The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady

Chapter 49

Chapter 49 – To Beat Up Song Qing Yan

“Is it?” Song Qing Yan walked toward Murong Ye in a leisurely manner. Standing in front of a fat profligate son, he lifted her chin and asked, “Did you hear I say fifty dollar for each round?”

The man shook his head decisively, “No!”

Song Qing Yan turned to another thin profligate son and asked, “Did you hear it?”

“No, No. Definitely not.” He shook both his head and his hands.

“You… All of you…” Murong Ye looked at all these familiar faces, he was left speechless. They were both Song Qing Yan’s and his friends, but at this critical moment, why would they choose to stand on Song Qing Yan’s side and not tell the truth?

Murong Xue sneered as she knew they had all been bribed by Song Qing Yan.

In other words, Murong Ye had been trapped by all of them in the room.

“Murong Ye, I believe you’ve heard them clearly, do you still want to deny?” Song Qing Yan was feeling highly accomplished as she looked at Murong Ye’s nervous behavior.

Murong Ye glared at her harshly, he clenched his fists and his eyes slowly turned into blood- red colored. He was not trying to deny a single thing because what he said was fact.

“Alright, it’s time to pay now.” Song Qing Yan knew that Murong Ye could not defend himself anymore, she showed the contract in front of everyone and said, “This is the contract we’ve signed. Everyone, please do have a look. The amount of Murong Ye lost was quite large. There are sufficient material evidence and witnesses now, obviously I’m not taking any advantage of him.”

Murong Rou was standing beside the door, entirely free from worry. Murong Ye had lost fifty thousand dollar in two hours, this had clearly proven that he is the black sheep of the family. The royal and noble ranks people will certainly looked down upon him, his reputation will be ruined thoroughly. By comparison, she only corrupted almost one million dollar for the past ten years, it will be not worth mentioning. After all, Murong Ye will lose it all in four hours.

After today, it will be less likely for people to reprimand Murong Rou. However, Murong Ye being a prodigal son squandering the family fortune will be the gossip of the town.

Murong Xue smiled grimly, this was Murong Rou’s main objective, to discredit Murong Ye so that no one would remember the bad things she had done… By making a comparison, what Murong Ye had done seemed to be worse than Murong Rou, so people will only point their fingers at Murong Ye.

Murong Xue will not grant her wish, “To change fifty dollar to five thousand dollar, all you need to do is add a line.” Song Qing Yan looked at Murong Xue with knitted brows, “Excuse me, do you really think I will do something shameless like this?”

“Hard to say!” Murong Xue said scornfully. “Previously, a Madam from your family had almost hollowed out my mother’s store. I don’t think you have any credibility either…”

Murong Rou’s face was pale, she gripped both her hands tightly beneath her long sleeves. All the effort she had done to divert people’s attention was destroyed by Murong Xue.

“I don’t have any direct relationship with her. You shouldn’t judge me based on what she had done.” Song Qing Yan took a look at Murong Rou, and then glared at Murong Xue, her hand was holding the contract, “You look at this. This is the evidence showing that your brother owes me money. Are you refusing to admit it? If you can’t afford to lose so much of money, you shouldn’t play in the first place. Both of you are the ones with no credibility at all…”

“Song Qing Yan!” Murong Ye was enraged. He rushed forward and wanted to fight with Song Qing Yan.

Murong Xue held him back as she looked at Song Qing Yan coldly, “Miss Song, you’re able to win fifty thousand dollar in just two hours, you must have brilliant gambling skill.”

“Thanks for the compliment.” Song Qing Yan lifted her chin high and replied arrogantly.

“You’re the banker for all the rounds played?” asked Murong Xue.

“That’s right.” Song Qing Yan was feeling proud of herself.

Murong Xue walked forward unhurriedly and pointed at the dice cup, “You’ve used this set of dice all the while?”

“Yes.” Song Qing Yan nodded.

“Miss Song, it looks like you’re playing a trick and fooling my brother in public.” Murong Xue squeezed the three dice hardly, the three dice crushed into six pieces instantly. “Miss Song, you’re actually scheming against my brother and reprimanding him boldly now. Your personality is truly the worst that I’ve ever seen.”

Everyone was stunned as they looked at the fragments of dice Murong Xue was holding, they were left speechless.

“Song Qing Yan, you fooled me!” Murong Ye clenched his fist high and launched it straight on Song Qing Yan’s face.

The agonizing pain made Song Qing Yan recovered from her surprise. She immediately retaliated. Both of them fought fiercely and the situation was out of control.

The people surrounding them had no intention to stop the fight. They started to gossip:

“The truth is Song Qing Yan was scheming against Murong Ye…”

“That’s true. Although Murong Ye is a gamble addict, he still knows how far to go and when to stop. Each round costs only fifty dollar, even if he lost one hundred rounds, the amount of money lost is still considered acceptable. However, Song Qing Yan changed the content of the contract to five thousand dollar for each round, obviously this is trying to deceive Murong Ye’s money…”

“Previously, someone was scheming against Murong Ye’s mother for the store. Now, she is scheming against Murong Ye for money. This Wu An’s family only knows how to take advantage on these two poor children…”

“Birds of a feather flock together. This proverb is rather accurate…”

Murong Rou looked black as thunder : Murong Xue, it’s her again to ruin my plan…

Murong Ye was tall, and he had practiced Kung Fu for ten years. He punched Song Qing Yan hard and mercilessly in the face. Song Qing Yan was one year younger than Murong Ye, she did not have enough energy to fight back. Every part of her body was injured, she held her head and surrendered, “Help, help me…”

Everyone turned a deaf ear to her call. Song Qing Yan should be punished for her actions.

Song Qing Yan was fed up as she looked at Murong Ye. Murong Ye’s eyes were filled with hatred. The way he whacked Song Qing Yan, definitely wanted her to die. Song Qing Yan was too afraid, and she cried aloud, “It’s Murong Rou the one who instigated me to do so. She asked me to bribe all the rich men’s sons, the trick dice… It was all her idea. She said that we’ll share the amount of money equally. Murong Ye, you shouldn’t be beating me alone…”

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