The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 38 - Start of Class 1

Chapter 38 - Start of Class 1

Souta woke up early in the morning. He sat on the bed and looked outside the window. As expected a lot of people were already awake at this time. They already start another day of their life even before the sun rises.

"What a good morning..." Souta stood up and stretched his body. This was the start of his class at Ladro Institute so he couldn't afford to be late on his first day. He doesn't want to leave a bad impression on his first day.

After that, he went to wash his face in the bathroom. He also didn't forget to change to bandages on his left arm. The wounds were already closed and Souta guessed that it would take two days before it completely healed.

He then wore a normal white shirt and black pants. He knew that he will get the uniform of the Ladro Institute so he couldn't wear the normal leather armor that he always wore. The uniform of the Ladro Institute was a yellow grade equipment and it has the same grade as his armor. Even though they were of the same grade the attributes he added from the uniform were higher than his leather armor that was made of High Kobold's hide.

He looked around and found the Vajra Sword in the corner of the room. He picked it up and hung it on his waist. There's no weapon ban in the Ladro Institute and every student could bring their own weapon in the Institute. The Institute didn't forbid it as the Institute didn't only teach knowledge but also skills on how to fight and defend themselves. In this world, it's natural for the children to know some fighting skills.

Right now, he only used bandages to wrapped the crimson blade of the sword as it doesn't have any scabbard. He planned to go to a weapon smith and asked a custom made a scabbard for the [Vajra Sword Saya].

After he checked his things thoroughly, he went downstairs to have his breakfast.

"The same as always!" Souta said as he sat down in a vacant chair. He waited for a while before the waitress came out with his order.

The waitress placed down his order on the top of his table. While placing down his order, she opened her mouth and asked him a question.

"You've been out for four whole days, where have you been?"

Souta shrugged his shoulder and replied, "Well, some escort quest to the village around the city."

"Escort quest, huh? It's really hard to become an adventurer." The waitress said.

"At first it's hard but once you get used to it you will find it enjoyable as you will see many things that you wouldn't see in a city like this," Souta said as he picked up the fork and spoon. "Thanks for the food!" He said before he dug down the food that he ordered.

"Enjoy your meal." The waitress said before she left.


Souta exited the inn and went to the ranch. He found Yuko there and fed her breakfast.

"Yuko, I'll be going to institute so be a good girl and stay here for a while." Souta looked at Yuko who was munching her food. He reached out his hand and patted her head causing her to whimper comfortably.

He smiled before he stood up. He turned around and departed.

The city was already filled with different kinds of people early in the morning. They have different traits and skin color. Actually, only this part of the city was filled with people as this was close to the market and adventurers guild. It's not like this in the residential area of the city where the folks live.

The Ladros City was divided into five districts and each district has its own huge market and residential area. The population of the city surpassed fifty thousand excluding the adventurers who didn't have permanent living quarters. Actually, Ladros City was one of the smallest city in the whole kingdom and have the lowest population. After all, this city was just a border city.

The Hebrei Kingdom was a large kingdom and it was founded three hundred years ago. It was drawn in the continental map and only huge countries or kingdoms have the right to be drawn there. They were not like small countries or kingdom that can be easily destroyed by some large monster tide or terrorist group.

The Hebrei kingdom has a total of one hundred twenty cities around its territory and border cities were the smallest cities in the whole kingdom, having a population of fifty thousand and only ten thousand of them were military force. The other cities have a population surpassing one hundred thousand comparing to border city it's twice as huge as the border city.

There's a reason why Ladros City was famous throughout the whole kingdom. It was because of the Ladro Institute. Ladro Institute was one of the greatest institutes in the whole southern part of the kingdom. It produces many powerful people such as the Captain of the Royal Guards.

The only reason why Souta knew the ins and outs of the Ladro City was because he did some quests here in the game. If he wasn't wrong it was about the time when the demon invades the continent.


