The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 14 - Red Fur Bear concede

Chapter 14 - Red Fur Bear concede

Souta placed his left hand on his and felt the bag he made. Inside it was the precious stones that he looted in the sanctuary. Mana stone, gold, silver, platinum, etc. were all inside the bag. He will use this stone as a currency to enter the city.

Even though some of the countries in this continent were quite advance they still haven't changed the currency system. The currency system was arranged base on the magical value. It was arranged like this; copper coin -› gold coin -› silver coin -› platinum coin. Copper and gold have low magic conductivity so their value was lower than silver and platinum. In this world, where magic reigns the value of gold dropped.

"A piece of silver and gold is enough for the city guards to let me pass," Souta said with a smile on his face. Then, he saw four zombies ahead of him.

"It seems that I need to exit this place first before I could relax!"

Souta dashed towards the four zombies while brandishing his sword.

"Graa!!" The four zombies noticed him as they growl with a coarse voice.

Souta imbued his mana on his sword and slashed it.


[You've received 57 exp for defeating a Zombie!]

[You've received 57 exp for defeating a Zombie!]

[You've received 57 exp for defeating a Zombie!]

[You've received 57 exp for defeating a Zombie!]

Souta heard several sounds in his head as the four zombies were cut in half. Their upper body slowly fell on the ground.

"Still this is good," Souta said while looking at the sword in his hand. Since leveling up the [Mana Manipulation] skill, he could now use his mana to strengthen his sword. There were no features like this in the game. It's pretty convenient if he was to say it.


The ground shook heavily. It felt like someone was approaching. The air became heavy and turned cold.

Souta turned his head and saw a three-meter tall undead. He frowned and muttered, "A gigantic zombie, huh?"

A gigantic zombie was an evolved form of an ordinary zombie. It has a huge body and a powerful strength. But it's speed was still slow as the ordinary zombie.

"If it's midnight then I would meet an undead more powerful than this," Souta said as he poured his mana on his sword.

The Curse Cemetery was more terrifying when the darkness covered the sky. Terrifying undead would start appearing one by one. Compared to those undead this undead here was too weak. It's like comparing an ant to an elephant.

Thud! Thud!

The loud footsteps of the gigantic zombie shook the ground.

Souta fixed his posture and he poured his mana in his sword. The sword glows dimly as it contained his mana.

"I will finish this easily!"

He said before he used [Dash] appearing in front of the gigantic zombie in just a few seconds. He then executed the [Stab] skill.

The gigantic zombie lifted up its arm and tried to block Souta's attack.


The power behind [Stab] pierced the palm of the gigantic zombie. The force continued and made a huge hole on the chest of the zombie.

The skill [Stab] added with mana was much stronger than before. It could even pierce the tough defense of the gigantic zombie.

Souta stopped in front of the gigantic zombie before pulling back his sword. Pouring his mana, he thrust his sword forward.


It was a normal stab without the usage of skill. He could stab his sword without skill but if he uses the skill its firepower and penetration were stronger than normal stab.

Swiiiish! Swiiish! Swiiish!

Stabbing his sword like a madman made the gigantic zombie fell backward.


"For the finishing touch!" Souta kicked the ground and once again executed the skill [Stab].


The force behind the skill burst the head of the gigantic zombie. It staggered backward before it fell on the ground.

[You've received 198 exp for defeating a Gigantic Zombie!]

The soul inside the undead went straight to the [Soul Blood Earring]. He just needs to activate the skill and all the souls of the undead that he defeated would come inside his earring. No, he's already activating it ever since he wore the item.

Souta looked around and saw a few zombies wandering aimlessly.

"I need to get out of this place before it gets dark." Saying this, he dashed forward to the direction of the woods. He wouldn't survive this place if it gets dark. It wasn't a forbidden place for nothing.


After a few hours of running, Souta finally stopped. He was exhausted and there's only a few stamina left within him. Even with [Dash] skill, he still hasn't left the Cursed Cemetery. The skill consumed almost all of his stamina as he was using it nonstop.

"I need to rest for a few minutes." He said while gasping. He was closed to the woods. Once he entered the woods, he wouldn't meet any undead there.

The Curse Cemetery was a very large place. It was like a city of the undead. This place was 600 kilometers in diameter. That's why no person would dare to enter this place if they weren't sure that they could get out before it gets dark. Thousands of undead will swarm those people when the night falls.

Back then, the top ten guilds formed an alliance and invade this place. It was a grand battle between the players and undead. Thousands of players fought the countless army of undead here in the night. That battle promoted thousands of players to a higher level. It was at that time that they discovered the Undead Sanctuary.

There's a lot of good items and skill book here. There's also a cursed weapon here. But Souta didn't have time to find those things. He had limited stamina and couldn't fight for a long time. He couldn't afford to fight the undead here with his current stats and equipments.

Souta looked at his stamina and said, "I think this is enough to get out of here." He then stood up and started running.

