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Chapter 49 - Studying Hard?

Chapter 49: Chapter 49: Studying Hard?

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As soon as she finished her sentence, QQ notifications came one after another from her computer.

Li Jingren raised his eyebrows slightly, enunciating each word as he asked, “Studying hard?”

“Yes… my friends and I are talking about studying,” Xu Wanwan explained seriously. “I am very passionate about learning.”

One could lose face, but one could not lose character.

Li Jingran stood up and distanced himself from her. His voice became colder. “Why did you buy me clothes?”

Xu Wanwan panicked again. Could it be that she had bought the wrong clothes for him?

Her eyes flashed and casually made up an excuse. “Because you said before that you also wanted a gift from me, so I…”

“But I’m not just giving you something perfunctory. I really think that with your figure, you’ll look great in that kind of clothes.”

Li Jingran’s lips curved slightly as he deliberately teased her, “What kind of figure do I have?”

“You…” Xu Wanwan was speechless again. She looked at the man up and down and praised him seriously, “You’re the most handsome man I’ve ever seen. Your legs are very long, your waist is very slim, and you must have abs.”

The more Li Jingran listened, the more he felt that something was not quite right. Feeling amused, he said, “It seems that Miss Xu knows me quite well.”

“Of course,” Xu Wanwan whispered, “After all, you’re so handsome. It’s not too much to look at you.”

After getting praised by her, Li Jingran was in a good mood and said in a light tone, “You have good taste in choosing clothes. The embroidery on the cuffs is very unique.”

“Well, I was the one who did the embroidery on the cuffs,” Xu Wanwan explained. “Your surname is also embroidered inside the cuffs.”

Li Jingran was surprised. “You know how to embroider?”

The first time he saw the shirt, he was attracted by the lifelike soaring dragon on the cuff.

But he didn’t expect that such exquisite embroidery was actually done by her.

Xu Wanwan nodded and said indifferently, “I didn’t have many clothes to wear in the countryside, so sometimes when my clothes gets a tear, I would sew them myself. That’s why I know how to sew a bit.”

“Your craftsmanship is not bad.” Li Jingran’s tone was full of recognition and pride.

“A gift is a gift. Since you’ve given me a gift, I should give you something back. Do you have anything you want recently?”

Xu Wanwan immediately shook her head. “No, no. You’ve already given me a computer. I really don’t need anything now.”

“Then when school starts tomorrow, I’ll send you there.”

Xu Wanwan was shocked. “School starts tomorrow?”

She thought that there was still a few more days before the start of school. Could it be that she had remembered wrongly?

Li Jingran frowned. “The school changed the start time at the last minute. Didn’t you know?”

Didn’t she just say that she loved studying? How could she forget so quickly?

Xu Wanwan scratched her head. “I haven’t paid attention to these things recently. Maybe I missed some news.”

Li Jingran was too lazy to expose her. He reminded again, “Pack up tonight. I’ll send you to school tomorrow.”

“No need!” Xu Wanwan refused flatly. “I don’t need to bring a lot of things. I can go to school by myself.”

She didn’t want to refuse Li Jingran’s good intentions, but he was too conspicuous. She didn’t want to stand out on the first day of school…

Li Jingran furrowed his brows. “Who gave you permission to refuse?”


Xu Wanwan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Was her status so lowly that she couldn’t even reject him?

Li Jingran said directly, “Tomorrow at eight o’clock. Come downstairs on time.”

After saying that, he walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.

Xu Wanwan sighed softly and lay on the bed, feeling a little tired.

Although going to school was easy, thinking about the complex interpersonal relationships she had to maintain made her feel inexplicably tired.

Moreover, if Li Jingran were to really send her to school tomorrow, how exactly would she explain his identity to her classmates?

The two of them did not look alike, so it was a little far-fetched to say that they were relatives.

Xu Wanwan thought about it all night. She dazedly slept for a few hours, then couldn’t go back to sleep anymore.

She yawned and got up. She packed her things for school and changed into clean and fresh clothes. After washing up, she went downstairs early.

It was six o’clock in the morning, but there was a lot of noise at the hall. It seemed that someone had arrived.

Xu Wanwan was a little puzzled. Who would visit someone’s house so early in the morning?

She quickly went downstairs and heard the voice of Xu Zhongyi speaking—

“Director Li, don’t misunderstand. We’re here to pick up Wanwan. It’s her first day of school today, so we want to send her to school.”

When Xu Wanwan heard this, she quickened her pace going down the stairs, afraid that Li Jingran would agree to their request.

She hurriedly approached the Xu family and gave a firm refusal. “I don’t need you to send me.”

Li Jingran idly leaned against the sofa. He glanced sideways at the girl in a white t-shirt and said calmly, “Let’s sit down and talk.”

Xu Wanwan’s mood eased up a little. She sat next to Li Jingran as she coldly looked at the Xu family across the table.

Xu Zhongyi’s expression was a little stiff, but his tone was a little ingratiating. “Wanwan, don’t be so willful. Today is your first day of school, so your parents have to send you to school. This way, you can build a good relationship with your classmates.”

Sun Yuelan nodded. “Yes, your sister wants us to send her to school, but we’re not willing.”

“We know that we’ve treated you badly before. We only hope that you don’t take our anger to heart. We’ll definitely make it up to you in the future.”

Xu Wanwan’s expression was still cold as she said calmly, “There’s no need for that. I’m fine now. It’s even better if you don’t come and disturb my life.”

“Aren’t you being a little ungrateful?” Xu Zhongyi’s tone was a little harsh. “You said you didn’t need us, but you accepted the things we sent over. Aren’t you being ungrateful?”

Xu Wanwan felt inexplicably amused. “When have I ever received anything from you?”

She had grown up in the countryside, and a few day after she was brought to the Xu family, she had been living a life worse than a cow or horse. The Xu family had never given her anything.

Now, he actually had the nerve to say that. Wasn’t that a little too much?

Sun Yuelan raised her voice, “Xu Wanwan, your words have really hurt our hearts. The Xu family’s business is already in a bind because of you. However, we were worried that you wouldn’t have the money to buy things when school started, so we especially sent people to send a lot of things over. Do you dare say that you didn’t receive them?”

“We have to be honest. Even if we give a cat or dog a handout, it’s much better than sending you something.”

Xu Wanwan frowned and clenched her fists tightly. She was about to retort when she felt something warm on her wrist.

Li Jingran gently patted her hand and looked at the Xu family coldly. “I’ll order someone to return the things you’ve sent.”

“So you kept all the things that we sent to Wanwan?” Xu Zhongyi narrowed his eyes and deliberately mocked, “I really didn’t expect that Director Li’s big would still care about such a small favor.”

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