped energy of the saber. In only a few seconds, none of them was left. The sky was immediately clear again. There was no trace of the bats at all.


The 10-odd elders of the Sucking Blood Clan spit up blood and fell from the sky. They spit up more blood after falling to the ground.

They lost. Even the elders lost!

Ghost was dumbfounded. That guy was badly defeated by her second elder brother Louis only the day before. However, this day, he had become the strong man who overwhelmed the Sucking Blood Clan. The difference was so huge that she could hardly believe all this that had happened here was real.

Lester was terrified. By then, he certainly had realized Xiao Luo was already too strong for the Sucking Blood Clan to deal with.

All of a sudden, he could not help but gasp. Did that intimidating pressure they had sensed this morning belong to this human? Was this human the big shot that had arrived at the Dark Forest?

Good heavens! That…

Lester felt he was almost driven crazy. A Martial Saint in his 20s… Since when had the cultivation talent of the humans become so dreadful?

The elders of the Sucking Blood Clan were also astonished. Just like Lester, they had realized Xiao Luo was exactly that big shot. Otherwise, he would not have been able to defeat all of them.


Xiao Luo landed on the ground. However, he did not even throw those elders a look. Instead, he extended his hand to Ghost, who was still lying on the ground. “Let’s go. I’ll take you out of here.”

Ghost looked at the hand that reached out to her in a daze. Then she looked into Xiao Luo’s eyes, in which she saw gentleness and resolution. She broke into a smile and held that hand.

Xiao Luo let go of her hand after pulling her up from the ground. Then he turned around, intending to leave.

“Venerable Saint, wait a minute, please!” the grand elder stopped him.

Xiao Luo stopped. Looking back, he said in a plain voice, “What? Do you still want to stop me?”

The grand elder and the other elders were all freaked out by his question. They smiled to themselves bitterly. Stop you? How would we stop you? We fought together and were still defeated by you!

“No, no, no. We offended Venerable Saint because we were ignorant. It’s really… I, on behalf of the Sucking Blood Clan, would like to express our most sincere apologies to Venerable Saint!” With his left hand on his chest, the grand elder bowed deeply to Xiao Luo.

The other elders also followed suit, feeling remorseful, while the other clansmen of the Sucking Blood Clan were looking at Xiao Luo with the deepest respect.

Their attitude was completely different…

“Are you done talking?” Xiao Luo asked impatiently.

He had kind of realized what mattered most here was strength. If he were weak, how would these clansmen of the Sucking Blood Clan have been so respectful to him?

The grand elder coughed embarrassedly. Then he said to Ghost, “Ghost, stay with Venerable Saint. Behave yourself. Don’t cause Venerable Saint any trouble!”

“Of course I won’t. Will I, Little Luoluo?” Ghost said, curling her lip.

Little Luoluo?

The elders all gasped upon hearing how Ghost had addressed Xiao Luo.

“Ghost, don’t be so rude to Venerable Saint!”

“What kind of great person is Venerable Saint? How could you call him like that?”

“Call him Venerable Saint from now on. Did you hear me?”

The elders scolded her one after another. She called a Martial Saint Little Luoluo. Who did she think she was? Absurd. That was really absurd.


Ghost curled her lip, thinking it was a fuss over nothing. Xiao Luo’s strength was beyond her expectation indeed, but, in her eyes, he was still Little Luoluo.

However, Xiao Luo posed the same question again, “Are you done talking?”

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