The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Chapter 39: Attending a Meeting

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The scene was chaotic. Sun Yuelan supported Xu Yue as they were about to send her to the hospital. Xu Zhongyi did not care too much and only wanted to escape.

Xu Wanwan watched Xu Yue’s performance coldly.

She really knew how to act.

Li Jingran ordered calmly, “Stop them and bring a few buckets of water.”

Not long after, the Li family brought five buckets of water over.

Li Jingran looked at Xu Yue who was pretending to be unconscious, and his thin lips curled into a sarcastic smile. “Wake her up.”

Without any notice, the Li family surrounded Xu Yue with buckets and poured five buckets of water on her.

“Cough, cough!”

Xu Yue coughed sharply. Her clothes and hair were already wet. She hugged herself tightly and broke down. “Xu Wanwan, what are you doing?”

“I’m just giving her a taste of her own medicine.”

Xu Yue’s face was completely disgraced. She could not care less and fell to the ground, crying uncontrollably.

Sun Yuelan looked at this scene and actually did not feel any heartache. She was stunned for a long time before she pulled Xu Yue up. “If you want to cry, go back to your room and cry. Don’t embarrass yourself here.”

Xu Zhongyi’s face was ashen. “You deserve it.”

Xu Yue saw that they did not believe her anymore. She was still crying and wanted to explain further, but Sun Yuelan interrupted her, “When Xu Wanwan was in the Xu family, she was very careful and timid. If you had not forced her into a corner, would she have done this to you?”

When she said this, Sun Yuelan’s heart was a little biased toward Xu Wanwan.

No matter what, Xu Wanwan was her biological daughter.

Although Xu Yue was sensible and capable, she was not her biological daughter after all.

Xu Zhongyi turned to look at Li Jingran and said in a low voice, “Director Li, I’ll definitely teach Xu Yue a lesson later. Don’t buy our Xu Corporation anymore.”

“I believe you know very well that if we don’t manage the Xu Corporation’s business properly, it will soon go bankrupt,” Li Jingran said coldly. “Don’t let me find out that you’re bullying Xu Wanwan again. Otherwise, the Xu family’s business will be destroyed.”

After experiencing this incident, Xu Zhongyi seemed to have suddenly come to a realization. He nodded repeatedly. “Yes, yes. Wanwan is our biological daughter. No matter what, we won’t bully her.”

Xu Wanwan couldn’t be bothered to listen to his flattery. She gently pulled on Li Jingran’s sleeve. “Let’s go back.”

Li Jingran nodded. “Okay.”

Before he left, Xu Zhongyi grabbed Xu Wanwan and mumbled for a long time, “When you have time, go home to play.”

Xu Wanwan was expressionless. She shook off his hand and left without looking back.

Xu Zhongyi looked at Xu Wanwan’s determined back and sighed deeply.

“Hubby, were we too harsh on Wanwan in the past?” Sun Yuelan walked over and asked in a low voice, “I saw Xu Yue being so disgraceful today. I almost didn’t recognize her. Instead, I feel that Wanwan is much better now.”

“Ever since Xu Wanwan left the Xu family, she has not been timid and cowardly. Instead, she has become more generous,” Xu Zhongyi said sincerely.

“No matter what, Wanwan is still our daughter. She is now beautiful and elegant. This can’t be done without our contributions,” Sun Yuelan added, “Although Xu Yue was groomed by us, she is no longer the same as before. She is inferior when compared to Wanwan.”

Xu Zhongyi pondered for a moment. “Get someone to buy some things for the Li family. Wanwan’s school is about to start, so she’ll need them.”

Xu Yue held the door tightly with both hands. As she listened to the words of Xu’s parents, the coldness in her eyes was especially terrifying.

Back then, they were the ones who said that she was much better than Xu Wanwan. Now, they looked down on her?

She had supported the Xu family for so long, but only once did she make a mistake. All her previous efforts were in vain.

And that Xu Wanwan did not even need to lift a finger to get on the rich list. It was one thing for her to live a wealthy and carefree life, but now she had to come back and compete with her for her parents’ love.

What right did she have?

Xu Yue held back her breath. The hatred in her heart was like a meandering poisonous snake.

She would make Xu Wanwan pay the price sooner or later!


After a short break, Xu Wanwan did not stay idle anymore. She went to work with Li Jingran.

Secretary Lin sent her a notice for a meeting and instructed, “The meeting is at three in the afternoon. Director Li wants you to attend as well. Remember to go.”

Xu Wanwan was stunned for a moment before she hurriedly called out to Secretary Lin, “What exactly is the theme of this meeting? I want to make some preparations.”

“It should be about the investment and construction of the company’s newly purchased land.” Secretary Lin then went to work on her matters.

But Xu Wanwan couldn’t settle down.

Although the development of the company had little to do with her, she didn’t want to see Li Jingran lose money.

The company’s newly purchased foundation would lose everything soon. It was better to take advantage of the current market situation and sell it off.

As Xu Wanwan thought about it, she immediately sorted out the proof report she had prepared.

During the meeting, she especially brought the proof report with her and sat on the additional chair in the meeting room. She supported her chin and listened attentively.

Li Jingran was looking at Xu Wanwan while he was in the meeting room.

When Xu Wanwan first noticed the man’s gaze, she did not want to be so narcissistic. Perhaps he had just glanced at her unintentionally.

But after a while, she realized that the man’s eyes were still on her.

She pursed her lips. She kept feeling that her eyes had nowhere to rest.

Finally, at the end of the meeting, everyone could give substantive suggestions on the content of the meeting.

The director of the project department in the company stood up and analyzed rationally, “Director Li, the outside world is rushing to buy this land, which means that its commercial value is very high. I think you can use it for our company’s commercial development, and it will definitely achieve the greatest benefit.”

Li Jingran thought the same in his heart. He pondered for a moment and said, “Tell me what you think.”

“The simplest and most direct way is to build a commercial square and sell the products of the Li Group from there,” said the project manager. “Moreover, our company is currently thriving. If we seize this opportunity, the market value of the company will increase many times over.”

The finance director added, “Yes, Director Li. I have estimated that if this land is used for commercial development, not only will the economic assets of the Li Corporation get a qualitative breakthrough, but it will also affect the GDP of the entire A City.”

Li Jingran looked at the time of the meeting and said calmly, “Regarding the construction of the business center, you guys have a private meeting to discuss it. Submit a proposal tomorrow.”

“Do you have any questions?”

Everyone present had no objection to this. Just as the meeting was about to end, Xu Wanwan suddenly stood up. She tiptoed and tried to reach out her hand. “Please wait a moment, I have something to say…”

As soon as she finished speaking, dozens of scrutinizing eyes in the meeting room looked over.

“Who is this girl? Why is she in our high-level meeting room?”

“Lower your voice. She seems to be Director Li’s family member. I think she’s here to listen in.”

“Since she’s here to listen in, why did she stand up and speak? She’s so young. It’s already good that she can understand. She even interfered with the meeting process.”

“It’s indeed quite troublesome.. I still have a lot of things to do. Are we just going to wait for her to waste time?”

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