The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 12 - Strength of the High End Goblin

Chapter 12 - Strength of the High End Goblin



Footsteps echoed inside the dark cave. The area was silent and the footsteps could be heard clearly.

Souta was walking straight to the direction of the dungeon boss. He then stopped on his track and looked ahead with a smile on his face.

A group of kobolds came out of the shadow. They were holding sharp weapons such as sword and spear.

Souta gripped his sword tightly. He fixed his posture and he raised his sword at the level of his eyes. His muscles bulge out as he stabbed his sword in front of him.


It was so fast that the kobolds only felt a gust of wind. They couldn't follow his movements at all.


The kobolds looked down and saw a hole in their chest. The kobolds on the back were also caught in the attack. The only ones who were safe were the ones on the left side.

Blood flows out of the mouth of the kobolds as they fell on their knees and drew their last breath. One by one those kobolds who took lethal damage fell down.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The other kobolds were frozen in fear. They didn't know what happened just now. Fear was slowly spreading in their heart. All of them gulped at the same time.

Souta lowered his sword and looked at the kobolds five meters away from him. A simple basic skill [Stab] grew this powerful. The skill could create a powerful force that travels in the air. It was powerful that it could even pierce a metal bar.

He could attack anyone within ten meters from him. A level 3 skill was really different. It was the major realm of every skill. Once a skill reached level 3, a great upgrade will occur and the effect and power of the skill will greatly enhance not just by two times but by five times.


Souta noticed something in his interface. The durability of the sword decreased by one. The sword of this level couldn't handle it when someone used a skill at the level of 3. If Souta wants a weapon that wouldn't break easily then he should find Yellow or Blue grade equipments. Most of the weapons here in the low-level dungeon were just Colorless grade equipments.

"Well, there are so many swords scattered in this place," Souta said as he glanced on the swords scattered on the ground. These were the weapons of the dead kobolds.

He turned his attention back on the remaining kobolds. He once again did the same posture and executed the skill [Stab].


Holes appeared on the bodies of the kobolds at the same time. The kobolds couldn't even react to his skill.


The sword in his hand cracked. The crack quickly spread and it crumbled down.


Souta closed his eyes as he heard a series of sound in his head. Before his attributes were one digit at that time. His Intelligence attribute was merely one at that time. But now his attributes reached thirty or more. His attributes increased by one every level up when he was a simply normal goblin.

"Well then, let's go to the boss room," he said and he picked one good sword on the ground. He then walked ahead and stopped in front of a metal door.

The metal door was huge depicting the boss of this dungeon.

"This is the boss room where the Kobold's leader resides," Souta muttered as he raised his hand and slowly pushed open the metal door.

Inside the wide room, a kobold wearing full body equipment was sitting on a throne. A leather armor, pair of a gauntlet, leather pants, and black gloves. The kobold was holding a spear in its right hand.

Beside the kobold, were another four kobolds kneeling on the ground. It has the same pose when someone was kneeling or seeing a king. Well, that kobold was the king of this dungeon.

Souta's eyes twinkle when he saw this. Yellow grade equipment. It has the same level of the robe and staff that he looted from the Undead Skeleton Mage.

He directly walked inside the room while he's stretching his body. He said with a smirk, "I'm getting excited over a set of Yellow equipment." Then, a notification ringed inside his head stopping him from moving.


[You've entered the boss room!]

[Quest triggered!]

[Boss Battle]: Defeat the boss and conquer the dungeon. Rewards: 400 exp, 1 attribute point, and 1 skill point

Souta accepted the mission without hesitation. Actually, he could decline a quest like this. A quest of this type will only appear in a given situation. There's also the other type of quest that came from the NPC. That type of quest has a penalty. The penalty will be either somebody was dying or some will be put in jail. It depends on the quest a player pick. When a quest was about a medicine bringing in time it means that the player needs to deliver the medicine or else the NPC who had a sickness will die.

The four kobold guardian stood up and pulled out their sword while the leader just watched them with interest.

"You know, these four aren't enough," Souta said as he slowly walked towards the four kobolds.

One of the kobolds charged with a sword in its hand. It swung its sword powerfully. Souta slightly shifted his body and he tightened his fist before he threw a punch on the stomach of the kobold.


The punch was strong and fast that the kobold flew away and crashed in the wall behind the boss. The power behind the 75 strength attribute was so strong that it could crush a normal monster.

