The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Chapter 32: Brought Back to the Xu Family

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Xu Wanwan took a few steps back and tried her best to keep a distance from Xu Yue as much as possible.

She did not want to be too close to this woman as this would only bring her misfortune.

“I have nothing to do with the Xu family. You don’t have to talk to me about this.”

“Sister, how can you say that?” Xu Yue took a step forward and grabbed her arm. “Father is sick because he’s worried about you. How can you just ignore it?”

Xu Wanwan laughed coldly. “Worried about me?”

What a big joke.

How come she did not know that the Xu family could have such good intentions and actually worried about her?

Xu Yue, however, nodded and said in an exceptionally serious tone, “That’s right. Father got sick because of you, so you have to go back.”

“In your dreams. If you want to go back, go back yourself.” Xu Wanwan was getting impatient from being pestered by her. She flung her arm away and said coldly, “You’re his good daughter, I’m not.”

Xu Yue was flung away by her. A strong hatred flashed across her eyes.

What an ungrateful thing!

Since she refused to accept the toast, then she should accept the punishment!

Xu Yue turned around and gave the people inside the car a look. In a short while, two bodyguards dressed in black came down and directly walked toward Xu Wanwan.

With an insincere smile, Xu Yue said, “Sister, since you’re unwilling to go back, then I can only think of a way to make you go home. I hope you don’t take offense.”

When Xu Wanwan saw the two bodyguards walking toward her, her first reaction was to run away.

She wanted to run away, but before she could take two steps, her shoulder was pressed down hard.

She got dragged back!

“Let go of me! It’s illegal for you to take me away like this!”

Xu Yue snorted and turned to get into the car. “Bring her here.”

Xu Wanwan was still struggling desperately, but she was too weak and could not break away from their control.

She was forced into the car. With the sound of the door closing, the car sped away, leaving her no room to resist.

“Xu Yue, what are you trying to do?”

“Let her go.” Xu Yue turned around and winked at the two bodyguards, smiling hypocritically. “Sister, I don’t mean anything by it. I’m just asking you to go home.”

Xu Wanwan glared at her and put her hand into her pocket and prepared to call Li Jingran when the two bodyguards were not paying attention.

Xu Yue glanced at her through the rearview mirror. When she saw her little tricks, she snorted coldly. “These are all my people. You’d better not do anything.”

Xu Wanwan couldn’t care less about anything. She quickly took out her phone, unlocked it with her fingerprint, and flipped to the address book.

Before her fingers could reach the dial button, a bodyguard beside her snatched her phone away.

Xu Wanwan made a move to grab it back. “Give it back to me!”

The bodyguard did not listen to her at all. He opened the car window and threw her phone out.

“What are you doing?! What right do you have to take my phone?!” Xu Wanwan was so anxious that she reached out and hit the bodyguard hard a few times.

However, the car was still moving forward at the fastest speed, and she wasn’t able to get her phone back.

Xu Wanwan crossed her arms. Through the rearview mirror, she saw Xu Wanwan’s broken and frightened look, and she felt inexplicably at ease.

Hmph, she had finally vented her anger.

When she reached the Xu family home, she wanted to see how this country bumpkin could still struggle.

Along the way, Xu Wanwan did not say a word. She clenched her fists tightly and secretly thought of a way to resist.

When they reached the Xu family home, she was escorted by two bodyguards. Xu Yue walked past her and laughed gloatingly. “Sister, hurry up and go see Father.”

Xu Wanwan looked at her coldly and remained silent.

The moment she returned to that familiar place, Xu Wanwan felt an oppressive aura.

This kind of oppression was like a shadow that she could not get rid of, making her think of those dark days.

Sure enough, she had better not get close to Xu Yue.

Without the blessing of the son of Fate, the aura of her body changed greatly when she was alone with Xu Yue.

From the moment she entered the room, she felt dizzy and weak in her legs. It was especially difficult for her to stand.

Xu Yue pretended to hold Xu Wanwan’s arm and walked toward the living room. “Father, Mother, Sister is back.”

Xu Zhongyi was sitting on the sofa and slammed the teacup onto the coffee table. “Hmph, only now you know to come back.”

“Forget it. Since she’s willing to come back, let’s not talk too much. After all, she’s also a child of our Xu family.” Sun Yuelan tried to smooth things over and pointed to the seat beside her. “Yue’er, bring her here to sit.”

“Come, Sister.” Xu Yue said, trying to hold Xu Wanwan’s hand.

Xu Wanwan frowned and shook her hand away at once. “No need.”

Her body gradually felt that something was wrong, and her mood became gloomy. This meant that she could not stay here any longer.

Under the protection of Li Jingran, her luck had finally improved. If she got close to Xu Yue again, she might not be able to bear it.

Xu Yue’s expression changed, and she pretended to fall backward. She fell on the chair behind her and said aggrievedly, “Sister, why do you hate me so much?”

“Enough! Xu Wanwan, don’t think that you can be so lawless just because you’ve stayed in the Li family for a few days!” Xu Zhongyi was so angry that he stood up and pointed at her nose as he scolded. “Do you still have an elder like me in your eyes?”

“What kind of elder are you?” Xu Wanwan’s eyes were full of sarcasm. She did not want to say another word. “I have nothing to do with you now.”

After saying that, she tried to walk away.

Xu Yue quickly stood up and grabbed her arm. “Sister, how can you be so selfish? Father has been angry with you for a long time. Can’t you just give in and apologize to him?”

Xu Wanwan really felt that it was ridiculous.

She really did not know what she had done wrong again that needed her to apologize to this family.

Xu Yue held Xu Wanwan’s hand and refused to let go. “Sister, don’t you know that ever since you went to the Li family, our family’s business chain has broken down? Our previous partners and investors all ran away with the money. Father is even more anxious because of this matter.”

“How can you bear to see our father suffer so much?”

“Your sister is right. What you did was too selfish and too much,” Sun Yuelan said unhappily. “We asked you to come this time because we want you to go back and tell Li Jingran to continue working with the Xu family. At worst, we’ll just give you to him.”

After hearing this, Xu Wanwan laughed, but her smile became thin and her eyes were cold.

Listen, is this what people would say?

In the face of benefits, they would only kick her around like a rubber ball.

“On what basis?” Xu Wanwan’s gaze was indifferent as she said coldly, “When you need me, you summon me. When you don’t need me, why do you tell me to get lost?”

“On what grounds? Don’t tell me your surname isn’t Xu? As long as your surname is Xu, you are a member of our Xu family. There’s no reason for you to not acknowledge your elders!” Xu Zhongyi scolded loudly.

“I feel that this surname is really disgusting now.. I can’t wait to change my surname to Li.”

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