Souta entered the weapon shop. He looked around and saw many colorless grade equipment and some of them were yellow grades.

He approached the salesman and said, "I want to order a custom made scabbard for my sword."

"A scabbard, sir?" The salesman was a man with purple color skin. He has a furry purple tail sticking out of his back and his ears were pointed just like an elf.

He must be a half-moon elf and half-beast folk. It's not pretty rare to see a hybrid in huge kingdoms.

"Yes, a scabbard for this one." Souta nodded as he raised the [Vajra Sword Saya].

"Please wait a moment, sir." The salesman said before he went inside a room.

After a while, he came back with a dwarf.

The dwarf looked at the sword in Souta's hand and said, "What a good sword."

"Yeah." Souta nodded. If the dwarf knew that it was a dark grade weapon he would believe his eyes. It was pretty rare to see a dark grade weapon even in a huge kingdom such as this one.

"Can you entrust your sword on me for a while? I will measure its size so that I can make a perfect scabbard for your sword." The dwarf said to him.

Souta nodded and handed his sword to the dwarf. He's actually reluctant to hand the Vajra Sword as he knew that there's a chance that the dwarf would be possessed just like those abnormal people in the Bullmar village. But when he thought that he already defeated the red woman he gave up his thoughts.

He just needed to raised his guard in case the same thing happened. He was sure that he would be able to handle it easily. He would be able to separate the sword from the dwarf in this distance without having much problem.

"You can do it here," Souta said with a serious expression.

"Hey, I'm not going to run away with your sword." The dwarf felt that Souta didn't trust him.

"I'm not worried about that, I'm worried about different things." Souta shook his head.

"And what is it?" The dwarf asked.

"Nothing," Souta replied and didn't say anything more than this.

The dwarf also didn't say anything. He just went to get his measuring equipments and proceeded to do his thing.

After a few minutes, the dwarf finished measuring the size of the scabbard. He gave back the sword to Souta and he talked to Souta about the quality of the scabbard.

The highest grade of equipment that the dwarf could make was blue grade. A blue grade equipment was enough for now.

They proceeded to talk about the prize of the scabbard. Souta accepted the price for twenty gold coins.

"Okay, it will take three days to make that scabbard so you can come back after that." The dwarf said and he waved his hand.

"Okay." Souta nodded and exited the shop. He then heads straight to the direction of the Ladros Institute.

It took him half an hour of walking before he arrived at the gate of the institute.

He looked up at the huge gate before he directly entered the institute. He went to the building where he would receive his uniform.


Knock! Knock!

Souta knocked on the door.

"Come in!" A voice sounded inside the room.

Souta grabbed the doorknob and opened the door. He saw that there were other students lining up to get their uniforms.

"Oi! Souta!"

Souta turned his head when he heard someone called his name. He found that Bryan, the one he met in the entrance exam, was in the line with the other new students of Mage course.

"You all came here pretty early, huh?" Souta said as he walked towards the group.

Bryan noticed that Souta's left arm was covered in bandages. "Oi! What happened to you this week that you receive that kind of injury."

"It's actually nothing, it's just that something unexpected happened in the quest that I was completing." Souta shrugged his shoulder.

"Ah! You're an adventurer too!" Bryan raised his voice when he heard Souta's words.

"You too?" Souta looked at Bryan.

"Yeah, I'm also an adventurer even though it's Rank E," Bryan said as he took out his Adventurer's ID.

"Well, I'm also an E Rank," Souta said.

"Okay, I've decided let's do some quest together," Bryan said as he raised his right arm in the air.

"Suit yourself." Souta shrugged and he looked around.

Alice was also here. She was pretty noticeable because of her beautiful appearance but not everyone could approach her as she's giving everyone a cold look. Only this guy, Bryan, have the guts to talk to her.

Even though they only met two times Souta could guess that Bryan was a simple and straightforward person.

He talked to Bryan and the other while waiting for their uniform.

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