Souta quickly turned around and faced the three kobolds. The three kobolds were rushing straight at him. They reacted fast when they saw their comrade crashed in the wall.

Swooosh! Swooosh! Swooosh!

Souta avoided the sharp weapons aiming to cut him. He stepped backward while dodging the attacks and he slowly raised his sword.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three kobolds were pushed backward as a hole appeared in their bodies. Souta just used [Stab] consecutively and it easily killed the three kobolds.


The kobolds fell with a loud sound. Blood slowly formed beneath their bodies.

Several notifications ringed in Souta's head. Souta then looked towards the boss of the dungeon.

This boss was a High Kobold, just like kobolds he killed before. But this kobold was stronger than those newly evolve kobolds. The boss monster was naturally stronger than the other monster even if they were in the same species. The boss was three to five times stronger and its health was higher than the rest. A boss wasn't called a boss for nothing.

"I've already killed two dungeon bosses," Souta muttered while looking on the boss. He could already kill a dungeon boss when he was still an ordinary goblin. This boss was not much different from the other boss. He was much stronger now and he could handle a boss easier with his stats.

The boss slowly stood up and grabbed the spear on its side. It exudes an aura of a veteran warrior that undergoes hundreds of battles.

"Hais..." Souta sighed and dashed towards the boss. In just a second, he arrived in front of the boss. Gripping the handle tightly, he slashed his sword.

The boss the spear and parried the sword. Then, it quickly stabbed its spear.

[Fast Stab]

Souta tightened his muscles and swiftly moved his hand blocking every attack of the boss.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

'Level 2 [Spear Mastery], huh?' Souta thought while blocking every stab of the spear. He focused his eyes on the moving spear of the boss.


He moved his hand and grabbed the spear. "Caught it!" He smirked and used his strength to raise the spear in the air. The boss didn't let go the spear and it was pulled in the air.


Souta shouted and he smashed the boss in the ground.


Spider web like cracks appeared in the floor.

Souta raised his sword and slashed it down. The boss learned from before so it let go the spear and rolled sideways avoiding the slash.


The boss pulled himself up and jumped backward. It saw Souta rushing at a fast speed.

"This is the end!" Souta raised his sword and used [Stab] consecutively.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He made several holes in the body of the kobolds. Some of the attacks were blocked by the leather armor. Some wear in the neck, shoulders, and arms. He always wanted to try this but he couldn't before as it needs a lot of stamina. He would only use [Stab] three to five times in a battle. But now, he could freely try it with as he had a lot of stamina.

Souta purposely attacks the part that wasn't covered in armor, still, some of his attacks hit the armor. He still couldn't control the level 3 [Stab] when using it consecutively with his Level 2 [Sword Mastery].

Souta only stopped his movements when he heard the notification in his head.

[You've received 1,598 exp from defeating a High Kobold!]

[Congratulations on completing the mission Boss Battle!]

[You've received 400 exp!]

[You've received 1 skill point!]

[You've received 1 attribute point!]

The health of this boss was much higher than he expected. He consumed more than half of his stamina in using level 3 [Stab]. It was much sturdier than the two bosses he fought before. At least he killed this boss faster than the rest.

"Let's stop thinking about." Souta shook his head and he squatted down in front of the corpse of the boss. He placed down his sword and started to loot the dead body.

[Bear's glove](Yellow): A gloves made from the hide of a giant bear. Effect: +5 dexterity, +20 health. Durability: 14/15

[Rock Gauntlet](Yellow): A gauntlet made from the pure rock and high mana. Effect: +5 vitality, +20 health, +10 mana. Durability: 12/15

[Kobold's Armor](Yellow): An armor made from the hide of a High Kobold. Effect: +20 health, +20 stamina, +5% physical resistance. Durability: 8/15

[Kobold's Pants](Yellow): A pants made from the hide of a High Kobold. Effect: +20 health, +5 agility, +5 damage resistance. Durability: 9/15

Souta wore gloves, gauntlets, and pants. The armor was huge for him and it was uncomfortable to move. If he wasn't feeling uncomfortable he would wear it even if it was loose on him. He was afraid that it would hinder his movements or bother him in a battle. The pants was also huge on him but after he made an adjustment it fitted him.

"Hmm... What should I do now? I should finish all the dungeons here in the upper floor before leaving the sanctuary."

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