The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady

Chapter 48

Chapter 48 – Conspiracy Ongoing

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Murong Xue? She claimed that she was sick and would not attend the dinner. Why was she here now?

Murong Rou smiled hypocritically as she saw Murong Xue walking slowly towards her.  Murong Xue was wearing a long light green dress, she lifted the corner of her mouth slightly, and her captivatingly beautiful eyes were cold.

It was good to see Murong Xue here, it was easier for her to execute her plan.

Murong Rou took a look at Mrs. Song, this old woman was trying to slander her in front of everyone, so she did not need to obey this old woman.

Murong Rou was sneering as she walked toward Murong Xue, “Xue Er, I thought you’re not feeling well? Why are you here?”

Looking at her fake smile, Murong Xue did not want to pretend to be courteous to her, she said without any emotion, “I’m here to look for my brother.”

“Ye Er is in the front yard…” said Murong Rou.

“No, he’s not. His servant told me that he’s in the guest room.” Murong Xue interrupted and corrected her disrespectfully.

The noble ladies and guests who attended the dinner did not think that Murong Xue was being rude. She was standing right in front of the person who was trying to fight with her for her estate. It was perfectly fine for Murong Xue to treat her in such a way.

Murong Rou was stunned, ‘This impudent girl! How dare she retort upon me in public. But she won’t be arrogant any longer, not until Murong Rou’s plan succeeds.’

“It’s not lunch time yet, Ye Er is probably not drinking at this hour, how can he be in the guest room?”

“I’m not with him right now, how am I supposed to know? That’s why I’m here to look for him.” Murong Xue said dispassionately. She walked over Murong Rou and followed Feng Tao to the guest room.

How could this rude girl be so bossy? Murong Rou would’ve lost control if she did not need Murong Xue’s help in succeeding her plan. Murong Xue held back her anger and chased after Murong Xue, “I’ll follow you to check it out.” She will definitely take revenge on Murong Xue after she succeeded her plan.

Everyone followed them to the guest room as they thought there must be a drama going on soon.

At the same time, the other people looked at the birthday woman, Mrs. Song. She said she had punished Murong Rou to remorse at the Buddha hall? Why was she here then?

Mrs. Song was feeling extremely embarrassed, she had reminded Murong Rou several times to stay in the kitchen and not come out to serve the guests. However, Murong Rou dared to disobey her order and put her in such an awkward situation.

“Murong Ye is Master Yue’s only male child, hopefully nothing has gone wrong.” Mrs. Lin spoke to resolve the awkward situation.

Mrs. Song took a look at her full with gratitude, “That’s right, we should follow them to check out the situation.”

Murong Xue rushed forward as she saw Shuang Xi was suffering from abdominal pain and lying against the wall. He looked pale and drawn, “What happened to you?” asked Murong Xue.

Shuang Xi walked towards Murong Xue weakly, “I’ve been suffering from diarrhea for almost two hours.”

Murong Xue raised her brow, “You were in good condition when you came out today morning. Did you eat something unclean?”

Shuang Xi shook his head vigorously, “No, I didn’t eat anything once I reached here, I just drank a few cups of tea…”

Needless to say, there must have been something that was added into his tea. Shuang Xi was a smart boy, Murong Rou did it on purpose, so that it would be easier for her to scheme against Murong Ye.

Murong Xue smiled scornfully, “Next time you must remember not to simply drink any beverage at other places. Luckily this time you only had diarrhea, who knows next time you may actually die.”

“Alright, alright. I know what to do next time.” said Shuang Xi. His face was ghostly pale with fright.

Murong Rou was looking gloomy, she clenched her fist tightly because she knew Murong Xue was being sarcastic.

Murong Xue ignored Murong Rou and walked swiftly to the guest room. The door was widely opened and a huge gambling table was placed at the center of the room. Song Qing Yan was wearing a dark blue robe, standing behind the table and shaking the dice triumphantly.

Murong Ye was standing opposite Song Qing Yan and surrounded by all the rich men’s sons. They were all staring at the dice cup with full attention and shouting, “Small, small, small… Small, small, small…”

Song Qing Yan put down the dice cup hardly on the table and removed the cap, she shouted arrogantly, “Five, five, Six… Big… Murong Ye, you’ve lost…”

Every time Murong Xue encountered with Murong Ye while he was gambling, he will definitely lose- such a useless man.

Murong Xue wrinkled her brow as she shouted, “Murong Ye!”

Murong Ye turned around as he heard the angry voice, his eyes were filled with suspense, “Sister, what are you doing here?”

“I’m here to see how much you’ve lost!” Murong Xue stepped forward into the room.

They all thought something bad must have happened to Murong Ye, however he was only gambling in the room.

They were relieved at the sight and did not follow Murong Xue into the room.

Those rich men’s son quieted down as they saw so many people came suddenly. They did not speak even a word.

Murong Ye looked at the empty table and smiled sheepishly, “Didn’t lose much, not much…”

“Not much, it’s only fifty thousand dollar…” Song Qing Yan said carelessly as she was calculating the stack of chips in front of her.

Murong Ye has lost all his cash. They had signed contract, every round won will then put a chip.

There were so many people here, they cannot continue to gamble anymore, it was time to cash out.

“What? Fifty thousand dollars?” Murong Ye gawked when he heard the amount. “How can it be so much?”

The people were taken aback when they heard the amount, losing fifty thousand dollar in one morning. Murong Ye was undeniably a prodigal son.

“You must remember how many rounds you’ve lost, right?” Song Qing Yan raised an eyebrow as she looked at Murong Ye, “Each round is five thousand dollar, summing up all the rounds…”

“Initially you said each round will be fifty dollar, why is it five thousand dollar now?” Murong Ye interrupted her rudely, staring at her right into her eyes.

“Fifty dollar? Murong Ye, open your eyes and look closely. The contract has stated clearly that each round is five thousand dollar…” Song Qing Yan took out a piece of paper and put it in front of Murong Ye. It was stated on the piece of paper : Not enough cash, lose one round is equivalent to five thousand dollar. Written by Song Qing Yan, signed by Murong Ye.

“This is certainly a fraud. It was written fifty dollar…” Murong Ye was furious. He pointed at the rich men’s sons, “You can try to ask them, our agreement is fifty dollar each round. They heard it clearly…”

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