The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 37 - Going back to Ladros City

Chapter 37 - Going back to Ladros City

Souta woke up early in the morning. He groaned as he felt the pain on his left arm. He carefully stood up and went to wash his face. He didn't forget to clean the wounds on his left arm before he left the room.

He went downstairs and ordered a meal for his breakfast. He noticed that the waitress was acting weird as she kept looking at him. She didn't even ask him to pay his bill.

He guessed that the village chief told them that he was one of the saviors of the village. That's why she's acting like that.

Well, he's going to leave this village later so it doesn't matter to him if they knew it or not. It's not that he's not used to it. Back in the game when he became the Commander of the Mechanic Country, a lot of people respect him and kneel to him. Even the nobles of those weak countries bowed down their head in front of him.

After he finished his breakfast, he exited the inn and went to Yuko. He fed her some foods before they went to the plaza.

He saw the carriage of the dwarf was still here and the adventurers we're also here. They were preparing their things before they go to the next village. He looked around and didn't saw any carriage except the carriage of the dwarf. It seems that there's no other merchant that arrived here except for the dwarf.

He actually wanted to take an escort quest going to the Ladros City. That way he will receive some exp even it's too low.

He walked forward and talked to the adventurers. Since they were going to leave, he talked to them. It's not bad to get to know other adventurers as it will also benefit from it. From their conversation, he got to know that they drunk last night. They wanted to invite him but they found that he's already resting.

The dwarf then came out and talked to him. He thanked him for helping the adventurers in protecting the village last night from the abnormal. He let Souta picked one of his merchandise. Souta accepted it and picked a yellow grade sword.

"It's okay, I hope you accept my quest sometimes." The dwarf said to him with a smile.

"Yeah, I will do that." Souta nodded at the dwarf.

"From your strength, it's not that long before you become a Rank D adventurer." The dwarf said as he closed the door and locked it. Inside this door was his products that he was selling.

"Rank D... Well, I'll prepare myself for the promotion quest." Souta said as he rubbed his chin. It's easy for him to complete the Rank D promotion quest with his current strength. Especially now that he has the [Vajra Sword Saya] in his arsenal.

Thinking about the Vajra Sword, Souta couldn't help but caressed the sword that was hanging on his waist.

"Where's Jack?" Souta looked around and asked. He hadn't seen Jack this time.

"He's still sleeping inside the carriage. He got drunk last night and he kept asking if you're going to join the party." The dwarf said as he rubbed his beard.

"I will go now, just thank him for me," Souta said and he waved his hand.

"Okay, I will tell him that." The dwarf nodded.


Souta and Yuko went around the village. They bought everything they needed because they were just going to walk their way to Ladros City. There's no other merchant here so he couldn't do some escort quest. Also, there's no public transportation here in this place. This place wasn't advanced enough to have that kind of transportation.

All the villagers that he met were looking at him with respect. They all treat him too well and some of the shops even let him took a thing that he wanted for free. He, saving the village spread out really fast and in just one day almost everyone in the village knew that he was one of the saviors.

"It's pretty convenient, right Yuko?" Souta smiled as he got free things from the shops. They even gave Yuko some foods and fruits that she likes. It made her happy when she received it.

After that, they went back to the inn and packed his luggage.

He organized his things in his room before he checked out. He found that the village chief was waiting for him outside the inn.

"Oh? What's up?" Souta said as he was quite surprised that the village chief was waiting for him outside.

"I just want to thank you for saving this village." The village chief said in a polite tone.

"Ah! About that? Don't worry about it, I already got what I want." Souta said as he waved his hand.

He already got the [Vajra Sword Saya] and that's enough for him. That was the only reason why he came here in this village. If not for that, he wouldn't even bother himself coming here when the class would start this week. Also, he received a lot of skill points this time and that let him learn the two spells from his skill tree. The benefits of this quest were higher than when it was a game. That alone was enough for him.

"Wait!!" The village chief stopped Souta from leaving.

Souta turned his head and asked, "What do you want?"

"I hope you accept this little money from saving our village!" The village chief took out a small pouch and handed it to Souta.

"Hmm..." Souta recalled that the village chief said that he would do anything as long as they save the village. He's not going into details about that but he will gladly accept the money they gave him.

"Okay." Souta reached out his hand and opened the pouch. He saw that it was full of gold and silver coins. He was satisfied with it as this was enough for the tuition fee in the Ladro Institute.

"Thanks for this!" Souta thanked the village chief and placed the pouch inside his pocket. He then turned around and called Yuko.

"You can visit this village anytime you want and we will treat you with hospitality." The village chief bowed his head towards Souta.

Souta walked away and he raised his left hand. "Okay, I'll remember that. If you really want that then build a house for the monster so that Yuko can sleep comfortably."

"Thank you! May God bless our race!" The village chief once again bowed down his head.

"Thanks!" Souta walked away with Yuko.

'Our race, huh?' Souta thought as he looked on the horizon. If the village chief only knew that he's not from the same race and knew that he was a monster then his attitude towards him would also change.

He knew that it's only a matter of time before they knew that he was a monster. The unique energy of the monster, the beast energy, or what they called best feram. At level 40 he would gain that energy and everyone would know that he's a monster. It's the inevitable truth that he already knew a long time ago.

That's why he's going to take all the quests in the institute first. No, he's going to learn without using the system. He will try if he could learn a skill without using the skill points. He's going to use his time in the institute to learn all the things that he needed to know.

The village chief straightened his back and looked at the figure of Souta. His eyes filled with respect and admiration.

"Good luck! I hope you help a lot of people on your journey!" He muttered in a low voice.


In the carriage, Jack woke up when Souta left. He stood up and felt dizzy.

"Ah! Damn!" He cursed as he exited the carriage and saw that everyone was preparing to leave.

"Where's Souta?" He asked one of the adventurers.

"Him? He already left a while ago." The adventurer answered his question.

"Damn! That guy! Leaving without saying anything!" Jack cursed.

"Actually, he bid farewell to us saying that he will go back to the city." The adventurer said while scratching the back of his head.

"Ahhh!! Then, why didn't you wake me up?" Jack opened his eyes widely at the adventurer's words.

"Well, you're sleeping here with a satisfied expression so we thought that we shouldn't bother you." The adventurer smiled wryly.

"Damn!! Why would you do that?!"


It took Souta and Yuko two days before they arrived in Ladros City. The city was the same as before. Well, it's only been four days so it's unlike that something will change the city.

They went straight to the inn and left there his baggage before they go to the adventurers guild. He still has three days before the class start so he's going to use this time to complete some quests.

Just like that, three days have passed quickly.

It was his first day at the Ladro Institute as a student.

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