The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 31 - : Who Told You to Drink?

Chapter 31: Chapter 31: Who Told You to Drink?

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Xu Wanwan’s consciousness was somewhat fuzzy. When she stood up, she almost lost her balance. Zheng Feng held her in time. “Be careful.”

She was really uncomfortable. Her head was heavy, and her feet were light. It was as if she was walking on cotton, unable to exert any strength.

Zheng Feng was worried that she would fall, so he could only hold her arm and help her out of the KTV.

The night wind outside was a little cold, and Xu Wanwan shivered from the cold. She could not help but wrap her arms around her chest and crouch down on the side of the road.

Zheng Feng quickly took off his coat and put it on her shoulder. “The car will be here soon. You have to hold on a little longer.”

Xu Wanwan was too cold, and she unconsciously tightened the coat on her body as she and nodded weakly. “Okay.”

Across the road, Li Jingran rolled down the window and stared at the girl squatting by the side of the road. He was in a terrifyingly low mood.

The driver was frightened by the gloomy aura coming from him and cautiously asked, “Director Li, I saw Miss Xu on the other side of the road. Should I drive over?”

Li Jingran ignored him. He opened the door by himself, got out of the car, and strode toward Xu Wanwan’s direction.

Xu Wanwan was still squatting on the ground and trembling. But then she felt a sharp pain in her wrist as her whole body was pulled up by a strong force.

She let out a soft hiss, and her innocent and confused eyes met Li Jingran’s gaze. Seeing his particularly serious face, her heart tightened.

Li Jingran took the clothes off the girl’s shoulder and threw it to Zheng Feng. His tone was so cold that it was frightening. “Who told you to drink so much?”

Zheng Feng did not expect Li Jingran to personally come to pick up Xu Wanwan, so he could not help but interject, “CEO Li, today our colleagues had a meal together, and everyone drank some wine…”

“There’s nothing for you here.” Li Jingran glanced at him coldly, the tone of his voice displeased. “Get lost.”

“Then I’ll leave Team Leader Xu to you. I’m leaving first…”

Xu Wanwan watched Zheng Feng leave, pursed her lips, and leaned against Li Jingran in a daze.

Li Jingran looked at the girl in his arms. Her face was red, and her eyes were misty. His face turned even darker.

She was so drunk that even he could not recognize her.

Who knew if that man had taken advantage of her?

When he thought of this, he felt even more displeased. He bent down and carried Xu Wan in his arms, striding into the car.

The car drove quickly in the night and in a short while, they arrived at the Li family home.

Li Jingran put the girl on the sofa in the living room and ordered the maid, “Go and make a bowl of hangover soup.”

Xu Wanwan lay on the soft sofa, her hands unconsciously clutching the man’s clothes. Her eyes were misty as she said, “I’m so uncomfortable…”

Li Jingran’s gloomy face finally eased up. A hint of heartache flashed in his eyes, but he quickly covered it up and pretended to be indifferent. “You can’t drink, yet you’re still trying to be brave. If you’re not uncomfortable, who is?”

“But I lost in the game. I was supposed to drink,” Xu Wanwan pouted and explained herself incoherently. “Besides… I’ve only drunk five small cups, and… I can’t do it.”

Li Jingran sighed lightly, and his heart softened again.

He got up and poured her a cup of water and handed it to her. “Drink some water.”

Xu Wanwan didn’t reach out to take it but opened her mouth directly.

Li Jingran was stunned for a moment, then he patiently brought the water to the corner of her lips.

Xu Wanwan took small sips of the water. After drinking it, she winked at Li Jingran.

Her lips were crimson, and there was a droplet of water dangling from the corner of her mouth.

Li Jingran’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. He raised his hand to wipe the droplet from the corner of her lips, and his eyes darkened.

The maid came over with the hangover soup and asked carefully, “Sir, shall I feed Miss Xu?”

“No need.” Li Jingran took the hangover soup directly, scooped out a spoonful of it to cool down, and then put it to Xu Wanwan’s lips. “Drink it.”

The maid looked at this scene in a daze, and it took her a long time to react.

Was she seeing things?

Director Li actually fed Xu Wanwan the medicine himself?

This was even more unbelievable than the sun rising from the west!

Over the years, there were countless women who wanted to get close to Li Jingran, but no one could truly enter his heart.

It just so happened that Xu Wanwan had not even done anything, but Li Jingran had always made exceptions for her…

Xu Wanwan drank the hangover soup, and it took a long time for her to calm down.

She rested her head on the man’s shoulder, and there was a pleasant and refreshing smell in her nostrils. The shadows of the lights swirled in her eyes, and she couldn’t tell if it was a dream or reality.

Li Jingran was actually sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed. He looked like he was asleep, but his heart was exceptionally clear.

The night was silent as he quietly accompanied her.

After an unknown amount of time, Xu Wanwan’s drunkenness finally subsided, and she carefully got up from the man’s body.

Li Jingran pressed on her shoulder and leaned over to look into her eyes. “You don’t feel uncomfortable anymore?”

“Yes… much better.” Xu Wanwan felt a little guilty and didn’t dare to look directly into the man’s eyes.

Li Jingran saw that she was so obedient and laughed in anger. “How did you know to be afraid now?”

Xu Wanwan lowered her head, her heart was in a mess.

Oh no, she did not drink too much just now. Could it be that she did something bad?

Or did she say something unpleasant to anger this man?

Xu Wanwan did not have time to think about it. She looked up at the man and said pitifully, “I’m sorry. This is my fault, I won’t dare to do it again.”

“What did you do wrong?”

“I shouldn’t have drunk so much. I shouldn’t have made you angry.”

“If you drink so much in the future, don’t go home.” Li Jingran’s tone was much more serious.

Xu Wanwan did not dare to say anything else. She nodded repeatedly. “Yes, I understand.”

“Go to sleep. Rest at home for a day tomorrow.”

The man’s tone did not allow her to say anything. She even silently held back her refusal.

Forget it, I won’t say anything more.

I’ll just rest at home.

After a night, Xu Wanwan was completely sober. She got up and rubbed her eyes. It was already nine o’clock.

Li Jingran must have started working.

But if she was not working today, what should she do at home?

Xu Wanwan did not think of anything else. She planned to go to the supermarket after breakfast to buy some fresh ingredients and cook a meal for Li Jingran to eat when he came home.

After packing up and leaving, the driver had been waiting for a long time. Xu Wanwan got into the car and casually mentioned the name of the supermarket.

When she arrived at the supermarket, she pushed a big shopping cart by herself. She shuttled back and forth in front of various shelves and picked out a big bag of things.

By the time she paid the bill and came out, it was already late.

Xu Wanwan carried the things and walked to the roadside. Just as she was about to call the driver, a black Bentley drove over not far away.

The car stopped steadily in front of her, raising a cloud of dust.

Xu Wanwan looked up and saw Xu Yue who had rolled down the car window.

She felt that something was wrong and immediately lowered her gaze as if she did not see anything.

Xu Yue’s gaze was cold as she glared at Xu Wanwan fiercely. After getting out of the car, she changed her appearance and said in a hurried tone, “Sister, Father is sick.. You should hurry home and take a look.”

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