The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Chapter 38: Was Done by Xu Yue

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“Where did Yue’er go? Quickly go and call her down,” Xu Zhongyi looked at Sun Yuelan and said hurriedly.

Sun Yuelan saw that the situation was not good and did not bother to ask too many questions. She quickly went upstairs to look for Xu Yue.

“Yue’er, the Li family is looking for you again. Your father wants you to go downstairs.”

Xu Yue was shocked. “I’m not going!”

Sun Yuelan was shocked by her reaction. She scolded, “How can you be so petty at a time like this? Your father can’t even control the situation anymore. You should hurry down.”

“Mother, Sister has someone protecting her. Of course, she can find trouble with me.” Xu Yue grabbed Sun Yuelan’s arm and said pitifully, “She has always hated me. For her to ask me to go down in such a hurry, it must be…”

She deliberately said only half of it, and then cried like a weeping beauty.

Sun Yuelan looked at her and felt her heart ache. She gently patted her hand. “Don’t be afraid. You are our good daughter. We will definitely protect you.”

Xu Yue’s eyes were full of tears. “Really?”

“Of course it’s true. Hurry up and come downstairs with me. Otherwise, Li Jingran’s people will come up later.”

“Okay.” Xu Yue lowered her eyelashes to cover the coldness that had flashed in her eyes. “I believe that Mother will help me.”

With Sun Yuelan’s support, Xu Yue was not so afraid anymore.

Hmph, she was just a country bumpkin with no one to rely on. She could not really do anything to her.

It did not matter even if she was in the limelight for a moment. As soon as Li Jingran’s feeling of novelty wore off, she would still be trampled under her feet.

Xu Yue held Sun Yuelan’s arm as they walked down the stairs. She looked at Xu Wanwan innocently. “Sister, were you looking for me?”

“Don’t pretend to be weak in front of me.” Xu Wanwan was expressionless. Her cold voice exposed her. “You weren’t like this when you chased me down to the basement.”

“Sister, what are you talking about…” Xu Yue’s eyes flashed. She looked confused. “Why would I chase you down to the basement? Don’t frame me, okay?”

Xu Wanwan couldn’t help but laugh.

This person was really shameless. She was acting in front of her and behind her back. She dared to do it but didn’t dare to accept it.

This hypocritical behavior was really disgusting.

“You don’t want to admit it, do you?”

Xu Yue clenched her teeth and refused to let go. “I didn’t do anything. What’s the point of admitting it?”

Xu Wanwan didn’t want to waste her breath and said to Li Jingran, “It’s true she didn’t do it herself, but the Xu family’s bodyguards did. We just need to find the bodyguards and confront them face to face.”

Li Jingran’s eyes darkened and ordered the people behind him, “Go and find them.”

Xu Yue’s heart skipped a beat. She was so scared that she broke out in a cold sweat. She forced a smile and said, “Sister, it’s meaningless if you insist on making things like this. There are so many bodyguards in the Xu family. They can’t all listen to me.”

“I know that Sister has never liked me. I thought that Sister only misunderstood me, but now it seems that Sister herself doesn’t want to believe me.”

Xu Wanwan had long seen through her tricks. She pretended to be pitiful in front of everyone just to win everyone’s sympathy.

Xu Zhongyi was indeed deceived by her pitiful look. He took the initiative to speak up for her, “Xu Wanwan, you’ve really gone too far this time! Your sister treated you so well, yet you still bite back. You can’t be so heartless.”

Xu Wanwan chuckled and looked at her “good father” then asked, “Can conscience be eaten?”

“You—” Xu Zhongyi was at a loss for words and said angrily, “How did I give birth to such a thing as you?”

Li Jingran’s eyes were sharp, looking straight at Xu Zhongyi as if he was silently warning him.

Xu Zhongyi finally did not dare to say anything. He snorted heavily and said, “Alright, I’ll get someone to call the bodyguards over now. Let’s face each other and see how you can still splash dirty water on us!”

Xu Wanwan readily agreed. “Alright.”

After she said that, she deliberately looked at Xu Yue and raised the corners of her lips at her.

Xu Yue maintained her innocence on the surface, but her heart was about to explode from anger!

This was simply outrageous!

Was that country bumpkin provoking her and laughing at her?

Not long after, a few bodyguards came to the living room.

Xu Zhongyi called the few of them over to Xu Wanwan and asked, “In front of so many people, I ask you guys to answer me truthfully.”

When the bodyguards saw Xu Wanwan again, they were a little afraid and could only nod. “Yes.”

“Do you know her?”

The leader of the bodyguards moved his lips and subconsciously looked at Xu Yue.

Xu Yue bit her lips tightly, her eyes nervous.

Xu Zhongyi knocked on the table heavily. “Where are you looking? Answer whatever I ask. If anyone doesn’t tell the truth, get out of the Xu family if I find out.”

The leading bodyguard no longer hid anything and nodded. “We know each other.”

A trace of doubt flashed across Xu Zhongyi’s eyes, but he quickly dispelled it.

After all, Xu Wanwan had stayed in the Xu family for a while, so it was normal for her to know her.

He then asked the second question. “Did you bring her to the basement two nights ago?”

When he asked this question, the entire hall fell silent.

Xu Yue closed her eyes tightly, her heart was extremely nervous.

If they really admitted it, she would be done for!

The bodyguard also hesitated for a long time. In the end, in order to keep his job, he admitted honestly, “Yes.”

Xu Zhongyi: “What?! Who allowed you to do that?”

“It was Miss Xu Yue.” The bodyguard confessed, “She asked us to bring Xu Wanwan into the basement to look after her. In the middle of the night, she even asked us to bring a few buckets of water to splash on her.”

Xu Yue bit her lip as tears streamed down her face, but she still refused to admit it. “I don’t know, I don’t know anything…”

Sun Yuelan looked at Xu Yue with an embarrassed face. She did not believe that the usually obedient and sensible Xu Yue would do such a thing.

“Enough!” Xu Zhongyi berated her and looked at the bodyguard coldly. “I think you guys have a problem with our Yue’er and are deliberately framing her.”

The bodyguard was also confused and immediately cleared his name. “Mr. Xu, taking a step back, we have no right and no reason to attack Xu Wanwan.”

Xu Zhongyi frowned. “What do you mean? You don’t have the right to do this. Did I order you to do this?”

Li Jingran glanced at him coldly. “Someone has to order the subordinates to do things.”

“Yes, it was Xu Yue who let me live in the basement.” Xu Wanwan blinked at Xu Zhongyi and said honestly, “She also said that there was no vacant room in the Xu family.”

Xu Zhongyi was so angry that he glared at Xu Yue. “Did you do it or not?!”

“Dad, I didn’t… I really didn’t do it.”

She would never admit it. Otherwise, her image in their hearts would be destroyed.

After Xu Yue finished speaking, her crying suddenly stopped. She held Sun Yuelan’s arm with one hand and said softly, “Mom, my head is so dizzy.”

“Yue’er, what’s wrong with you?”

A cold light flashed in Xu Yue’s eyes and she directly pretended to faint.

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