The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Chapter 37: Back to the Xu Family

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With her back to the man, Xu Wanwan could not see the subtle changes in his eyes. She repeated seriously, “If you’re not used to sleeping on the sofa, you’d better sleep on the bed. I’ll sleep on the sofa.”

“You have to work tomorrow. It won’t be good if it affects your rest.”

Li Jingran got up and drank a glass of water. He looked at the girl who was curled up in the corner and chuckled. “I’ll rest tomorrow. You can sleep in peace.”

Xu Wanwan buried her head in the quilt. When she heard the sound of the lights being turned off, she had no choice but to close her eyes.

She did not want to sleep at first, but after staying up until late at night, she could not keep her eyelids open anymore and finally fell asleep.

The next morning, she turned over and reached out to touch the empty pillow beside her.

Xu Wanwan woke up in a daze. When she realized where she was, she subconsciously looked in the direction of the window.

There was only a thin blanket on the sofa, but Li Jingran was not there.

When she thought about how she had delayed his sleep last night, Xu Wanwan could not help but feel guilty. She quickly got up, folded the blanket neatly, and went downstairs after washing up.

In the dining room, Li Jingran was sitting in front of the table reading the newspaper. When he heard footsteps, he put the newspaper aside and said calmly, “Come and eat.”

Xu Wanwan rubbed her eyes then obediently walked to the dining table and sit down.

She carefully observed his expression. When she saw the exhaustion in his eyes, she felt a little apologetic. “I’m sorry for taking over your bed last night, but I won’t do it again.”

Li Jingran was cutting a steak with a knife and fork in his hand. When he heard this, his eyes darkened.

What did she mean by she wouldn’t do it again in the future?

Although there was nothing wrong with her words, he was inexplicably displeased.

“Let’s talk about the future in the future.” Li Jingran glanced at the girl and said in a deep voice, “After dinner, come with me to the Xu family.”

Xu Wanwan’s hand that was holding the chopsticks paused. “Go back to the Xu family?”

To be honest, she really didn’t want to go back to that place, afraid that if stayed there for one more second, she would remember all her past embarrassment.

Li Jingran could hear the fear in her tone and explained in a low voice, “Go back to the Xu family and settle the score with them.”

Xu Wanwan frowned slightly and hesitated.

She still didn’t want to face the place that had once hurt her. She was afraid that if she stayed there, she would think of all kinds of embarrassing memories.

Li Jingran put down his knife and fork, stared into her eyes, and said calmly, “Forgetting doesn’t mean that you’re letting go. Only when you’re truly relieved will you be able to let go of the past.”

This sentence struck Xu Wanwan’s heart.

She felt enlightened.

Yes, she was only forcing herself to forget the past, but every time she saw the members of the Xu family, it still reminded her of that unbearable past.

Some wounds needed time to heal.

And some wounds needed a lot of love and warmth before they could be completely healed.

Li Jingran looked at her with a meaningful gaze. “When I return to the Xu family this time, I want you to know how to treat the person who hurt you.”

Xu Wanwan did not hesitate anymore, and her gaze became firm. “Okay.”

After breakfast, Xu Wanwan got into Li Jingran’s car and headed straight for the Xu family home.

On the way, she opened the window and looked at the early morning scenery after the rain. Her mood was much more relaxed.

The darkness and dark clouds would eventually disperse. The sun would still rise in the east to welcome a new day.

At this time, the Xu family was calm and peaceful, unaware that a storm was coming.

Xu Yue had dressed up meticulously all morning. Just as she was about to go out on a date, she was called back by Sun Yuelan.

“Mother, what happened? The others are still waiting for me.”

“Li Jingran is here again.” Sun Yuelan looked annoyed. “Your dad is blocking them outside. Who knows if they will barge in.”

Xu Yue’s face froze, and she stood up immediately. “Mother, I suddenly remembered that I have something to do. I’ll go upstairs first.”

Damn it!

Didn’t Li Jingran take Xu Wanwan back?

Now he was back again. What was going on?

At the door of the Xu family’s house, Xu Zhongyi looked at Xu Wanwan unhappily. “Are you done? You just stayed at home for one night, and you’re torturing us like this?”

Li Jingran snorted coldly and said sarcastically, “Why don’t you ask yourself what you did to Wanwan that night?”

“What could I possibly do to her?” Xu Zhongyi looked baffled. He did not dare to get angry at Li Jingran, so he could only vent his anger on Xu Wanwan, “Don’t be too harsh on me. No matter what, you’re from my Xu family’s house. Don’t say those heartless words.”

Xu Wanwan looked at him coldly. “You have a conscience. You let me live in the basement and have people pour cold water on me in the middle of the night.”

“Nonsense! When have I ever done such a thing?!” Xu Zhongyi said exasperatedly. “The Xu family is so big. Is there a need for you to sleep in the basement?”

Xu Wanwan saw that he did not know anything and instantly guessed something.

“If you don’t know about this, then Xu Yue did it.” Xu Wanwan was calm, but there was a chill in her eyes. “She asked someone to take me to the basement, and she also asked someone to pour cold water on me.”

Xu Zhongyi did not believe her at all. “Don’t frame your sister. She’s different from you. How could she do such a thing?”

Xu Wanwan frowned and clenched her fists unconsciously.

No matter what she said, they would not believe her.

In their eyes, she was just a troublemaker who liked to tell lies.

Yes, you could never wake up a person who pretended to be asleep.

Li Jingran was too lazy to argue with him. He led the people behind him directly into the house. “Go and find them.”

“This is the Xu family! Who are you to bring in people to search my house? Director Li, you don’t have that much authority, do you?” Xu Zhongyi reached out to stop him and said fiercely.

Li Jingran tilted his head and sneered. He reached out to take the document that his assistant handed over and threw it at him. “This is the acquisition agreement. I don’t think there’s a need to keep the Xu family’s property.”

Xu Zhongyi was completely frozen. He picked up the agreement on the ground and flipped through it with trembling fingers. He said in disbelief, “You want to kill the Xu family?!”

“I only gave you a small lesson for Wanwan’s sake.” Li Jingran looked at them coldly. “But if you don’t appreciate it, don’t blame me for not giving you a chance.”

Xu Zhongyi held the acquisition agreement tightly, his eyes filled with unwillingness.

This was the property that the Xu family had built up over several generations. How could it be destroyed by his hands!

He took a deep breath, held back his anger, and handed the agreement back. There was a hint of flattery in his tone. “Director Li, you must be joking. Don’t you just want to go in and take a look? Go ahead.”

After he said that, he immediately stepped aside and made an inviting gesture. “After you.”

Li Jingran did not even look at him as he pulled Xu Wanwan’s arm and walked inside.

Behind them were more than ten tall men. The scene was grand and imposing.

Xu Zhongyi broke out in a cold sweat and hurriedly followed them. He winked at the maid. “Hurry up and pour the tea.”

Li Jingran sat in the middle of the living room and looked upstairs. He said in a deep voice, “Are you going to call them out or wait for my people to go up?”

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