The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 48 - A Stingy Man

Chapter 48: Chapter 48: A Stingy Man

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“No, no, no. I only know how to sew and mend my clothes. I learned how to embroider by myself.” Xu Wanwan smiled. She wrapped the shirt and placed them in a box, preparing to leave.

She did not have the opportunity to learn how to embroider. However, when she was in the countryside, she often sewed and mended clothes. Not long after, she had learned needlework.

The shop assistant praised her as she sent her off. “You are simply too talented. You will definitely be a great designer in the future.”

After thanking her, Xu Wanwan took a taxi and returned to the Li family home.

She handed a gift box to the butler and smiled. “Please pass it to Mr. Li for me.”

The butler took the gift box and could not help but ask, “Miss Xu, what’s this?”

“There are clothes in the box,” Xu Wanwan answered truthfully. “It’s not convenient for me to go to the second floor, so I’ll have to trouble you.”

“Alright, alright. I’ll pass it to Director Li as soon as he’s back.”

Xu Wanwan thanked him with a nod and returned to her room and got ready to rest.

She had just laid down when she heard the notification alert ring from her computer.

She frowned slightly and realized that she had forgotten to turn off her computer.

She opened her laptop and clicked the group chat. She saw many online users tagging her.

Xu Wanwan scrolled to the top of the messages and slowly browsed through it.

Third Brother Is The Most Handsome: “Just A Bunny is awesome! I didn’t expect girls our age to be so good at programming. It’s only the first day and a big order was already taken.”

Liu He: “I’m officially announcing that from now on, Just A Bunny belongs to our camp. Since we’re friends, we’ll share the same fate.”

Xia Momo: “Hearing what you guys said, I’m really curious about everyone now. By the way, where are you guys from? Why don’t we meet up sometime?”

Fluttering Skirt: “That’s right, I really feel that the internet is too unrealistic. There are people who have just turned adults, and there are also middle-aged people in their thirties. I’m even more curious now, is Just A Bunny’s identity fake? How can she be so amazing when she’s grown up?”

Liu He: “Fluttering Skirt, what’s wrong with you these past few days? Why are you always targeting Just A Bunny? Since she can complete high-level tasks, it means that her skills are impeccable.”

Fluttering Skirt: “This is the internet, don’t take it too seriously.”

Third Brother Is The Most Handsome couldn’t stand it anymore and tagged Xu Wanwan. “Just A Bunny, if you have time, let’s have a meal. Let’s get to know each other so that some people won’t talk too much.”

When she saw the message, Xu Wanwan looked at the calendar and replied hesitantly, “Sorry, I’m about to start school, I don’t have time to meet because of university.”

Xia Momo replied. “Could it really be fake info, not daring to come out for a meet-up?”

Liu He replied, “That shouldn’t be possible… It doesn’t matter they’re 18 or 38, they can still complete high-level tasks, and that’s pretty impressive.”

Fluttering Skirt: “What do you know? Nowadays, a lot of people intentionally fake their information in order to gain a sense of presence on the internet and deceive people. Let me tell you, this Just A Bunny might even be a stingy man in real life.”

Xu Wanwan lay on the bed, looking at the messages that were talking about her, and felt a little worried.

How could she prove that she was not a stingy man?

Send photos or voice messages?

It seemed that no matter what she did, she would still be suspected of being a foot-picker, right?

Just as she was thinking, another message popped up on the screen.

Third Brother Is The Most Handsome: “Just A Bunny, which university are you from? Actually, I’m also eighteen this year and about to attend school too. If we were to go to a university in the same city, shouldn’t we be able to meet face to face?”

Although Xu Wanwan felt that there was no such coincidence in the world, she still obediently replied, “I’m studying at A University. What about the two of you?”

Third Brother Is The Most Handsome: “A University? ? Are you sure?”

Liu He: “No way, she’s actually studying at the same university as us. What a coincidence!”

Xia Momo: “Dang, did she investigate us privately? What a coincidence that she’s studying at the same university as us?”

Xu Wanwan was also puzzled. She asked excitedly, “Are you guys really studying at A University?”

Third Brother Is The Most Handsome: “Yes, we’re going to A University soon, but there are still two senior brothers and sisters from A University in the group.”

Xu Wanwan looked at the message on the screen and the corners of her lips curled into a smile.

She had never expected to make friends before school started.

Liu He suggested, “Since everyone will be at A University, why don’t we meet when school starts?”

Third Brother Is The Most Handsome: “Sure, it just so happens that I’ve never met you guys before too.”

Xia Momo replied, “No problem, I’d like to see whether Just A Bunny is really a stingy man or not.”

Fluttering Skirt: “You guys go. Maybe you guys won’t even be able to meet with anyone though.

Once they’ve finished their turns, Xu Wanwan replied, “No problem with me. If we’re going to meet up, just send me a message.”

The group chat became lively again as they passionately discussed the meet-up.

While they were chatting, there was a knock on Xu Wanwan’s door.

She was listening to music with her headphones on while chatting with her online friends and did not hear the knock at all.

Li Jingran knocked on the door for a long time, but no one answered.

He frowned and pushed the door open.

On the snow-white bed, Xu Wanwan’s fair legs were crossed. Her slender arms were propped up on the pillow. She was wearing pink headphones on her head, and her jade-white fingertips were tapping on the keyboard.

A beam of light shone into the room, and Xu Wanwan subconsciously looked toward the door.

Li Jingran was carrying his suit jacket with one hand. His tall and straight body leaned against the door. His expression was indifferent, making it hard for one to see through his emotions.

Xu Wanwan looked at the man in surprise. She closed the laptop and immediately sat up from the bed, returning to her usual meek self. “What’s up?”

Li Jingran stared at her for a few seconds, and his eyes were looking somewhat strange.

Xu Wanwan intertwined her fingers then tightly grabbed the corner of the quilt.

This was not good. Was she too slovenly just now?

In addition, she didn’t have time to tidy up her room. Could it be that Li Jingran disliked her slovenliness?

Xu Wanwan didn’t understand why the man kept staring at her. She sat on the bed, crossing her legs over her knees as she forced a smile, “I’ve been busy with school these few days, so I forgot to tidy up the room… But I’m definitely not usually like this. I actually love cleanliness very much.”

After listening to the girl’s explanation, Li Jingran lowered his eyes and chuckled. “Miss Xu, why are you explaining all this to me?”

Xu Wanwan awkwardly pulled the corners of her lips. “No… I’m just saying it casually.”

“Are you enjoying your computer?” Li Jingran strode over to the girl, propped one hand on the desk, and leaned over to meet her gaze.

Xu Wanwan’s hand that was holding the quilt tightened a little, her heart beating wildly when her eyes met his gaze.

Ah! It’s really killing me!

Who could stand the deep gaze of a mature man?

Though flustered, she did not forget to maintain a good image. “Actually, the computer isn’t fun at all.. But since you gave this computer to me, I wanted to use this computer to study hard.”

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