Using [Dash] to increase his running speed. After a few dozens of minutes, he made a decision to use his free attribute points.

He had thirty-one free attribute points. These were enough to increase a few of his stats by ten. He added ten points to his vitality attribute. Vitality was connected to his health and stamina. So by increasing vitality, he could increase his stamina.

Vitality: 68(58+10)[+]

He tapped the "+" in his mind to add ten points.

Vitality: 78(68+10)[+]

He felt warm energy entered his body. It decreased his tiredness by a little amount.

"Hu~" Souta took a long breath before he continued adding free attribute points in his stats. He added ten free attribute points in his agility attribute. His agility became...

Agility: 79[+]

Before it was sixty-nine but now it became seventy-nine. He only had eleven free attribute points and he doesn't have any plan to use it for now. With a "boom" he dashed faster than before.


He met some zombies that tried to block his way. He sliced those fools without hesitation but he avoided the evolve zombies as it would take him some time to kill those evolve zombies. Luckily, it was daylight and he could everything around him. So he could differentiate those zombies even if it was far.

He already met ordinary zombie, gigantic zombie, slick, and toxic ghoul. He naturally avoided the gigantic zombie, especially the slick and toxic ghoul. Those two undeads were much more powerful than the gigantic zombie. Their level was between 30 - 40. Instant death would await him if he went to their direction.

He was already running for an hour now. Then he saw the woods ahead of him.

"I can see it!" Souta smiled burst out from the ground. He controlled his mana and imbued it in his feet. This increased his speed once again but the consumption was high. He was using mana in [Dash] already.


Souta stopped as soon as he entered the woods. He leaned his back on the tree and took a deep breath.

"Hu... That was tiring..."

He lifted up his head and looked at the trees around him. If there's some fruit then he would take it. Unfortunately, he doesn't find anything. Well, the fruit was not the only edible thing here in the woods. There's also those wild animals and monsters.

He lifted up his head and looked at the sky. The sun was setting down and in just an hour, darkness will cover this entire place.

"Let's go!"

He doesn't have the time to rest. He needs to find a place to stay for a night and some food.

Suddenly, a snake thrust forward trying to bite him. It revealed its sharp poisonous fangs.

Souta reacted by grabbing his sword on his waist and slashing it on the snake.

The snake was sliced in half. The snake didn't even feel the pain in its death.

[You've received 39 exp for defeating a Toxic Snake!]

"A toxic snake, huh?" Souta muttered while looking at the carcass of the snake. The poison of the snake could paralyze a level 20 monster.

He crouched down and picked it up. This was going to be his dinner for tonight.


Souta was hiding in the bush thinking about what he should do. There's a cave in front of him. He could stay inside there comfortably. But there's one problem and that was the wild boss.

There's a Red Fur Bear that was living in that cave. It was one of the powerful monsters in the forest. In the game, its level was between 20 - 40.

"Okay I will check its level first," Souta muttered as he stood up and walked towards the cave. He brandished his sword and gripped it tightly. He looked in his stats and saw that he still have twenty mana and eighteen stamina left.

'This is enough as long as I do it swiftly.' he thought.


A powerful and loud roar shook the entire cave.

"A skill, huh?" Souta's brows knitted tightly and he started to circulate his mana inside his body. He poured it in his sword as he prepared himself.


A three-meter tall figure came out of the cave. The red fur bear looks dominating. It deserves the title one of the powerful monsters here.

'Swiftly without any sound,' Souta dashed towards the red fur bear. In just a second he was beside the bear. He pulled back his sword and used [Stab].


The sword pierced the thick hide of the bear. Blood flow out and dyed the soil.

This attack surprised the bear. It didn't think that Souta would attack immediately. Souta turned around as he poured mana in his feet.


He kicked the wound he gave to the bear.


The bear roared in pain and it swept out its arms towards the perpetrator. Souta raised his arm and guard against the attack.


Souta gritted his teeth as he felt the shock of the attack. Cracks formed in his gauntlet. His health decreased by twenty points in just a single attack. Its firepower was greater than anything he fought before.

"Once again!"

Souta jumped and poured his mana in his sword. He then noticed that the arm of the bear was heading towards him. He grinds his teeth and executed [Stab].



His sword pierced the eye of the bear. Blood drip on the ground while Souta was smashed on the ground creating a small crater.


The red fur bear roared angrily as the sword was stuck in its eye.

"Argh!" Souta spat a mouthful of blood before turning his head to looked at the red fur bear. It was shallow. If he put more force in his attack he would have reached the brain of the bear.


He ignored the pain and charged towards the bear. He could only use two spells with his remaining mana.

[Ice Shot]

A block of ice smashed the wound on the feet of the bear. He then jumped in the mid-air and shoot [Fire ball] towards the roaring bear.


"Just die!!" Souta roared and when he was about to push the sword deeper a system prompt ringed in his mind.


[The Red Fur Bear conceded!]

[Congratulations on acquiring your first pet!]


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