The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 47 - Completed the High-Priced Mission

Chapter 47: Chapter 47: Completed the High-Priced Mission

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Third Brother Is The Most Handsome sent exclamation marks. “! ! ! Sister, how can you be this crazy! Anyway… I still quite like your character.”

“Group Owner, master, why don’t you make an exception this time to help everyone broaden their horizons?”

Liu He: “Don’t encourage them, you’re harming them like this. Just A Bunny, don’t listen to him. There are so many experts in this group. Even the big shots wouldn’t dare to accept high-priced tasks so easily. You should think about it carefully.”

Xu Wanwan: “Thank you. I’ve already thought about it.”

The start of the school year was nearing, and she wanted to earn more money to pay for her daily necessities.

After all, she had accumulated a lot of experience in her past life. Even if she were to accept high-priced tasks, she would be able to handle them.

Her sharp edge was too exposed that there were many people in the group who could not stand it and started to ridicule her.

“Hmph, I’ve never seen a newcomer so ignorant of the rules. She wants to swallow the lion’s share the moment she enters the group, not knowing what she’s made of?”

“Forget it, she’s a young lady who thinks too highly of her abilities. It’s useless for us to say anything more.”

“I’d like to see how she’s going to get herself off the hook later. There are so many simple tasks that she won’t accept, yet she insists on taking on the hardest one. Isn’t she making things difficult for herself?”

Xu Wanwan did not expect them to say these things about her, so she felt a little down. Just as she was about to close her computer, she received a private message from the Group Owner.

“Just A Bunny, are you sure you want to accept a high-level task?”

Xu Wanwan: “Yes! I’m sure.”

Group Owner: “I happen to have a new mission here, it’s a big one. It wants to disrupt the other party’s server. Can you do it?”

Xu Wanwan still had some confidence in her own strength. She immediately replied: “No problem.”

Following that, the Group Owner sent over the other party’s domain name. “Complete the mission by tomorrow morning, and the reward will be given in the evening.”

After Xu Wanwan had thanked him, she sat up and stared at the computer screen seriously. Her slender fingers rapidly tapped on the keyboard. She was determined to complete the mission.

According to her skills in her past life, she would only need five to six hours to complete such a task. However, her skills right now were quite rusty that she struggled for a whole night before successfully interfering with the other party’s server.

By the time the task was completed, it was already early in the morning the next day.

She was extremely sleepy. She yawned, closed the computer, and went to sleep.

When she woke up again, the phone by the bed was vibrating, and the music was ringing non-stop.

Xu Wanwan reached for her cellphone with difficulty. She squinted her eyes and answered the unfamiliar call, her voice sounding a bit dazed. “Hello?”

“Just A Bunny?” A middle-aged man’s voice came from the other end of the line. “Yesterday’s task was completed very well. The 200,000 yuan has already been transferred into your account. Please check the receipt.”

Xu Wanwan immediately woke up, her mood slightly excited. “Okay, thanks.”

After hanging up, Xu Wanwan checked her pocket money. When she saw the balance of 200,000 yuan on the screen, she jumped on the quilt and rolled around excitedly.


With this money, she could finally earn her own living without having to rely on Li Jingran anymore.

Xu Wanwan immediately got out of bed and washed up, ready to go out shopping to prepare for the start of school.

Li Jingran was waiting in the dining room early in the morning. When he saw the girl running down excitedly, he put down the newspaper and said in a low voice, “How could you be so reckless?”

“Because…I’m very happy today.” Xu Wanwan sat across the dining table and bit into a piece of bread. With a smile, she said, “I’m going out to buy some stuff later.”

Li Jingran was infected by her good mood and raised his eyebrows, saying, “Get your allowance from the housekeeper later. Buy whatever you want.”

“No, no.” Xu Wanwan waved her hand and said seriously, “I have money.”

The 200,000 yuan she earned yesterday, plus the salary Li Jingran had given her, was enough for her to spend for a while.

Seeing the girl refusing him without hesitation, his eyes darkened. “You’re not being clear with me?”

“No…” Xu Wanwan heard his tone turning unpleasant, so she explained in a low voice, “I’m just going to buy some daily necessities. It won’t cost much.”

Li Jingran said in a low voice, “The pocket money I gave you can be used freely. You don’t have to save money for me.”

In this day and age, there were still people who complained that they couldn’t spend their own money.

Xu Wanwan sighed and had to compromise. “Then can I ask you for it when I don’t have enough money?”

Li Jingran nodded, and the gloomy expression on his face finally eased up.

After breakfast, Li Jingran went to work, while Xu Wanwan went straight to the mall.

She headed to the stationery store first to buy some school supplies, then she turned a corner and went to an art studio to buy some tools for drawing.

After buying these, she was about to take a taxi back when she passed by a high-end men’s clothing store.

The interior design of the store was dark and cold, but the shirts worn by the models had a different feel.

Out of the blue, Xu Wanwan walked into the store.

She looked at the tall model, and Li Jingran’s tall figure appeared in her mind.

The man was tall and had long legs, wide shoulders, and narrow hips. He would be very sexy in this ascetic white shirt…

“Hello, Miss, what type of clothes would you like to see?”

The shop assistant’s voice pulled back Xu Wanwan from her thoughts.

She pinched herself lightly and smiled awkwardly at the shop assistant.

Seriously, what was she thinking about just now?

“Um, can you take this shirt off so I can take a look?” Xu Wanwan pointed at the clothes on the male model and asked.

“Miss, you really have a good eye,” the shop assistant smiled and agreed. “This shirt is the latest style in our shop. It’s the work of a famous foreign designer.”

Xu Wanwan took the shirt and looked at it confidently. She couldn’t help but praise it.

I really have good taste.

The white shirt’s design and fabric were very good, but she still felt that there was something missing…

Xu Wanwan stroked the shirt lightly and thought for a while. Then her eyes suddenly lit up.

I got it!

She could embroider something on the cuff of the shirt, and this would definitely be even better.

“I’ll take this shirt.” Xu Wanwan took out her phone and paid the bill. Then she asked, “By the way, do you have a needle and thread in your shop?”

“Yes, I’ll get them for you right away.”

Not long after, the shop assistant brought over a box of colorful thread and a box of needles with varying thickness.

Xu Wanwan borrowed the resting table in the shop and laid the clothes on the table. Then, she threaded the needles and started embroidering the cuffs.

The shop assistant at the side was stunned and couldn’t help but ask, “Miss, what are you doing?”

“I want to add some embroidery elements to this shirt.” Xu Wanwan embroidered skillfully.

She first sketched an image of the dragon and then filled in the color with golden threads. After more than an hour, a lifelike dragon was printed on the cuff with the word “Li” embroidered on the inside.

Finally, she asked for a golden button from the shop to replace it. The transformation of the shirt was considered a success.

After the shop assistant saw how Xu Wanwan operated, she was extremely surprised. “Oh my God, Miss, are you also an excellent designer?”

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