The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 13 - Leaving the Sanctuary

Chapter 13 - Leaving the Sanctuary

One week had passed since Souta's evolution to High End Goblin.

He completed the [Survival] mission which he needs to survive for five days. Well, if he failed in completing the mission it means that he died. He already expected it to complete this mission easily. If he was on the middle floor then he would die without even killing a single monster.

After becoming a High End Goblin, it became easy for him to complete the rest of the dungeons here on the upper floor. He spends his week in conquering all the remaining nine low-level dungeons. Although he level up quite a lot this time and increased his stats higher he still wouldn't dare to go down on the middle floor. The monsters there were completely different from the monster in the upper floor. A person will truly know why this place was called Undead Sanctuary once he/she goes down there. The Undead Lich, Death Knight, Greater Ghouls, Bone Tiger, etc. were a monster that can be found on the middle floor. Their levels were completely higher than the monster here on the upper floor. If he wasn't wrong the highest level of monster here was 19. And that level was average on the middle floor.

If all the undead here got out of the sanctuary, the undead would be able to destroy a few weak countries out there on the surface.

He became level 16 after conquering the whole upper floor of the Undead Sanctuary. His status became quite pleasing in his eyes especially his strength attribute. His strength attribute was now over one hundred. He could now literally punch a hole through iron without taking any damage.

He also collected enough souls to use the effect of the [Harvester of the Soul]. He used it twice and increased his dexterity and intelligence. He finally balanced his agility and dexterity. This made him even faster.

He used the souls in his intelligence because he got himself another spell. He got himself two spellbooks from the dungeons that he raided. He learned [Ice shot] and [Light Heal] by using four skill points. In truth, he found three skill books but the other one was also [Light Heal]. Unfortunately, the [Light Heal] cannot be used in one's self. In total, he already learned three spells. He only needed to learn two spells and he would reach the requirements to get a class.

Currently, Souta was bathing in the river. He was cleaning the wounds on his body that received from invading the Orc's dungeon. The power of orcs wasn't something he couldn't take lightly.

"Ah~ I will go out of this place tomorrow." He muttered with a satisfied expression. He already cleared all the dungeons here so it's normal for him to go out. His stats weren't enough to go down on the middle floor so he will get himself a class first. A mid-level dungeon was housing two hundred level 20+ monsters. He would stand a chance if he has a class and some powerful skill but unfortunately for him, he still doesn't have any class even if he's already level 16 and his skill was pretty much the basic ones.

"It sucks here!" He said as he looked up on the ceiling. He then stood up and went to the shore.

He picked his equipments and wore it. He hung his sword on his waist while the staff was on his back.

"Let's exercise first," Souta said as he did some exercise. Based on his experience, he knew that training or practicing could increase his exp.

He then practiced swordsmanship to increase his proficiency. He did not only trained sword skills he also trained his other skill to increase proficiency. The system didn't have a function to see the proficiency of skills. It was the same in the game.

After training, he roasted a fish and then ate it. He was happy that he learned the [Fire ball] spell. Using this spell he could create a fire to cook his meal. He doesn't want to eat any raw meat at all. It tastes bad.

"Hahaha! It tastes great!" He said as he bit a mouthful of roasted fish. It didn't have any seasonings but for him, it was good compared to the meat of goblin and kobold.

"This is the only time that I could truly relax my tense muscle."

He could relax as he knew that there's no other monster here in the upper floor except himself. He doesn't need to worry about the monster attacking him when he was sleeping. For the past week, he was tense and couldn't relax properly. He was serious in keeping himself alive.

"If I could get some alcohol then it would be perfect! Ahhh~ thinking about alcohol really made me want to rush in the city!"

After enjoying his meal, Souta fell asleep. He could finally sleep comfortably.


Souta woke up exactly after eight hours. He does some maintenance on his equipment before he packed up his belongings. Well, he only has equipments as his belongings and the skill books. He would sell these skill books in the city. In the game, after a player learned a skill the skill book or spellbook would vanish into the air.

"Let's go!"

He went to the center of the upper level. It was in the middle of the woods. There were no trees anymore as it was replaced by a huge flat rock. The surface of the rock was smooth and it contains a bit of magical power.

He went around and found stairs leading to the top. He walked to the top and found a huge magic circle on the ground. The magic circle was carved on the surface of the rock. It was a high-level teleportation spell.

"I wonder what will those people do once they knew that I've arrived in the real world of Battle Worlds Online," Souta smirked as he extended his feet and stepped inside the magic circle.

He waited for a while but nothing happens.

"Huh? Why didn't a prompt appear asking if I want to exit this place?" Souta muttered with a dumbfounded expression. He thought that it would work once he stepped inside the magic circle. Well, that's only in the game. It was completely different in the real fantasy world.

He then rubbed his chin, pondering what he should do. He lifted up his head and looked on the ceiling. He could burst out the ceiling if he was level 60+ but with his level, he couldn't do that. A level 60+ character could destroy landmass.

An idea came into his mind. He recalled that he has the [Mana Manipulation] skill.

He squatted down and placed his palm on the surface of the rock. He closed his eyes and felt the mana inside the rock. He controlled his mana and he flowed it to the magic circle.


The magic circle emitted a dim light. The more mana he poured in the magic circle the more brightly it became. Then, he felt the ground shook slightly. It was then that he opened his eyes and saw the magic circle glowing in red light.


The light got stronger and it swallowed him. When the light disappeared he was also gone.


Souta opened his eyes. He saw the magic circle beneath. It was glowing with red light. After a few moments, the magic circle turned back into an ordinary magic circle. It was covered in soil and grass so he couldn't clearly see the magic circle anymore. He could only see the rough outline before because it was emitting a red light.

It was the secret path to go down in the Undead Sanctuary. The player accidentally discovered it back then. But now there's no player to discover the place anymore. It would become his farm site in the near future.

He stood up and looked around him. This place was full of graveyards. He could even see some zombies around him.

"Curse Cemetery, huh?"

The place above the Undead Sanctuary was called Curse Cemetery. It was also a place full of undead and one of the forbidden zone. It was located near the edge of the Giza continent.

It was daylight now so the zombies were quite weak. A powerful monster over level 50 would only appear at midnight.

"Luckily, it's morning!" Souta said as he turned his head.

On the other side of this place, he saw the sea. A body of water, the Great East Sea. Over there was another huge continent, the God's Continent. Players also called it Earth Continent. They called it Earth Continent because of the living being there. The mythology of earth were living there. The Norse Mythology, Greek Mythology, Gods of Egypt, Japanese Shinto, Chinese mythology, etc. All of them were in the God's continent.

He recalled that he became a Hero of Athena back then. He became part of her Hero when he was trying to capture his mount.

But Souta's destination wasn't there. It takes a lot of time to go there without any preparation. He also doesn't have any boats or sh.i.p.s. So he will go to the nearest city to acquire a class. He would also study the language of this world.

"I wonder what version it is right now," Souta muttered in a low voice.

-End of Volume 1-

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