The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 50 - I’m Not Going Back with You

Chapter 50: Chapter 50: I’m Not Going Back with You

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Li Jingran sneered, “What’s so valuable about the things you gave us?”

“Whether it’s valuable or not, they’re still a token of our appreciation. What right do you have to make decisions on behalf of Wanwan? I think it’s because you’ve won Wanwan’s heart and caused her to fall out with us.”

Li Jingran’s expression became colder and colder, his tone arctic. “You want to make up for your mistakes with a few old clothes and a few sets of second-hand gadgets?”

“Aren’t you being a hypocrite?”

Xu Zhongyi was rendered speechless. He looked at Xu Wanwan with a livid face. “Wanwan, this man is seven or eight years older than you. He knows what you’re thinking. Don’t be deceived by him.”

Sun Yuelan: “Yes, you’d better come home with us obediently, we’ll live a good life as a family. When the Xu family’s business becomes stable, we promise to give you a happy life like a princess.”

“I’m not going back with you.”

Xu Wanwan snorted proudly. “The love you’ve given me was too cheap for me to even despise now.”

“Mr. Li is different from what you guys say. He treats me very well—much, much better than you have.”

“Every month, he would transfer a generous amount of pocket money into my account. He would buy me the most expensive clothes and take me to the best restaurants for dinner. He even bought me a cellphone and a computer.”

Xu Zhongyi said disdainfully, “What matter can’t be solved with money? If he can give you these things, we can give them to you as well.”

Xu Wanwan’s tone became a little agitated. “When I’ve been wronged, he took the initiative to defend me and stand up for me. When I was sick, he took me to the hospital in time and cared for me.”

“He can even care about every little emotion of mine and patiently dealt with all my troubles. He made me feel what it’s was like to be loved.”

“He made me feel that people should be warm to each other, and the world could be beautiful.”

“But you can’t do that. You only care about your ridiculous image. You’re cold and only care about benefits, only knowing how to be two-faced hypocrites.”

“I won’t go back with you. I want to stay by Mr. Li’s side. You guys can go.”

Xu Wanwan finished what she wanted to say in one breath. Her body seemed to be a little exhausted. She lowered her eyes to cover the depressed look in her eyes.

Li Jingran looked at the girl sideways, and his heart tightened.

He didn’t know that she could trust him this much.

He also didn’t know that this girl was willing to give up her grudges with her biological parents decisively for his own good.

The rarest thing in this world was not decisiveness, but sincerity.

Li Jingran seemed to be moved by the girl’s sincerity. She trusted him, so he should not let her down.

Xu Zhongyi did not get it at all. With a straight face, he stood up and angrily said, “You’re so stupid! If you cut off your relationship with us for an outsider, you’ll regret it sooner or later.”

Sun Yuelan also said angrily, “Xu Wanwan, remember this. No one in this world can treat you well unconditionally except for us!”

Xu Wanwan looked at them coldly and didn’t even want to argue.

She would use her actions to prove that she was worthy of being loved.

One day, she wouldn’t have to do anything. As long as she stayed true to herself, she could be loved.

After the Xu family left, Xu Wanwan adjusted her emotions as soon as possible and let out a light sigh.

She observed Li Jingran’s expression and whispered, “I’m sorry to have troubled you again.”

“They came to find you on their own. That has nothing to do with you.” Li Jingran pinched the space between his eyebrows. He thought of what she had said just now and suddenly asked, “Are you sure you’ll follow me from now on?”

Xu Wanwan did not hesitate at all and nodded firmly. “I’ve been sure for a long time.”

She had been sure since the first day she came to the Li family.

Li Jingran’s eyes were dark. “Why me?”

Xu Wanwan’s brain twitched, and she almost blurted out loud, “Because you’re the son of Fate…”

She stopped mid-sentence.

“Did you say something?”

“It’s nothing. I just think you’re a very nice person. I trust you a lot.” Xu Wanwan’s eyes were pure. “Also, I feel very safe by your side.”

Who asked him to be the son of Fate? As long as she stayed with him, her luck would become better.

Under his protection, she felt that her body and soul had become much stronger.

If she were a plant, then Li Jingran would be her nourishment.

Of course, she couldn’t leave him.

Li Jingran didn’t think much of it. After hearing her words, he was in a good mood.

He smiled slightly, very satisfied.

Seeing that Xu Wanwan trusted him more and more and treated him as her most special person, he actually had an inexplicable sense of accomplishment.

If he were to treat her better, wouldn’t she worship him even more?

Thinking of this, Li Jingran held back his smile and said in a low voice, “Let’s go eat. I’ll send you to school later.”

After tormenting herself for the whole morning, Xu Wanwan had also become hungry, so she quickly ate breakfast.

Before she left, she was worried that she would forget some stuff she wanted to bring, so she hurriedly checked her schoolbag again before getting inside Li Jingran’s car to rush to school.

A University was located at the bustling heart of the city, and it took her half an hour to get there.

When she reached the school gate, Xu Wanwan tightened the strap of her bag and whispered, “Why don’t I go to the school by myself? You can save time this way.”

Li Jingran glanced at the girl through the rearview mirror. He saw through her thoughts and compromised. “Well, the driver will come to pick you up tonight.”

“Okay.” Xu Wanwan smiled sweetly, got out of the car, then ran toward the school.

Li Jingran put his hands on the steering wheel, opened the car window, and looked at the girl’s back.

The early morning light shone on her ponytail, making her look youthful under the sun in her white T-shirt.

He unconsciously watched her for a long time until Xu Wanwan’s back disappeared from his sight. Only then did he look away and drive off.

When Xu Wanwan stepped into A University, she thought that she would not be able to find her way. However, she saw a handmade sign being held up by a girl.

“Welcome to the city’s top Science scorer, Xu Wanwan!”

The words “Xu Wanwan” were written in red, so Xu Wanwan could see them immediately.

She took small steps toward the girl holding the sign and said politely, “Hello, are you waiting for me?”

“Wanwan, you’re finally here!” The girl put down the placard and excitedly stretched out her hands to hug Xu Wanwan. “Welcome.”

Xu Wanwan was at a loss for a bit. Only after the short hug ended did she finally get to see the girl’s face clearly.

“You’re Fang Ya?”

“Yeah, we met at the banquet before. We agreed to apply to the same school at that time.”

Xu Wanwan immediately remembered that this Fang Ya was the principal’s daughter. They had even exchanged contact details back then.

Fang Ya was warm and cheerful. She did not care about the stares of the people around her as she grabbed Xu Wanwan’s arm. “This is your first time here so you’re not very familiar with the environment yet. Let me show you around.”

Although Xu Wanwan was not used to this kind of enthusiasm, she still nodded. “Okay.”

However, after walking for ten minutes, she suddenly regretted it.

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