The Genius System Without Equal

Chapter 784 - Mu City Academy

Chapter 784: Mu City Academy

“Of course not. I’ve been living well, haven’t I?” Ghost denied immediately.

Her answer made Duck Emperor at ease. It thought, “Fortunately, they don’t need blood every day. That’s acceptable for me.”

On their way to Mu City, Xiao Luo kept talking with Ghost, and he got to know more about the Sucking Blood Clan.

They were scared of the sunlight, but they liked the moonlight. If they were injured, their wound could heal faster if it was exposed to the moonlight, which was quite similar to bathing in fresh blood. In addition, fresh blood was not a necessity for the Sucking Blood Clan.

If he had to compare fresh blood with something, he would compare it with drugs in the Original World. It would be a lot better if the Sucking Blood Clan stayed away from fresh blood. However, as long as they used it once, it would be very difficult to stop using it. They would go through a blood withdrawal at intervals. That pain was unbearable, and they would be like in a living hell. When that happened, they would have to suck blood to get over the blood withdrawal.

Ghost was only Louis and Lester’s half-sister. They had the same father but different mothers. Ghost would tell Xiao Luo everything. She never hid anything from him. She told him her mother was actually human.

It tumbled to Xiao Luo the reason that Ghost could restrain the bloodthirsty nature of the Sucking Blood Clan. Half of her was human, but she also got that freaky composition of the Sucking Blood Clan.

“Your mum! What about her? I didn’t see her around,” Duck Emperor inquired curiously.

Ghost was dumbstruck. Sadness flashed in her eyes. Then she broke into a smile. “My mother had a difficult labor. She died shortly after the delivery.”

Feeling it had asked her a sensitive question, Duck Emperor apologized, “Well, I’m sorry, girl. Your mum… I didn’t know she…”

“It’s all right. Life must go on. I always try to look on the bright side.” Ghost was kind of optimistic.

Giving Duck Emperor a poke on its back with the sheath of his Dragon Saber, Xiao Luo said helplessly, “Would you stop saying ‘your mum’? Don’t you know the word mother?”

“Mother ducker, don’t they mean the same thing?” Duck Emperor said, rolling its eyes at Xiao Luo.

“Your mum!” Xiao Luo repeated.

Duck Emperor flipped out immediately. “G**damn j*rk, why did you swear at me?”

“Your mother!” Xiao Luo corrected himself.

“Mother ducker, again? Believe it or not, I’ll stop flying and let all of us fall from here!” Duck Emperor threatened, irritated.

Xiao Luo closed his eyes. He did not want to argue with it.


Ghost was so amused that she giggled. Her almond-shaped eyes narrowed into two new moons. “Handsome Luoluo, Duckling, you two are adorable.”

“Adorable my foot. By the way, girl, would you stop calling me ‘duckling’? That sounds awful to me. Didn’t I tell you I’m more than 500 years old? You should call me Grandpa Duck,” Duck Emperor said.

“Okay, Duckling. Yes, Duckling!” Ghost teased Duck Emperor, nodding.


Duck Emperor foamed at the mouth secretly.

There were horses that could gallop 1,000 miles a day in the world, whereas Duck Emperor was a duck that could fly 10,000 miles a day. Of course, to do that, it did not have to exert itself at all. If it tried its best, it probably could fly four times the distance.

It flew north after leaving the verdant Dark Forest. About half an hour later, they saw a huge city standing down there through the clouds and fog and cranes fly over it from time to time. That was certainly Mu City.

“Wow, is this the Mu City? It’s huge!”

Ghost yearned for new things. After all, she was only 16 years old and had never left the Dark Forest. Everything outside was new to her.

“It is huge, but why do I feel that its outline looks like a pretty duck girl?” Duck Emperor’s imagination was astonishing. Looking down from the sky, it felt that the outline of the Mu City looked like a female duck.

“Are you in the rut?” Xiao Luo suddenly mocked.

“Goddamn little brat, you’re the one who’s in a rut. Your entire family is in a rut. Take a careful look around and see if the Mu City looks like a pretty duck girl.” Duck Emperor flew into a rage.

“I think it looks like a big rooster,” Xiao Luo said.

“F*ck you, I…”

Duck Emperor wanted to rebut, however, he had to agree with Xiao Luo’s observation, and he thought the Mu City did indeed look more like a rooster than a female duck. He couldn’t help but think to himself, could it be that I’m really in the rut?

But he remained adamant, and said, “I still think it looks like a pretty duck girl. Any more questions?”

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows and changed the topic. “Alright, let’s go down and walk in the city.”

Xiao Luo didn’t want to cause trouble and chose to keep a low profile. If he allowed Duck Emperor to fly Ghost and him to the Mu City, they would certainly become the focus of attention when they arrived.

“All you ever do is order me around!”

Duck Emperor grumbled but obediently landed on the ground. After Ghost and Xiao Luo alighted, the duck returned to its miniature form and landed on Ghost’s shoulder.

There was no need for any verification to enter the city gate. What surprised Xiao Luo was that the people guarding the city were not soldiers in armor, but young men and women dressed in student attire. They all wore armbands with the words “Mu City Academy” printed on them.

When they entered the inner city, he realized that the patrolling students were students from the Mu City Academy. Each of them had haughty expressions on their faces, and it made others wary not to approach them.

Could it be that the Mu City Academy ruled this region?

Xiao Luo frowned slightly as he pondered. After all, this place was already 600,000 to 700,000 kilometers away from Ziyue cave heaven. Zuo Xiangming, who was from Ziyue cave heaven, naturally had not come here before, and there was no information about the local force that ruled the Mu City on his map. From what he could see, this place should be the Mu City Academy.

The Mu City was a bustling place. People were performing acrobatic performances, doing business, and even selling exotic beasts. Naturally, the people selling exotic beasts were mercenaries.

Ghost was very interested in everything about Mu City and bought a lot of things for herself, such as rouge, powder, embroidered clothes, puppet dolls, and much more. She stowed them in Duck Emperor’s Spatial ring. Ghost held the umbrella in her left hand and four or five sticks of candied hawthorn in her right as she chewed away happily.

Fortunately, Ziyue cave heaven had given Xiao Luo plenty of sacred currency, so they did not have to worry about their expenses.

Duck Emperor and Ghost had a common hobby, and that was eating. Whatever Ghost ate, the duck would have the same. Of course, what they ate were all snacks and could not fill their stomachs.

When passing through the teleportation portal, Ghost required her identity verified. After asking around, Xiao Luo quickly found someone who could provide fake identities and spent some money to settle it.

“I’m hungry. Let’s find a restaurant to eat,” Xiao Luo said to Ghost.

“Oh, that’s great! The food outside is so delicious. I’ve never eaten such delicious food before,” she said happily.

“Then you shall have more.”

Xiao Luo chuckled. He looked at the honey syrup that was full of candied haws around her mouth and found it amusing.

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