The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Chapter 33: He Won’t Come Looking for You

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She didn’t expect that they would use their family name to blackmail her.

Xu Zhongyi was furious. “You unfilial child!”

Sun Yuelan quickly pulled him back and whispered in his ear, “We still need to use her to talk to Li Jingran, so let’s appease her first.”

Anyway, she knew Xu Wanwan’s character. So what if she appeared tough on the surface? She was still a silly girl who was easily soft-hearted.

When they softened their attitude, she would definitely be moved beyond words.

When that time came, it would be much more convenient for her to do anything.

Xu Zhongyi thought for a moment and felt that what she said made sense. He suppressed his anger.

Sun Yuelan walked over and forcefully pulled Xu Wanwan to the sofa to sit down. Her tone was much better. “Wanwan, Mother has always had a secret that she hasn’t told you.”

Xu Wanwan was very uncomfortable with her intimate approach. She broke free and moved a few seats to the side.

She didn’t want to hear anything else. Her body was already uncomfortable enough.

When Sun Yuelan saw that she was still avoiding her, a hint of displeasure flashed across her eyes. However, her tone didn’t change. “Wanwan, you’re actually our biological daughter. You’re not some foster daughter.”

“It’s Mom and Dad who have let you down all these years, but we didn’t know that we carried the wrong child back then. Please forgive us, we’ll definitely treat you well in the future.”

Xu Wanwan had thought that her heart had already turned cold and that she would no longer be moved because of their words. However, at this moment, she still could not control her grief and anger.

This was something that everyone knew. Hiding it like this made her feel better.

However, they had to tear off the pretense and tell her that she was their biological child.

How ridiculous.

They knew that she was their biological child, yet they treated her like that…

When Xu Wanwan heard this, her head hurt even more. She endured her emotions and said sarcastically, “If I’m really your biological child, then Xu Yue is your adopted daughter?”

Sun Yuelan’s expression was extremely awkward. She looked at Xu Yue and said in a blaming tone, “What are you saying? You and Yueyue are both my good children. She’s also your sister. Why do you care so much about your status?”

Xu Yue was hit where it hurt and looked embarrassed. She looked at Xu Wanwan with a dash of hatred in her eyes.

She, a country bumpkin, actually dared to expose these things in her face.

So what if she was her biological child? She was a country bumpkin to the extreme. She would never be able to stand on the stage, and the Xu family didn’t need such a despicable thing.

Xu Wanwan suppressed her emotions and didn’t say a word.

“Wanwan, we were against you staying in the Li family previously because we were worried that you would be hurt,” Sun Yuelan said. “But now, it seems that Li Jingran treats you well. We are relieved.”

“How about this? From now on, you will live in the Li family. We agree. This way, the Li family and the Xu family can be considered to have some relations. Tell Li Jingran to stop suppressing the Xu family, and the two families can get back together. Why not do it?”

Xu Wanwan scoffed in her heart.

This wishful thinking was really shrewd.

She did not want to say anything more to this double-standard people. “I know what you want me to do.”

“That’s right. I knew that our Wanwan was just muddle-headed for a moment. In her heart, she still favors her own family.” Sun Yuelan immediately broke into a wide smile.

Xu Zhongyi’s attitude was also much better. “That’s more like it.”

Xu Wanwan paused and looked at them with a smile on her face. However, she said the most infuriating words, “But I won’t help you. If the Xu family loses more money, our Li family will be able to earn more income. Wouldn’t that be better?”

“How outrageous! Do you think that’s how humans talk?” Xu Zhongyi rushed over and wanted to teach her a lesson.

Xu Wanwan looked straight at him without blinking. “I’m now Li Jingran’s person. Are you sure you want to touch me?”

Xu Zhongyi’s palm was still in the air. “Are you threatening your father?”

“I’m not threatening you. I’m just asking you to put yourself in your place,” Xu Wanwan said indifferently. “With this slap, I’m sure the Xu family’s market value will drop by a few more points.”

Xu Zhongyi was so angry that he almost passed out. He never thought that the girl who used to be so weak that she didn’t dare to raise her head would dare to talk to him like that.

Seeing Xu Zhongyi retract his slap, Xu Yue felt even more aggrieved.

Why did the entire Xu family have to live under the shadow of Li Jingran?

Now, they wanted to teach this country bumpkin a lesson, but he still had to care about Li Jingran’s face. How ridiculous!

Xu Yue rolled her eyes and seemed to have thought of something. She quickly poured Xu Zhongyi a glass of water. “Father, don’t be angry with sister. It’s okay if she hasn’t thought things through yet.”

“We can leave her at home for a few more days to improve our relationship. She’ll definitely come around.”

Xu Zhongyi narrowed his eyes. He felt that this was a good idea.

“Xu Wanwan, from now on, you’re not allowed to leave the Xu family. When you’ve come around, send a message to Li Jingran and ask him to resume cooperation.”

“If you can’t come around, then stay here obediently. Don’t even think about going anywhere.”

After Xu Zhongyi finished speaking, he left in anger.

Sun Yuelan gave Xu Yue a look. “Yue’er, bring her to her room.”

Xu Yue’s goal was achieved. The corners of her lips curled into a triumphant smile. “Sister, I’m afraid you’ll have to stay here for a while. I’ll take you to your room.”

Xu Wanwan stood up and did not even look at Xu Yue. She walked toward the door without looking back.

However, before she could take two steps, a few bodyguards in black stopped her.

She frowned and took a few steps back.

Xu Yue stood behind her and snorted. “Do you still want to leave at this time?”

Xu Wanwan looked at her coldly and turned to walk upstairs.

Since she could not go out, she would stay for the night.

When Li Jingran found out that she was not at home, he would definitely come looking for her.

“There’s no room for you upstairs,” Xu Yue sneered. “Your room is in the basement.”

“What did you say?” Xu Wanwan found it hard to believe.

Xu Yue shrugged innocently. “There’s no room in the house. You can only sleep in the basement.”

“You want me to sleep in the basement? Aren’t you afraid that Li Jingran will find trouble with you?” Helpless, Xu Wanwan had no choice but to bring out Li Jingran.

Xu Yue smiled disdainfully. “Xu Wanwan, what do you think I should say about you? Why do you think a high-quality man like Li Jingran likes you?”

“Don’t tell me you really think you can get into his heart just because you’ve stayed in his house for a while? I’m not saying this, but there are many women who have tried to get close to him. What are you to them?”

“I can guarantee that even if you stay in the Xu family and don’t go back, Li Jingran will not come looking for you.”

After Xu Yue said this, Xu Wanwan’s heart started to waver.

She had never thought about this matter at first and inexplicably felt that Li Jingran would come to find her.

But what if he didn’t come?

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