The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 39 - Start of Class 2

Chapter 39 - Start of Class 2

After waiting for a few minutes, it's time for Souta and the rest to receive their uniform.

A faculty member assisted them and they received their uniform without any problem.

Souta, Bryan, Alice, and the rest of the mage course students received their uniforms and quickly changed into it.

Souta changed into a white long sleeve and on top of it was a dark blue coat with linings partnered with a blue checkered tie. On his lower body was dark blue pants with black shoes. He was also wearing a dark blue small robe with a wand symbol on the left part of its chest signifying that he was a mage student.

All of these were yellow grade equipment.

Souta smiled and thought that this looks good on him. He exited the changing room and found that Alice already changed into her uniform.

The girls' uniform was the same as the boys except for the mini skirt.

"Already, finish I thought that girls take more time changing clothes than boys." Souta started a conversation with her.

"Don't put me together with other girls as I'm different from them." Alice glanced at him and said in a cold tone.

"Well, suit yourself if you really think that way." Souta shrugged his shoulder and leaned his back on the wall. He saw that Alice started to walk away. He opened his mouth and asked, "Hey, where are you going?"

"To the class." Alice gave him a simple reply.

"We should go together with the rest," Souta said. He felt that this girl wasn't a talkative type. It felt that she's not comfortable talking with other people.

Talking with other people? He's a master in that and if he was to say it all players were master. Always talking to NPC and asking them if they need help just to get a quest. That's what all players in Battle World Online did. One would be lucky if the one they ask was an NPC with a deep background. That way they would get a high difficulty quest with rich rewards.

Ten thousand players were enough to take all the quest in a single city as big as this one. The players would wander around the city asking every people they met if they could help.

Now that Souta thought about it, he felt that their attitude was extremely weird from the perspective of NPC. Helping others without even asking for a reward and completed those quests at the risk of their lives. It's not that the players wouldn't receive a reward. It was the system that rewarded them just like what happened in the Bullmar village. The village chief thought that he was only doing this to help them not for any rewards but he doesn't know that Souta would receive an exp, skill points, and free attribute points for completing such quest.

He couldn't help but grin when thinking about this stuff.

Alice frowned when she saw Souta grinned. 'He must be thinking about some weird things.' She thought.

Then, the door opened and Bryan and the rest of the mage student came out of the room. They saw that Alice and Souta were waiting for them outside the room.

"Sorry for the wait." Bryan smiled wryly when he saw the two waiting for them.

"Don't worry about it," Souta smirked.

"Hmph!" Alice snorted as she turned her head.

"Yosh! Let's go to the class!" Bryan said with a hint of excitement in his voice. He was eager to learn something new in this institute.

He then took out a paper in his pocket. This was the map of the Ladros Institute that he drew.

"Okay, I've found it just follow me guys!" Bryan said in a loud voice. He began to lead everyone to the direction of the class.

"What a simple man..." Souta said with a laugh. He then followed Bryan while putting both of his hands inside his pocket.

"Hmph! What an idiot!!" Although Alice said those words, she still followed behind them.

Souta just laughed at her words.

They left their clothes before in their locker room. Every student here has their own locker and inside it was the things that the school gave them. Notebooks, books, and pens. All of these were provided by the school and it was included in their tuition fee. Also, they didn't just receive a single piece of uniform. They all received three pairs of it.


After a few minutes, the group arrived in front of the classroom. They could see that there were students inside the class.

Bryan stepped forward and knocked on the door without hesitation.

Knock! Knock!

After a few moments, a middle-aged man opened the door and looked at them. He has short blonde hair and yellow color pupils. His build was average but he was taller than Souta and the rest of the group. He was wearing a black shirt and black pants with six pockets. On top of his shirt was a dark blue robe with a wand symbol on the back.

Souta remembered that this man was called Bargan and he's also the one who assisted them after they passed the entrance examination. He felt that Bargan was quite familiar to him.

"Although all you know me I would still introduce myself once again," Bargan said while looking at their face one by one. "I'm Bargan, a teacher of the Mage course and your teacher from now on."

"Yes, thank you, teacher Bargan!" Bryan said in a loud voice.

'He didn't tell us his surname.' Souta thought. He really felt that Bargan was familiar to him.

"Come, I will introduce all of you to the other students of class 1-B," Bargan said to them with a smile and he moved his body to the side so that everyone can enter the class.

"Okay, thank you, teacher!" Bryan said and he directly entered the class without hesitation. He was quite excited right now.

"Haha, what an enthusiastic guy we have here!" Bargan laughed.

Souta, Alice, and the rest entered the class after Bryan. Starting with Bryan, they introduced themselves one by one in front of the class.

"I'm Bryan Dagruel, a human and I hope I can learn new things here and get along with everyone!"

"I'm Souta, a halfling..."


The students inside the class weren't surprised that there were new students coming into the class. Four entrance examinations would be held every month in the institute. The new students would be divided into class 1-A to class 1-I. And this was the time for the class 1-B to received new students. The next batch of the new students would go to the class 1-C. It's a repeated cycle.

Souta, Bryan, Alice, and the rest of the new students sat down in the vacant seat on the back.

Bargan started talking after everyone settled down. He started talking about the introduction and all the lessons that he will teach this year. Also, what should they expect in the class. He also explained the grading system of the institute.

Souta listened to every word that came out of Bargan. He was quite interested in learning the structure of the spells. He took down some important information on his notebook.

"Oho, I'm quite excited to learn all that," Bryan said eagerly.

Souta smirked at his words. Bryan was sitting on his right side while Alice on his left side. He was between the two and the rest of the new students were beside Bryan. It seems that they became close with Bryan easily. Well, with Bryan's personality he wouldn't doubt that Bryan could get along with everyone in the class in just a week.

At the end of the discussion, Souta finally recalled who was Bargan. Bargan Hevifield, the Fire Master of the Melosa War. Twenty years ago, when the Melosa country was trying to expand their territory Bargan became famous as he singlehandedly pushed back the army of Melosa in the western part of Hebrei Kingdom. He was called Fire Master because of his incredibly powerful fire attribute magic. And in version 2 of the game, he defended the Ladros city from the demon along with the chairman of the institute and the city lord.

'I would learn more with this kind of teacher.' Souta grinned when he thought about this. It would be great if Bargan would personally teach him one on one. That way he would learn more about magic.

Alice noticed that he was grinning once again. She really didn't know why would he always smirk or grin. Who knows what kind of things he was thinking.


The bell rung and Bargan dismissed the class.

"Oh! Finally! It finished!"

Some of the students came toward Souta and the rest and asked them different questions. Bryan and the two new students were the ones who answered most of the questions. Some of the students asked Alice but she ignored them.

Souta stretched his body and slipped away from the crowd.

"I should buy some fruits for Yuko."

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